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Internet Safety Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Safety Vocabulary

Internet Safety Vocabulary

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Internet Safety Vocabulary

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  1. Internet Safety Vocabulary www.ESLAmerica.US The English language website where everything has sound!

  2. Internet (noun): a computer system that allows millions of users around the world to communicate and exchange information

  3. online (adjective): connected to others through the Internet; available through the Internet

  4. communicate (verb): to exchange information, thoughts or feelings with other people

  5. email (noun): a system that allows you to send and receive messages by computer You do not need to be on the computer at the same time.

  6. instant messaging (IM) & chat: a type of service available on the Internet that allows you to quickly exchange written messages with people that you know Both people must be on the Internet at the same time.

  7. social networking: a website where one connects with those sharing personal  or  professional  interests. Users create profiles that may include information about themselves and pictures Example: Facebook

  8. e-commerce: “electronic commerce” The activity of buying and selling goods and services and doing other business activities using a computer and the Internet Examples include buying movie tickets

  9. online auction: a type of website in which you can sell things to the person who offers you the highest price. Example: eBay

  10. classified ad: a small advertisement you put on a website to buy or sell something Example: Craig’s List

  11. information: facts or details that tell you about a situation, person, event, etc.

  12. search engine: computer program to help find information on the Internet. Examples: Google, Firefox, Safari

  13. website: a place on the Internet where you can find information

  14. online dating: using the Internet to meet people, arrange meetings and find romance Example: or

  15. download: to move information or programs from the Internet to your local computer (e.g. music, movies, games, software)

  16. cyberbullying: when the internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person

  17. Part Two

  18. fraud: misrepresentation of facts that causes loss to someone else

  19. identity theft: any crime in which someone steals personal information about and belonging to another person

  20. phishing scam: pretending to be a trustworthy person or business to get sensitive information such as passwords and credit card information

  21. malware: stands for “malicious software” and is designed to harm or secretly access a computer without the owner’s informed permission (viruses, worms, spyware…)

  22. sexual predator: a person who habitually seeks out sexual situations that exploit innocent people like children

  23. spam: email messages that a computer user has not asked for and does not want to read

  24. spyware: computer software that secretly records information about which websites you visit and is used by advertising companies that try to sell you something

  25. worm: a type of computer virus that can make copies of itself and destroy information on computers that are connected to each other

  26. virus: a set of instructions secretly put into a computer, usually spread through emails, which can destroy information stored on a computer

  27. risk: possibility that something bad, unpleasant or dangerous could happen

  28. precaution: something you do in order to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening

  29. tip: helpful piece of advice

  30. username: a word used to identify a person using a computer or program

  31. password: a secret group of letters or numbers that you must type into a computer be fore you can use a system or program

  32. personal information: facts or details about you, such as your birth date, phone, address, account numbers, passwords, etc.

  33. The End www.ESLAmerica.US The English language website where everything has sound.