pond s flawless white love conquers all n.
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Pond’s Flawless White : Love Conquers All PowerPoint Presentation
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Pond’s Flawless White : Love Conquers All

Pond’s Flawless White : Love Conquers All

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Pond’s Flawless White : Love Conquers All

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  1. Pond’s Flawless White : Love Conquers All AldiMartua Ari EkaNurdianingsih DessyWulandari FaniPersonita RizkiFazriansyah

  2. Use The Video Video is very support products with the storyline that is very entertaining. The story is about the couple. They’re Rose and Tom who became separate away because of Tom’s mother. Someday they meet again, because Tom and his mother have a plan to build Paradise Grand View. But Rose tried to made them cancel their plan. One day, Tom’s mother ordered the workers to tear down one of the trees. Rose ran towards the tree tried to block the machine. Tom who saw the incident, immediately ran to save Rose. The incident made his mother realized. Love conquers all. And, finally they canceled plans to make Paradise Grand View.

  3. Support The Video • This product supports the video by showing that when Rose put on Pond's Flawless White makes her face became brighter just with a period of sevendays. And, made ​​Tom falls in love again with her, also makes his mother to cancel her plan.

  4. Rose’s face became brighter day by day

  5. Coordinate The Audio with The Video • Audio from episode to episode strongly support the storyline, and the music supports every scene in this video and make the audience feel as if what is felt by every character in this video

  6. Entertain But Sell The Brand • This video does not only attract the attention of the audience, but also draw attention to buying and using these products. And, in every scene is always displayed Pond's Flawless White products.

  7. Be Flexible This video can be understood by the audience who watches this video and be able to distinguish between those who can use this product.

  8. Use Copy judiciously This video tried to convince the audience that in seven days the product can make Rose's face white with no dark spot along with the eviction for seven days.

  9. Reflects The Brands Personality And Image • Ponds flawless white has an image that beautiful is perfect. So in the video, Rose's face show differences from the first day until the seventh day. On the seventh day, Rose's face became white and clean.

  10. Build Campaign • Ponds have a slogan white is beautiful. Pond's trying to make the audience or consumers think white is beautiful, white is perfect. And, they created a product to brighten the face. So, the audience will buy their product.