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Version 7 PowerPoint Presentation

Version 7

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Version 7

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  1. Version 7

  2. What’s new in Re-Rite 7? License Key Distribution Change License Control System e-BRIDGE Re-Rite Web Control Panel (Wt) Simplified Setup Process Easy to use User Interface Easy Setup via Process Rules OCR Engine & Multi-Core Support List of Supported Formats and Platforms Content

  3. License Key Distribution No more CD with License Key Re-Rite7 Software will downloadable from Toshiba EID - Partner Area Website When purchasing Re-Rite7 (GB1280) license key certificate will be issued

  4. New License System Licensing system allows for Re-Rite activation Proxy Settings from Internet Explorer are used or manually added before activation A serial number that has been un-registered can now be used to re-register the product on the same machine

  5. e-BRIDGE Re-Rite Web Control Panel Wt (pronounced Witty) web interface utility The Web Control Panel allows for easy access to monitor the service and the configuration of Re-Rite Web Control Panel is divided into three categories, Server Settings, Process Rules and Lookup Rules, this simplifies the control panel and allows for easy navigation

  6. Simplified Setup Process The intuitive design and layout of the web control panel simplifies the setup process dramatically For all file conversions you will need to create a process rule Process Rule are define by BATCH, FOLDER or EMAIL Lookup rules replace the config.cfg file (Re-Rite6)

  7. New OCR Engine & Multi-Core Support e-BRIDGE Re-Rite7 utilises ABBYY OCR Engine Improved text editor and convertor Multi-core support takes advantages of multiple CPUs to improve process performance

  8. Supported Formats

  9. Meta Scan Support MAKING YOUR INFORMATION MEANINGFUL MetaScan option allows users to add a set of keywords to help classify and identify each document scanned. Rather than routing scanned files to a single folder, MetaScan uses keywords to define the folder structure on your network, making it easy to search for a document when you need it. *New Re-Rite 7 templates and documentation are available.

  10. Supported Platforms

  11. The End