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Elizabeth.T 2nd

Elizabeth.T 2nd

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Elizabeth.T 2nd

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  1. New MoonStephenie Meyer2006Fiction Elizabeth.T 2nd

  2. Setting • The setting of this book is in Forks, Washington and in Italy. If the setting were to be changed the climax and the resolution of the book would be different.

  3. Characters

  4. Conflict • The main conflict of this story is that Edward wanted to kill him self in Italy by showing the people he was a vampire because he thought Bella was dead. This book is Man vs. Man and because Bella has to face a lot of people especially jasper because he tried to kill Bella. She also has to face problems with the Victoria Because she also tries to kill Bella in this book.

  5. Summary of Plot • At the beginning Bella and Edward are watching Romeo and Juliet in Forks, Washington. Then Edward leaves and Bella mourns for months, so Alice goes to visit her. Edward calls and Jacob answers the phone and Jacob accidentally tells him that Bella is dead, so then Edward tries to kill him self in italy.

  6. Theme • Learn to appreciate who you love. • Edward squeezed me gently.”I'm here.”pg.563 • I could face anything as long as it was true. Pg. 563 • I squared my shoulders and walked forward to meet my fate, with my destiny solidly at my side. pg. 563

  7. Point of View • It is told out of Bella's point of view because throughout the story she says I and me. this specific point of view would be first person . This helps the reader see what Bella thinks and how she sees stuff her way.

  8. Symbolism • One of the symbolisms in this book would be the field of flowers this is were Bella’s peace is and were she remembers time with Edward.

  9. Recommendation • I would recommend this book because it’s a good book to read especially for the people who like reading fiction books that include vampires and werewolves. It also ha s a lot of action in the book and it makes you want to keep on reading it.