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MCB Camp Pendleton Family Readiness Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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MCB Camp Pendleton Family Readiness Conference

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MCB Camp Pendleton Family Readiness Conference

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MCB Camp Pendleton Family Readiness Conference

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  1. MCB Camp PendletonFamily Readiness Conference

  2. MCCS Team Mr. Lee FarmerMCCS DirectorMCB Camp Pendleton

  3. Welcome Col Marano Commanding Officer MCB Camp Pendleton

  4. Wartime Footing Tenants

  5. Background • MCFTB Functionality Assessment (FA) identified weaknesses in the Family Readiness model and recommended solutions • CMC approved recommended solutions (the train has left the station) • Directed a Wartime Footing for Family Readiness • Approved FA recommendations • Designated $30M to implement solutions

  6. Findings/Approved Solutions • Finding: MCFTB Program (Family Readiness) is supported by multiple process owners causing confusion Solution: Formalize roles and relationships of family readiness process owners, Command, Service Member, and MCCS. Decision was made that it is a commander’s program, MCCS in support.

  7. Findings/Approved Solutions • Finding: MCFTB program (Family Readiness) does not support the extended family Solution: Expand MCFTB (Family Readiness) to support the extended family: born into, sworn into, married into.

  8. Findings/Approved Solutions 3. Finding: MCFTB as a concept does not have sufficient staff or structure to support a wartime family readiness footing. Solution: • Increase installation MCFTB NAF Staff • Establish primary duty civilian FRO billets at MEF, MSC, Bn and Sqdn levels • MCCS employ an MCCS Coordinator concept to provide interface with commands

  9. Findings/Approved Solutions 4. Finding: Dissatisfaction with KVN Solution: Rename Key Volunteer to Family Readiness Volunteer and refocus volunteer efforts, purchase Mass Communication Tool and modify MOL to incorporate Family Readiness.

  10. Findings/Approved Solutions 5. Finding: MCFTB (Family Readiness) as a concept is under funded. Solution: Provide NAF $25/Marine/Year for each unit/command as U&FRF.

  11. Findings/Approved Solutions 6. Finding: Family Readiness Programs not consistently understood by Commanders. Solution: Family Readiness Assessment Tool (FRAT) to serve as basis between command and MCCS/MCFTB program managers.

  12. WARTIME FOOTING STATUS Fully operational staff of 13 Civilian Family Readiness Officers (FRO) 3 options reduced to two by MARADMIN 082/09, Active Duty/Civilian 67 authorized units (Per USMC spreadsheet) 2 hired GS employees O&M (1st MARDIV, 1 MLG) 54 NAF Employees are hired 6 Retired/Retained 1 Active Duty Robust/Enhanced Installation MCFTB Expanded L.I.N.K.S. Program Readiness and Deployment Support Training LifeSkills Training Family Readiness Program Training (FRO, Command Team, Family Readiness Volunteer) More Funding, U&FRP (Volunteer Reimbursement) $25.00 NAF per Marine/year Marine Recreation, Family Readiness Program, Volunteer Reimbursement (MARADMIN 011/09) Technology Enablers Family Readiness Assessment Tool (FRAT)-MCFTB prepared to conduct Assessments Mass Communication Tool (MCT) -Two trainers available, lack of computer assets to train on Volunteer Tracking Tool (VTT) - Up and running, training ongoing

  13. U&FRF Funding Paradigm & MCCS Volunteer Reimbursement


  15. Pre-approve Expenditures Volunteer Delivers Forms to FRO FRO Verifies Forms MCCS U&FRF Volunteer Reimbursement Process Volunteer Reimbursed Volunteer Contacts FRO Volunteer Completes Forms FRO Delivers Forms to MCCS Consistent with CO’s guidance Hire Service Pay for Service Get Receipt Linda Murphy Bldg 1108 725-9016 Decrement Made to U&FRF Account FRO Pre-Authorizes Expenditure Expenditure Made Linda Receives Forms

  16. MCCS Coordinators

  17. MCCS Coordinator HandbookKey Terms • The MCCS Coordinator is the direct connection to the units within their assigned area of the installation. The Coordinator provides input about the programs and services the units may utilize and need. They are the personification of World Class Customer Service, a critically important investment in the delivery of all the programs and services and facilities and other positive benefits that MCCS has to offer. • The MCCS Coordinator also works directly with the unit(s) within their responsibility to provide MCCS direct support to the unit(s). This would include unit events, training, information and education needs. The MCCS Coordinator will work hand in hand with the FRO as a conduit to all of the resources within MCCS programs. • The key to the success of the partnership between the units and the MCCS Coordinator will be the ability of the Coordinator to have a comprehensive knowledge of all that MCCS has to offer to the units on an installation and the ability to deliver/respond to the needs of the Marines and families in the units they are responsible.

  18. So, what IS an MCCS Coordinator? • The “bridge” connecting MCCS to those we serve • A two-way information broker • A salesman; matches MCCS goods to customer needs • A “deliverer” of MCCS • An expert navigator • An accomplished problem preemptor/problem solver

  19. Jeff Hellams MC Supervisor MCCS Coordinators Charles Gadomski MC SUP 1st MardivSan Mateo 62, Christianitos 63,Talega 64 Heather Walker MC SUP Mainside A Hospital 27 Barry Simmons MC SUP Base/Tenant/MEUs SOI 52, San Onofre 51 Stephanie Cutlip MC Mainside A 11,13,15-18 Guillermo Zepeda MC Las Flores 41 James Thrower MC Las Pulgas 43 Patrick Gallegos MC 11th, 13th, 15th MEUs Ira Stanford MC Edson Range 31A, MCTSSA 31B ACU-5 31C Douglas Del Kilmer MC Margarita 33 John Preston MC Horno 53 Troy Harges Jr. MC SUP MAG/MCAS/MHG Vado Del Rio 25, MAG 39 Tanesha Schulte MC SUP 1st MLG CLR-1, Mainside B 12 Shun Miller MC Delmar 20 & 21 Lloyd Thorne MC MASS-3 32 Christina Chilleme MC CLR-17, Mainside B 14, O'Neil Heights Kristy Harris CLR-15, Chappo 22 Nicole Stuart MC MCAS 23 & 24

  20. MCCS Coordinator Guidance • I MEF/MCIWEST MOA • Blue Diamond Letter • Commander Focus by Area/Unit Command • MCCS Coordinator Handbook • Wartime Footing Family Readiness Guidance

  21. MCCS Coordinator Support

  22. MCCS HQ OPS Support Command Support Equipment Recreation Check-Out Entertainment Consumables Transportation Recreation Check Out 17 or 52 Area Operations Bldg 16144 • Bounce Houses • Grills • Dunk Tanks • Kiddie/Adult Strikers • Ice Chests • Balls • Horseshoe Sets • Volleyball & Nets • Water Jugs • Tables • Chairs • Canopies • Softball Equipment • Santa Suit • Clowns • DJ’s • Petting Zoos • Pony Rides • Pirate Shows • Hula Dancers • Ribbons • Balloons • Helium • Crayons • Paper • Streamers • Tablecloths (10 per event) • Contact Information • Banners • Popcorn Machines • Cotton Candy Machines • Helium Tanks • Sno-Cone Machines • Horseshoe Sets • Coolers • Softball Equipment • Canopies • Tug-A-War Rope • Footballs • Volleyballs • Frisbees • Basketballs • ICE • Coffee/Water Urns • Bounce Houses – (Castle Jumper, Obstacle Course) • Coolers • Canopies • Towable Grill • Large Portable Griddle

  23. Command Support Equipment Policies • No charge to use for Command Functions • Reservable 30 days in advance • Units must clean and return contingent upon inspection • Must provide a Blank Purchase Order with all account information, FRO Name and Cell Phone Number, MCCS Coordinator Name and Cell Phone Number, and authorized signature in case of late, broken or missing gear. Unit will be charged to their U&FRF account.

  24. MCCS Coordinator POC • 1st Stop is Direct Communication with Coordinator. • MCCS Coordinator Supervisor-Mr. Jeff Hellams,, 763-7175 • MCCS Operations Section-Admin 763-7176 • MCCS Operations Officer-Mr. Scott Macfarlane,, 763-7176

  25. Break Please return in 10 minutes.

  26. FRO Equipment

  27. Initial Funding Per Wartime Footing Guidance, MARADMIN 011/09, AND FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING STANDARDIZATION GUIDE (FASG) 002/09 • $6,700 Initial allotment established to equip and support the FRO • $3,200 allocated for NMCI seat • Going forward each computer seat has an associated annual MAC request. If the unit exhausts their MAC request, they will have to purchase an additional request. • $3,500 per FRO allocated for the purpose of providing initial start up costs of supplies and equipment • Supplementation of this initial allotment may be funded by the unit commander from the unit’s O&M funds. Out year sustainment of the FRO support costs other than the NMCI seats is the responsibility of the unit commander from the unit’s O&M funds starting 1 Oct 09 (FY10).

  28. Current Computer Status 67 authorized units (Per USMC spreadsheet) • 62 FRO NMCI Seats are operational • 7 still waiting computers

  29. Way Ahead • Computers • Week of August 31st final shipment of computers • Reconciliation of NMCI seats • Appropriate Relocation of Computers • Phones (Blackberries & Cell Phones) • FY10 unit responsibility • Form for transfer or account cancellation by 1 Oct 09 • Current plan (not including text messaging): Blackberry $89.08, Cell Phone $39.44 • Office Supplies • As of 1 Oct 09 unit responsibility

  30. FRO NMCI process Complete DOD Information Assurance Training Return completed form to Bldg 13150 Complete the SAAR DD Form 2876 Complete/Submit SF-86 Generate MAC request Certificates added to CAC • Complete the SAAR, DD Form 2875. • Page 2 of the SAAR requires a Background Investigation validated by the Base Security Manager • Go to Pass and ID with your completed DD1172 (DEERS) form to have your CAC issued for identification purposes only • After checking in with HRD, complete the SF-85 (Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions) • Complete the online DOD Assurance Training: • Print two (2) certificates • Attach one (1) certificate to your SAAR form; save the second certificate for your records • Once your background check has been completed, return completed SAAR Form and a copy of your IA certificate to the Marine & Family Services Computer Section, Bldg. 13150, Room 154 (760) 725-6709 • Once the SAAR is processed a MAC (Move, Add, Change) request will be submitted to have your NMCI account created • Once your NMCI account has been created, go to Pass & ID with your completed DD1172 form to have the necessary certificates added to your CAC to log into your NMCI computer

  31. Marine Corps Family Team Building

  32. The primary focus of effort for MCFTB Programs is to prepare families to successfully meet the challenges of the military lifestyle and enhance mission readiness.

  33. The L.I.N.K.S. Program • Lifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills (L.I.N.K.S.) provides an orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle, helping participants better understand the unique challenges of military life. Participants receive information on Marine Corps culture, available resources to enable them to help themselves, real life tips, and the opportunity to network with others. • Sessions are available for: • Spouses • School-age children • Teens • Parents/extended family members • Marines

  34. LifeSkills Training & Education • LifeSkills encompasses the capabilities necessary to successfully meet the challenges of everyday life, the mobile military lifestyle, and heightened operational/deployment tempo, including, but not limited to: • 4-Lenses Training • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families • Family Care Plans • Elder care • Family Disaster Planning • LifeSkills also encompasses the tools and capabilities of the Spouses’ Learning Series (SLS), Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), and Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO).

  35. Family Readiness Program Training • Family readiness training exists to train the Family Readiness Command Team (including volunteers) on their roles and responsibilities. • Family Readiness Program training provides necessary training for: • Command Teams • Family Readiness Officers • Family Readiness Advisors • Family Readiness Assistants • FRO Continuing Education Sessions • Mass Communication Tool Training • Volunteer Tracking Tool Training

  36. Readiness & Deployment Support • Readiness and Deployment Support Training (RDST) offers assistance to units by connecting unit Family Readiness Officers and commands, assisting with family readiness and delivering pre-,during-, and post deployment presentations as well as administration of the Family Readiness Assessment Tool. • Presentations and Workshops Offered: • Pre-Deployment Brief for Single Marines • Pre-Deployment Brief for Married Marines • Kids-N-Deployment • Kids in the Midst • In the Midst for Adults • Beyond the Brief • Kids-N-Reunion • Return and Reunion for Adults

  37. Break Please return in 10 minutes.

  38. MARFORPAC Assessment Survey Break Out Groups

  39. Rules of Engagement Seek and give effective feedback Contribute to group discussions Avoid personal attacks Be willing to disagree

  40. MARFORPAC Assessment Survey • Gaps Identified • MCFTB CAMPEN Communication Protocol • Command Team Training Gaps • Local Human Resources Training • Marketing of Family Readiness Programs

  41. Lunch Our tasting today is in thanks to PEARTREES CATERING

  42. Break Out Group Out Brief MCFTB CAMPEN Communication Protocol

  43. Break Out Group Out Brief Command Team Training Gaps

  44. Break Out Group Out Brief Local Human Resources Training

  45. Break Out Group Out Brief Marketing of Family Readiness Programs

  46. Close