first confession by frank o connor n.
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First Confession by: Frank O’Connor PowerPoint Presentation
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First Confession by: Frank O’Connor

First Confession by: Frank O’Connor

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First Confession by: Frank O’Connor

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  1. First Confessionby: Frank O’Connor Presented by Megan Alexander And Tyler Mooney

  2. Short Summary • The story is about a young boy seven years old, getting ready for his first confession in the Catholic Church. • He is scared of this confession because he wants to kill his grandmother( who has recently moved in with the family) and also tried to kill his sister with a butter knife. • He blames his grandmother for all the recent troubles in the family and can only see his confession being bad, and if he told a bad confession he would burn in the flames of hell. • During his confession he admits to all his sins, learning that honesty is the best policy since the priest was very friendly toward Jackie.

  3. Significance of the Title • the title summarizes the main event in the story of a first confession • It gives reference to how all of our “first’s” in life are scary, but the best way to get through them is to not be afraid • This title makes us relate to the story in reminiscing of our own “firsts”

  4. Narration • The story is told in the first person point of view by the protagonist, Jackie • The perspective used is detached autobiography, in which the narrator are the main character guiding the reader through the story • The tone of the language is of a scared resentful seven year old boy. • He is reliable to his own perspective of the story but there is always doubt whether the story is true when told through first person narration.

  5. Focus of Beginning and Ending • The author focuses on trying to present the narrator as honest and truthful. • In the beginning the narrator say’s he is “too honest,” and he cannot make himself seem better than he really is, but in the end he is rewarded for this honesty by becoming friends with the priest.

  6. Allusions • There is reference to the Bible, when the cock crows three time and then Peter betrays Jesus three times.

  7. Character Transformation • In the beginning Jackie, the narrator, is a frightened young boy who is scared of going because of telling the truth. • In the end he faces his fears of going to confession and learns to tell the truth even if he is ashamed of it.

  8. Major Theme • HONESTY • Jackie is honest to the priest, understanding how “the truth will set you free” • Nora, his sister, becomes aggravated with Jackie because after all those years of being bad, his only punishment from the priest was three Hail Marys.

  9. Minor Themes • Over coming fears • Although Jackie did not want to go to confession, he faces and overcomes this fear

  10. The Authors Goal • The story shows irony in Jackie’s confession, by allowing his first confession be a very memorable one. • Jackie purposely misses the confession when the whole class goes, but then only to discover that his evil sister has to take him. • The authors goal to renew the faith in honesty and truth was accomplish in a very ironic and funny way.

  11. Reactions • We thought that this story was very ironic and true. The transformation of Jackie in the story showed how honesty is the best policy.