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XXXX / EUtelsat

XXXX / EUtelsat

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XXXX / EUtelsat

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  1. XXXX / EUtelsat Introduction to Eutelsat IoT position and plans Roberto Bellucci, Senior VP for IoT Vertical Markets July 10th, 2018

  2. Eutelsat - A Leading Global Satellite Company • Key Data • Created in 1977 • First satellite launch in 1983 • Offices in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, the Americas • Own Teleports in France, Italy, Madeira, Mexicom Cyprus • Listed in Euronext Paris since 2005 Pioneer in space 40 years of experience 39 Satellitesfor global coverage Solid Investment Programs 4 satellitesto launch

  3. A Digital Entrepreneur 6630 1140 1 billion €1.48 billion 1000 44 Revenues Remplacer par l’image de l’équipe devant E65WA? Ou par une du SCC? TV channels TV viewers High Definition Industry experts Nationalities 77% Ebitda * As of 30 June 2017

  4. Eutelsat solution for IoT available today

  5. Using SmartLNB technology to accelerate the deployment of IoTnetworks today • technology enables low-cost two-way connectivity: • Collecting data from the objects (up to 128kbps aggregated) • Multicasting data to the base stations and/or objects (up to 60Mbps) • Seamlessly integrates in the operator’s network. • Relies on Eutelsat’s 39-strong geostationary satellite fleet, covering all continents. Geostationary satellite All verticals IoT operator’s cloud / data center • Using SmartLNB, IoT network operators can instantly connect any IoT base station on any continent, enabling quick roll-outs in regions that are not yet connected to their core network. • The product is compatible with unlicensed (Sigfox, LoRa) as well as licensed technologies (NB-IoT, LTE-M). • Eutelsat has successfully launched the product with Sigfox, helping them open new areas of service in France, Germany and USA among others. Backhauling station Going one step further, we aim at connecting the objects directly via satellite, without the need for a backhauling station  the ELO project.

  6. Eutelsat Smart IoT│ Unique selling points IoT for all: Satellite IoT at terrestrial pricing Ultra-low cost terminals Satellite IoT service at cellular price Flexible Simple Secure Terminals up to 128 Kbps return channel for 150€ Optimized for short messages and IoT. Low Power consumption Eutelsat’s proprietary and unique SmartLNB technology enables a highly spectrum efficiency, reaching a terrestrial compatible monthly traffic service fee Scale-as-you-grow solution, with no entry barriers and multiple interoperable terminals. Easily change the configuration and package of your objects, through your self-portal or API Plug & play Installation with no expertise required Easily change the configuration and pricing package of your objects through your self-portal or API In addition to intrinsic satellite security, it allows for additional extra-security features based on embedded crypto-core and secure tuneling, which can be subscribed per terminal and managed monthly. It allows for extra interference protection thanks to E-SSA with Successive Interference Cancellation

  7. Eutelsat Smart IoT│ Coverage E113WA Continental US Petaluma - X2nSat (1) 8 MHz 10MHz E113WA Americas Raleigh, Microspace (2) 18 MHz 10MHz E10A Widebeam Europe Ramboillet (3) 36 MHz 10MHz E7B Sub Saharan Africa Rambouillet(1) + Cagliari(4) 36 MHz 10MHz 172B ASIA (TBD) TBD TBD See detailed coverage in appendix section

  8. SMARTLNB : enabling satellite IOT anytime anywhere A low cost satellite terminal Optimized for short messages and IOT Low Service Cost Ubiquitous coverage Independent Network with guaranteed SLA Low power consumption Including a crypto-core allowing strong security functions EUTELSAT one stop shop for end to end IoT solutions * Internal estimation

  9. USER TERMINAL – HOW IT WORKS • The typical installation is composed of: • A satellite dish (typically 80cm) • The ‘SmartLNB’ feed with coaxial output (ODU) • The Indoor-Unit (IDU) (easily integrable into Set Top Boxes) capable to split • video signal to the legacy TV or STB • IP signal to the user local network • SmartLNBs are produced under Eutelsat’s specifications by selected certified manufacturers

  10. Key use cases addressed through Smart LNB technology Eutelsat Smart IoT THE VERY LOW-COST SMARTLNB TERMINAL ALLOWS TO REPLACE TRADITIONAL VSAT SYSTEMSAND OPENS MORE POTENTIAL VOLUME AND USE CASES IoTBackhaul Becoming the satellite partner for specialized IoT players (Telcos, SigFox, LoRa, …) Smart Security Helping security companies (Securitas, Prosegur, …) to expand to white areas Smart Farming Enabling cutting-edge technologies in the rural agriculture industry Smart Energy Supporting a more efficient energy world with a more efficient satellite solution Rural Banking Providing a cost-effective solution for the ATMs located in remote areas * Internal estimation

  11. Use case: backhauling for IOT networks • Value proposition • Ubiquitous coverage • Uniform deployment • Guaranteed quality of service • Designed for IOT • Adaptive packet size • Asynchronous access • Low Power • Low terminal and service cost • High spectrum efficiency • Service already deployed in three continents • Plug and Play Ethernet interface Eutelsat Confidential

  12. USE CASE EXAMPLE: DIRECT M2M/IOT/SCADA connectivity • Value proposition • Ubiquitous coverage • Uniform deployment • Guaranteed quality of service • Optimized for M2M/IOT/SCADA • Adaptive packet size • Asynchronous access • Low Power • Low terminal and service cost • High spectrum efficiency • High reliability • Service already deployed in three continents • Plug and Play Ethernet interface Eutelsat Confidential

  13. SMART-IOT CONTRACTUAL FRAMEWORKS • Volume based PACKAGES • SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA-LARGE: 5/50/500MBytes and 1GB • Packages options: Best Effort: additional 100% volume Overage: extra 1MB volume tokens • High Efficiency M2M Packages 32kbps RTC limitation to achieve high RTC efficiency • Dashboard web tool for Service Providers • VNO • Bulk data volume: shared data volume pool • Customer defined PACKAGES • Tier-1 options: • VLAN support • Transport Layer Security • VNO-1, VNO-2, VNO-3: 100, 200 and 400 Gbytes • Overage option: 5GBytes global volume tokens Eutelsat Confidential

  14. USER TERMINAL – INSTALLATION TOOLS • Fine-pointing and commissioning of the SmartLNB is supported by a smartphone App • Free, available for Android and iOS • Connect in Wi-Fi to the SmartLNB RF parameters • Use the same SmartLNB connectivity for commissioning on the corresponding platform (first Line-up) • No internet connection required – except to download and update the App • A self-explaining video for installer training is available • Including mounting, pointing, configuration and activation Eutelsat Confidential

  15. SMARTLNB gateway/HUB • Full SDR (Software Defined Radio) architecture for seamless evolution • Cloud Based Management interface for Service Providers • Operated remotely by Eutelsat NOC • Fully redundant infrastructure • DVB-S2/S2X Forward channel up to a full (Ku) Txp • Return link channelization: 2.5, 5 and 10 MHz, fully scalable • Native support for 10K+ terminals Eutelsat Confidential

  16. IOT Roadmap

  17. The Terminal as the critical enabler of satellite IoT A roadmap to unlock incremental segments and value TERMINALS SERVICES Seamless Global Network with Telco VLAN Security Analytics Verticals? Eutelsat Confidential

  18. ELO (Eutelsat LEO for Objects): enabling ubiquitous reach for IoTthrough a dedicated satellite constellation LEO small satellite • Geostationary satellites do not permit Direct-To-Object connectivity (DTO) without a significant impact on cost, size and battery life of the LPWA objects that exist today. • Therefore, Eutelsat is designing a constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites with the following requirements: • Low total cost of ownership • Seamless integration into terrestrial IoT networks • Global coverage, complementing terrestrial coverage in remote areas • In order to demonstrate a solution and reduce the level of risk, Eutelsat has planned a test phase on the ‘ELO’ nano-satellite over the course of 2019  see next slide • Agriculture & Environment • Transportation & Logistics • Industry • Smart home…

  19. We aim at integrating a satellite component into LPWA networks with no significant impact at object level • Key features of LoRa / Sigfox / NB-IoT will be maintained: • Low required power for data transmission, • Emitting in Short Burst mode when satellite passes over, • Low impact on object battery life, which can remain in the 5-10 years range. • Example use cases: + Using same antennas as terrestrial & requiring limited chipset modifications Container monitoring • Constant temperature monitoring • Guarantee of no cold chain rupture • Proof of quality from transportation company to its customers Temperature Sensor + Communication module Personal tracking & monitoring • Alert for quick response health issues • Safety for outdoor activities Location / Heart rate sensor + Communication module Agriculture monitoring • Alarm when soil gets too dry • Reduction in irrigation costs • Overall superior productivity Soil humidity sensor + Communication module

  20. BACK UP

  21. USE CASE EXAMPLE: OTT BACKHAULING • Delivery of OTT video streams to the network edge • Single multicast signal distributed to all base stations • Local redistribution via 3G/LTE or WiFi • Compatible with standard DRM • Video playout on handheld user devices (smartphones) • iOS and Android apps available • Value proposition • Ubiquitous & uniform coverage/deployment • Low cost deployment in remote areas • Deployment of standard low cost gateways • From eNode Bs to individual and collective local distribution in Wi-Fi • Guaranteed quality of service • No network congestion issues • Instantaneous zapping time (no buffering required) • Security • End-to-end DRM protected content delivery • Low terminal cost • Low power consumption • Multicast delivery => fixed cost per channel • High reliability • Simple installation Eutelsat Confidential

  22. USE CASE EXAMPLE: Vacation Home and Property Remote Monitoring and Control • Remote security systems • Keyless doors management • Smart hubs to connect all the local smart devices • Managing vacation rentals in remote locations Eutelsat Confidential

  23. USE CASE EXAMPLE: SMART FARMING • Farmers are using IoT to track equipment location and performance, and increasingly livestock grazing in open pastures • Sensor-based field and resource mapping • Remote crop monitoring • Climate monitoring and forecasting • Stats on livestock feeding and produce • Remote equipment monitoring • Predictive analytics for crops and livestock • Livestock tracking and geofencing • Smart logistics and warehousing Eutelsat Confidential

  24. USE CASE EXAMPLE: Smart Environment • Forest Fire Detection • Monitoring of combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones. • Snow Level Monitoring • Snow level measurement to know in real time the quality of ski tracks and allow security corps avalanche preventionRemotecrop monitoring • Landslide and Avalanche Prevention • Monitoring of soil moisture, vibrations and earth density to detect dangerous patterns in land conditions • Earthquake Early Detection • Distributed control in specific places of tremors. Eutelsat Confidential

  25. USE CASE EXAMPLE: RURAL Healthcare Solutions • Typical demographic trends of rural areas include lower median incomes, a high proportion of seniors, higher acuity levels and lower life-expectancies • Improve access to Health Care • Remote monitoring of patient’s health statistics in remote areas • Remote device configuration and tuning • Predictive device maintenance • Automated device-to-analytics data flow • Healthcare assets management • Data analytics applications for clinicians and patients Eutelsat Confidential

  26. USE CASE EXAMPLE: Smart Energy Solutions • Smart metering solutions • Smart lighting • Smart grid asset monitoring • Remote infrastructure maintenance • Fault detection • QoS data collection & analytics • Solar plants moitoring Eutelsat Confidential

  27. USE CASE EXAMPLE: RURAL BANKING networks • Governments are partnering with the banking industry to build out and connect rural banking networks through satellite networks • Satellite is the most cost effective and reliable communication medium for remote banking solutions • Quick and easy deployment • SmartLNBprovides disruptive solution to create, develop and densify ATM infrastructures Eutelsat Confidential

  28. USE CASE EXAMPLE: RURAL BANKING networks • Governments are partnering with the banking industry to build out and connect rural banking networks through satellite networks • Satellite is the most cost effective and reliable communication medium for remote banking solutions • Quick and easy deployment • SmartLNBprovides disruptive solution to create, develop and densify ATM infrastructures Eutelsat Confidential

  29. Eutelsat’s Current Coverage

  30. A Flexible, world-leading global fleet Diversifiedresourcesin C, Ku and Ka bands

  31. Appendix – Details on SmartLNB

  32. smartLNB: interactive messaging via satellite The Eutelsat “SmartLNB”: • A new-generation intelligent LNB (Low-Noise-Block) integrating in one block • DVB receiver • Two way IP modem • IP router • Provides DTH (direct-to-home) reception + bi-directional IP connectivity • Key features: • Low power consumption • Cost efficient terminals • Optimised for millions of terminals • Dedicated and scalable network architecture • Reuse existing cabling • Forward link quasi unlimited • Ku-band • Traditional DVB broadcast system performance (e.g. 60 Mbps over 36 MHz) • From narrowband content to full 4K UHD over IP • Return link from 5kbps to 160kbps per user • Ku-band or Ka-band • Based on asynchronous CDMA technology (E-SSA) • F-SIM (Fixed Satellite Interactive Multimedia), protocol developed by Eutelsat • High spectral efficiency up to 2 bit/sec/Hz • Future generation in Ka-band up to 512kbps

  33. SmartLNB FOR IOT AND M2M • Low equipment cost – consumer grade terminal • Low service cost - high-efficient protocol for message-based transmissions • Targeting SmartGrids, Environment Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks, …

  34. Transmission protocol – F-SIM physical layer • Forward link protocol: standard DVB-S2 with Network Clock Reference (NCR) information • Return link protocol developed in Eutelsat, named F-SIM • Spread Spectrum Aloha (SSA), no sync among terminals • Based on patent by European Space Agency and ETSI S-MIM protocol (originally for bands <3 GHz) • Dual BPSK (preamble, data+control channel) • Innovative concept of iterative detection, demodulation and cancellation at the demodulator, to reduce multiple-access interference • Different spreading factor supported, from 16 to 256 • Bandwidth occupancy: 2.5, 5 and 10 MHz (larger extensions foreseen) • Bitrates from 5 to 160 kbits/s • Different packet sizes supported • 38..1500 bytes • High spectral efficiency • Thousands of terminals transmitting at the same time in the same carrier Eutelsat Proprietary and Confidential Information

  35. USER TERMINAL – TECHNICAL specifications 1Compliance with Appendix 30B 13.25-13.75GHz under study 2Compliance with Ku circular E36C depends on interest from Russians Eutelsat Confidential – for internal use only