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  1. OVERVIEW OF AIRBUS PROJECT AIRBUS BRAND • Spiral16 monitored online conversations about Airbus over a 60-day time period • from December 7, 2011 to February 7, 2012 • Online research brought back 20,410 unique pages • Spiral16’s research focused on the Airbus brand and the following aircrafts: • A380 • A350 • A330 • A320 Topline of Airbus Brand

  2. OVERVIEW OF AIRBUS PROJECT AIRBUS BRAND Spiral16’s research monitored the Airbus brand and the A380, A350, A330 and A320 jetliners. The largest number of results and the highest number of positive results came from the general Airbus brand and the A330. There was also a high number of positive results from the A380 data. Topline of Airbus Brand

  3. HIGHLIGHTS OF AIRBUS BRAND MONITORING AIRBUS BRAND Airbus A380 Cracks - Wing cracks in Airbus A380s found by Singapore Airlines in late January resulted in a spike in online activity for the Airbus brand. This story was widely covered by the media. Norwegian Air Order for New Planes - Norwegian Air placed order for new Airbus jetliners. The order for 222 airplanes is the biggest ever placed by a European airline and this news was widely covered in the international press. Airbus Brand - Highlights

  4. HIGHLIGHTS OF AIRBUS BRAND MONITORING AIRBUS BRAND Press coverage about new orders for Airbus and other positive news stories featuring the company resulted in favorable conversations online. A few of the news stories covered during the Spiral16 monitoring period: Philippines’ Carrier Cebu Pacific to Begin New flights in 2012 Cebu to lease up to 8 Airbus A330-300 aircraft to serve new markets. Airbus May Refine A330 Jetliner Virgin America Customized an Airbus A320to Honor Steve Jobs The words "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" were stenciled on the nose of the A320 jetliner Multiple news stories about new Airbus orders in 2012 that were shared on Twitter to increase overall brand chatter about Airbus brand. Airbus Brand - Highlights

  5. OFFICIAL AIRBUS BRAND NOT INFLUENTIAL ONLINE AIRBUS BRAND The Airbus website and other official Airbus brand resources were not influential or “loud” online. Conversations about Airbus are happening online but the official brand is not the driver of these conversations. This trend was consistent across all of the Airbus topics monitored. News and Twitter are Influential for Airbus This is a favorable trend because conversations about the brand are occurring online about Airbus. Airbus Opportunity to Increase the “Official” Brand Visibility There are steps Airbus can take to increase the brand visibility online. These recommendations are outlined in the conclusion of the report. Airbus Brand - Highlights

  6. AIRBUS BRAND PERCEPTION VERY POSITIVE AIRBUS BRAND Favorable results about Airbus made up 75% of the general brand conversations. This is extremely high given the negative news coverage during the research period. Positive conversations about Airbus, despite a wave of negative press coverage, speaks to the prestige of the company and the brand in the public perception. In addition, the negative conversations about Airbus were low for the aircraft industry. Airbus Brand Sentiment

  7. AIRBUS POSITIVE CONVERSATIONS OUTWEIGH NEGATIVE AIRBUS BRAND At the peak of the negative news cycle for the A380 story, the overall activity online for the Airbus brand was still more positive than negative. The chart below that shows the ratio of positive to negative conversations about Airbus, during the first days after the A380 news story broke. Compare the Airbus positive activity to the negative Boeing brand activity on the next slide. Airbus vs Boeing Brand Sentiment

  8. COMPARE AIRBUS BRAND SENTIMENT TO BOEING AIRBUS BRAND In December 2011, news of the Boeing Wichita layoffs broke. During the negative news cycle, online conversations about Boeing were shown to be 98% negative. Compare the negative activity surrounding Boeing in December 2011 with the previous two slides about Airbus. Public perception of Boeing was impacted far more by negative media coverage, when compared to Airbus. Airbus vs Boeing Brand Sentiment Negative Boeing Activity During December 2011

  9. TWITTER AND NEWS LOCATION OF GENERAL BRAND CONVERSATIONS AIRBUS BRAND Twitter made up almost half of the online results for Airbus. The Twitter conversations shared news as well as opinions about the planes and pictures. News made up 29% of the Airbus brand activity online with Twitter holding 42% of the conversations about Airbus online. Video results brought back 422 unique web results. The number of video results is high for the industry. Airbus Online Activity

  10. HIGHLIGHTS OF AIRBUS A380 MONITORING AIRBUS A380 Research Returned 5,878 Unique Web Pages About Airbus A380 Despite News Story on A380 Wing Cracks, Only 14% of Online Conversations Negative Results for Airbus A380 Were 56% Positive Negative Sentiment Unusually Low in Light of A380 Wing Crack Media Coverage Airbus A380 Topline

  11. POPULAR TOPICS SURROUNDING AIRBUS A380 AIRBUS A380 Airbus Will Deliver 30 A380 Superjumbos in 2012 Airbus A380 Wing Cracks Philippines Inaugurated Airbus A380 Hangar In addition to the three stories above, there were a number of news articles and online social media conversations about the success of Airbus and the A380 orders for 2011 and predictions on A380 orders for 2012. Airbus A380 Topline

  12. INFLUENTIAL RESULT ABOUT A380 FROM DESIGN BLOG AIRBUS A380 Influential results on the web often come from unexpected sources. For the Airbus A380, a blog focused on design, The Fancy, created online conversations about the A380. The Fancy posted a picture of the First Class cabin on the Qantas Airbus A380. The blog is very popular and the blogger’s post about the A380 was shared on Twitter. The Fancy Blog Post About Qantas Airbus A380 Airbus A380 Topline

  13. NEGATIVE MEDIA COVERAGE OF AIRBUS A380 WING CRACK AIRBUS A380 Despite significant press for the A380 wing crack story, perception of the Airbus A380 remained positive. The chart below compares the positive versus negative conversations during the research period. Positive activity outweighs negative for the A380. A380 Wing Crack Story Impact

  14. AIRBUS A380 ACTIVITY HEAVY ON TWITTER AND NEWS SITES AIRBUS A380 Twitter and news contained the most activity surrounding the A380. Twitter and news results made up 77% of all the online activity for Airbus A380. Spiral16’s research occurred during a time period that contained a large volume of breaking news for this Airbus aircraft. A longer period of monitoring would be needed to find out if the large proportion of Twitter and News results are the norm. Airbus A380 Online Activity

  15. HIGHLIGHTS OF AIRBUS A330 MONITORING AIRBUS A330 Airbus A330 Research Returned the Highest Number of Positive Mentions for Airbus 2,843 total A few reasons for the high ratio of conversations surrounding the Airbus A330 are due to multiple news stories about new Airbus A330 orders in 2012, as well as overall positive online conversations about the A330. Some of the most popular topics are listed below: Manila's Cebu Air Leasing A330-300s for Non-Asian routes Airbus May Refine A330 Jetliner Hong Kong Airlines Takes Delivery of All Business Class Airbus A330-200 Airbus A330 data contained unique results compared to other Airbus research. See next slide. Airbus A330 Topline

  16. AIRBUS A330 ACTIVITY UNUSUAL AIRBUS A330 Airbus A330 results are very diverse and colorful, compared to results about the other Airbus aircraft. Data returned about the Airbus A330 contained a high volume of activity surrounding a custom “Hello Kitty” jet. A330 data contained more influential video results. It was not that there was a higher number of video results for the Airbus A330---but the results were more visible for the brand. “Hello Kitty” Jet -EVA Airways Airbus A330-300 customized with “Hello Kitty” icon generated positive activity online. Airbus A330 Topline

  17. AIRBUS A330 CONTAINS MOST POSITIVE RESULTS AIRBUS A330 Airbus A330 data contained the most positive results. Positive conversations made up 88% of the online conversations. Only 9% of the Airbus A330 activity was negative and neutral results made up only 4% of the Airbus A330 data. The level of positive activity for the A330 is high for the industry and these results were the highest for the Airbus brand. Airbus A330 Sentiment

  18. AIRBUS A330 CONTAINS MORE INDUSTRY BLOG CONVERSATIONS AIRBUS A330 Airbus A330 data stood out from the other Airbus topics because there was a higher volume of blog results for the A330. Online conversations about the A330 occurred more often in aircraft industry blogs and aircraft forums---compared to the other Airbus topics. News and Twitter made up an important piece of the online activity but locations of the conversations were spread out more across different areas of the Internet. Airbus A330 Online Activity

  19. HIGHLIGHTS OF AIRBUS A320 RESULTS AIRBUS A320 Consistent Conversations About A320 The conversations surrounding the Airbus A320 were consistent and the level of activity was stable. Most of the conversations were positive. Multiple topics featuring the A320 were found and a few of the highlights included: Norwegian Air Order of 100 Airbus A320 Planes Airbus Lawsuit Against Aviation Partners over the Blended Winglet Technology Spirit Airlines orders 75 Airbus A320 airliners Airbus Leads Over Boeing with Record Orders Due to A320neo Airbus A320 Topline

  20. AIRBUS A320 STEVE JOBS & BOSTON RED SOX AIRBUS A320 Some of the most powerful mentions come from unusual topicsand this is true for the Airbus A320. Significant data was returned for the A320 surrounding the following topics: JetBlue Put a Boston Red Sox Banner on Airbus A320 Jet Virgin Air Customized Plan to Honor Steve Jobs Airbus A320 Topline

  21. AIRBUS A320 CONTAINS MOSTLY POSITIVE RESULTS AIRBUS A320 Airbus A330 data contained mostly positive results, 88% of the online conversations. Only 9% of the Airbus A330 activity was negative and neutral results made up only 4%. Airbus A320 Sentiment

  22. AIRBUS A320 CONTAINS MORE INDUSTRY BLOG CONVERSATIONS AIRBUS A320 Airbus A320 data stood out from the other Airbus topics because there was a higher volume of blog results for the A320. Online conversations about the A320 occurred more often in aircraft industry blogs and aircraft forums---compared to the other Airbus topics. News and Twitter made up an important piece of the online activity as well. Airbus A320 Online Activity

  23. HIGHLIGHTS OF AIRBUS A350 RESULTS AIRBUS A350 Airbus A350 Brought Back the Fewest Number of Results The conversations about the A350 represented the lowest volume of activity out of the five Airbus topics researched by Spiral16. A350 conversations contained more serious news and topics. Online activity for the A350 jet contained content about trade sanctions, supply chain issues and on-going news about a trade dispute. Airbus A350 Faces Supply Chain Challenge Us Threatens Trade Sanctions EU-US trade dispute over subsidies for Airbus and Boeing Airbus A350 Topline

  24. AIRBUS A350 RESULTS TIED TO OTHER AIRBUS ACTIVITY AIRBUS A350 Conversations About Airbus A350 Tied to Other Airbus Topics The conversations about the A350 were the lowest volume out of the Spiral16 data and the lower number of results for the A350 were tied to conversations about OTHER Airbus jets or the Airbus brand. Concerns About Cracks on Wings of A380 Burst Bubble of Enthusiasm for A350 Indian Airline Reducing Orders Effects 380s But 350s Order Untouched Airbus A350 Activity Increase Next Week Appeal judges at the World Trade Organization are expected to rule on the claims of unfair support for Boeingnext week. While Washington is edging towards possible sanctions against the EU, A350 activity will increase substantially in the next few days. Airbus A350 Topline

  25. A350 NEUTRAL ACTIVITY DUE TO SERIOUS TOPICS NOT AIRBUS AIRBUS A350 Airbus A350 data contained a high level of neutral results. Unlike the neutral data for the A320, the neutral results for the Airbus A350 are related to the serious nature of the topics surrounding the A350 conversations. The A320 data reflected a lack of enthusiasm surrounding the aircraft. The results for the A350 were not neutral due to the Airbus brand but because conversations about subjects such as trade sanctions and trade disputes are neutral. Airbus A350 Sentiment

  26. AIRBUS A350 NEUTRAL ACTIVITY DUE TO TOPICS NOT BRAND AIRBUS A350 As seen in chart below, the positive activity surrounding Airbus A350 aircraft mentions was much more positive than negative. Airbus A350 Sentiment

  27. OPPORTUNITIES FOR AIRBUS BASED ON DATA RESULTS AIRBUS Recommendations Think of the Internet as a crowded room with many people talking. At Spiral16, we help brands discover the online conversations that are the most influential or “loud” for companies and brands. After discovering the sources that are most influential, the Spiral16 analytics team makes recommendations on ways to utilize the data from our research for business purposes. The following slides contain the overview of the recommendations from our data team. These slides will be explained in greater detail during the post-report phone meeting. Recommendations from Spiral16

  28. AIRBUS BRAND TO BECOME THE ONLINE RESOURCE FOR INFORMATION AIRBUS Recommendations The Airbus website and other official Airbus brand resources were not influential or “loud” online. Conversations about Airbus are happening online but the official brand communication is not being heard above the noise of the Internet. Airbus has a significant opportunity to increase the brand visibility and brand conversations online. Airbus can become the center of the information for the company online by implementing some very simple changes, some of which we have outline in the next slides. Airbus Opportunity

  29. COMMUNICATE MORE USING VIDEO AND PICTURES ONLINE AIRBUS Recommendations Airbus currently has a rich library of video and photos on the website. But the website videos and images are not being shared online as frequently as they could be. Increase Use of “Web Friendly” Video - Video was a small portion of the online activity for Airbus overall but the video results ranked high for the brand. There are conversations already happening about Airbus aircraft in video form-- it makes sense for the Airbus company to join in. Make sure all videos for Airbus can be easily shared via YouTube. YouTube is a powerful platform for the aircraft industry and it is one of the fastest growing search engines. Mobile Video - Use more video in the social media communication about Airbus. Mobile apps such as SHOUTZ are easy to use via iPhone or Android phone. Users can instantly shoot video then share it online. Mobile video is an excellent way to share the excitement of a new plane taking off or to show the view from the cockpit of a A380. Airbus Opportunity

  30. COMMUNICATE MORE USING VIDEO AND PICTURES ONLINE AIRBUS Recommendations Promote the Airbus Planes on Instagram- Instagram is a popular mobile app that allows users to share beautiful pictures. Sharing beautiful pictures of flights as well as the chic design of the new Airbus jets via social media community Instagram. Share Chic Interiors of Airbus Jets on Pinterest and Design Blogs – Airbus jets contain some of the most beautiful and cutting edge designs in the industry. Get more attention for the Airbus designs via online design blogs and social media communities with design savvy members. Pinterestis such a popular community for those interested in design. Airbus could utilize Pinterest to increase brand visibility and engagement online. Airbus Opportunity