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Tutor training – master & exchange tutors PowerPoint Presentation
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Tutor training – master & exchange tutors

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Tutor training – master & exchange tutors

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Tutor training – master & exchange tutors

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  1. Tutor training – master & exchangetutors August 20th, Yläkertsi

  2. Tutor training - Agenda

  3. University priest

  4. Revision of groupleading

  5. Into, Noppa & WebOodi

  6. Into • A portal for Aalto University students into information relating to studies, to Aalto services and to the students’ own university • AcademicCalendar • StudyGuides • Degreestructures and contents • Internationalisation & studiesabroad • Internalmobility and JOO studies • Academicrules and regulations • Services for students • And manymore..

  7. WebOodi & NoppaOpetuksen ja oppimisen verkkopalvelut Study Management Portals Interactive tools • Noppa • Course homepages and a personalfrontpage • Course overviews, timetables, materials and otherinformation • Course news • Course results Optima, Moodle • WebOodi • Course descriptions • Regisering for courses, teaching, examsetc. • Officialstudyregister • Ordering an unofficialtranscript of studies • HOPS • Course feedback StudentWiki • Into • A startplace for anythingrelated to studyingortheuniversity • Informationregardingdegrees and studies • News to studentsfromtheuniversity, studyprograms etc. Blogs Connect Pro

  8. Registering to courses in WebOodi • Log in to WebOodiusingyour Aalto user ID & password • Find the course/teaching event via Noppa, from the study guides in Weboodior with search terms in Weboodi. • Clickregistrationbutton and chooseallthenecessaryteachingevents • Checkthatyourregistration is added to ”My Studies” • After registration the course will also be automatically added to your ”Courses I follow” list in Noppa during nightly updates

  9. What else can you do in Weboodi Without logging in (public webpages) anyone can: • Browse the study guides • View times of teaching and exams After logging in a student can: • View completed courses, studies and grades • View and update personal information and it’s release information • Create a personal study plan (HOPS) • Take a look at the given feedback • Register for the academic year

  10. Course homepages in Noppa • Noppa is a portal for course webpages which can be browsed from anywhere and are mainly public • Includes a personalized frontpage after logging in with: • “Courses I follow” (automatically if registered in Weboodi) • News from Courses I follow • Upcoming important events (exams and excercise deadlines)

  11. Noppa • Course news (follow from Noppa’sfrontpage, by email or RSS) • Course material (lecture slides, assignment details, etc.) • Viewing important events and dates (assignment deadlines, exams) and importing them to calender • Course results • Links to otherusefulwebsites (CareerWeb, library, lunchmenus etc.)

  12. KY Lounge

  13. What is KY Lounge? • KY members’ commonlivingroom • For doingschoolwork, hanging out, playing PlayStationorpool, readingmagazines, drinkingcoffee etc. • Open from 7am to 10pm (doorsclose at 7pm) • On KY Building’s 4th floor • Lounge team is responsible for KY Loungetogetherwiththesecretary for clubs and socities and KY boardmemberresponsible for culture • 9 rooms • KY Loungegroup on Facebook (tellyourwalruses to join thegroup and join it yourselvestoo!)

  14. Lounge team • Currently 4 members (+ onedoingexchange) • Chair: Anna Elo • PR: Katri Veijalainen • Corporaterelations: Pipsa Harno • ”Logisticprojectcoordinator”: Aimo Järvinen • (Finance: Roope Rekola) • Application periodduringthefall, the team needsnewmembers • Doesn’ttaketoomuchtimebutyoucaninfluence on how is it at KY • A lot of ideas, morepeople for realizingthemareneeded • Alsobees (=talkoot) a couple of times a year

  15. Frank

  16. Exchange tutors to sauna

  17. Summer assignments

  18. Problemswithsummer assignments 6. What are Piste, KY Finance and Acti? • Piste is a subject club both for BT and ISM students 8. One of your walruses is interested applying to work abroad after his/her graduation. Name at least two different ways of getting international experiences and contacts through KY in addition of being international tutor or going abroad. • Some mentioned AEGEE which is not actually part of KY • KY-SUB, International weeks

  19. Problemswith summer assignments 12. What are the colors of AYY and for what purposes for the students is the official AYY sash with these colors? • Purple and silver • The sash is used e.g. in annual balls 14. How can a walrus stay best informed about upcoming events of AYY and KY? • News lettersfrom KY and AYY • For KY also KY Culture Channel (KY Kulttuurikanava)

  20. Problemswith summer assignments 23. Where is the Office of Studies located in Aalto-BIZ? What about International Student Services? • Main building, A-wing, 1st floor 26. Is it mandatory to participate to the orientation week? • Not mandatory but highly recommended 28. How many study credits can be accepted to the degree outside the home university? • Maximum of 60 credits can be transferred towards MSc degree • More information in Into

  21. Problemswith summer assignments 35. What a walrus has to do if he/she has forgotten to enroll to an exam on time? • If a walrus forgets to enroll to an exam, basically there no other possibilities than retake • Remind your walruses to enroll at least one week in advance! 38. Does unearned income have an effect to a national student’s financial aid (Finnish: opintotuki)? • Unearned income = income from investments etc. • Affects like normal earned income

  22. Problemswith summer assignments 40. /41. Financial aid • At least 5 ECTS / each financial aid month • Max. 11 850€ of income for 9 financial aid months 43. Your walrus lives in his/her owned flat. Is he/she able to get the housing benefit (Finnish: asumislisä) from KELA? • No, but they he/she can apply for general housing allowance 46. How much costs visiting a nurse or a doctor at FSHS (finnish: YTHS) if you go to seek treatment for fever and sore throat? • Free, you pay for it as a part of your student union fee

  23. Studyissues & practicalities

  24. Studyissues • Alltheimportantinformationrelated to studiescanbefound at Into • Academiccalendar • Degreestructures • Examrules • Academicrules and regulations • Credit transfers etc.

  25. Degreestructure • Master’sdegree (2 years, max. 4 years) • Programmestudies 48 ECTS • Electives12 ECTS • Master’s Thesis 30 ECTSand Master’s Thesis Seminar 6 ECTS • Minorstudies 24 ECTS

  26. DegreeProgrammes • Accounting • Business Law • Corporate Communication • Creative Sustainability (CS)* • Economics • Entrepreneurship • Finance • Information and Service Management (ISM) • International Design Business Management (IDBM)** • Management and International Business • Marketing • Strategy*** *organized jointly with the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the School of Engineering ** organized jointly with Aalto University Schools of Technology and School of Arts, Design and Architecture ***organized jointly with Aalto University School of Science

  27. Otherstudyingpossibilitiesfor masters • JOO studies • Studiesabroad • Doubledegree • CEMS • Open University

  28. Studyspaces • Computer labs • Quietstudyrooms • Group workspaces

  29. Services for students • Studentservicesoffice (OOP) • General studycounselling • Credit transfers • Graduation • International studentservices • Accessibility services • Help Desk • registration for the academic year in such cases, when the registration is not possible via WebOodi • certificates of student status (show the AYY payment receipt or student card) • officialtranscript of records • maintenance of the student register; please inform the office of any name changes • assistance with possible problems of registering grades etc • study related documents and instructions • guide you to the right direction with any open questions

  30. Services for students • Teachers/Professors are responsible for the counselling and answering any questions regarding their own courses and exams during the lectures and/or their office hours • Study coordinators of the departments can help you with the general matters related to the studies, assist with the eHOPS etc.

  31. Studycoordinators

  32. Practicalities • Maistraatti • Non EU/EEA citizens intending to study and live in Finland must register with the local Register’s Office (Maistraatti in Finnish) of their place of residence • Police • EU citizens and citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland staying for over 3 months • Health Services • FSHS • Emergencyrooms (Marian sairaala/Haartmanni)

  33. Career Services

  34. Career Services • A mission is to help students in finding relevant employment by acting as a link between them and employers, by enhancing students' job hunting skills and by providing them with information and statistics on placements. • Office canbefound in the Main Building (C-wing, 1stfloor) • Main communicationchannel is CareerWeb

  35. Aalto CareerWeb • Students’ owncareerportal, wheretheycanfind • Allthewrittenmaterialrelated to career and recruitment • Job Channel jobadverts (incl. internshipads and thesisassignments) • AlltheeventsorganizedbyCareer Services • Job Hunting Guide • Information on careerplanning • Information on differentinternshippossibilities

  36. Career Services • Otherservicesincludee.g. • Careeradvice and counselling • Personal careercounselling • Careerfairs (e.g. Arena) • Trainings (for jobhunting) • CV-Clinics • Mentoring

  37. SEFE & HEKO

  38. KY Foundation

  39. Culture

  40. Sports tutoring

  41. Sports tutoring • Motivatingnew (and whynotoldtoo) students to dosports • Organizingdifferentsportseventsaccording to owninterests

  42. Ice-breakerevent

  43. Ice-breakerevent 29.8. - Ideas • Withown tutor group / withsomeothergroups • Differentgames etc. • Weencourageyou to discusstheideasthatothertutorshavefoundgood

  44. Space division for ice-breakerevent Yläkertsi Arkadia Ruusula

  45. Next trainingon Wednesday August 27th at 5pm Importantinformation on theorientationweek, walrusfair, Otaniemi etc. Tutor shirts & guides