my leadership role in improving student achievement through theory of action n.
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My Leadership Role –In Improving Student Achievement through “ Theory of Action” PowerPoint Presentation
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My Leadership Role –In Improving Student Achievement through “ Theory of Action”

My Leadership Role –In Improving Student Achievement through “ Theory of Action”

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My Leadership Role –In Improving Student Achievement through “ Theory of Action”

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  1. My Leadership Role –In Improving Student Achievement through “Theory of Action” Toronto Regional SIM Session Oct 16-17, 2012

  2. Welcome to this Break-Out Session Agenda: • What is LSA? Quick overview • Viewing of LSA video (Ken Leithwood) • Let’s investigate the 4 paths • Rational • Emotional • Organizational • Family • What is a THEORY OF ACTION • Connecting our SIM Work to: * a Theory of Action * a LSA path

  3. Your Reflection Template • On your table you will find a template • Please use it to record your thinking during the session.

  4. Overview of the LSA Project • Goal: to improve student learning by building the instructional leadership capacities of principals • WHO: OPC, CPCO, ADFO in partnership with and funded by LNS and CSC • WHAT: guided by an evolving theory of action about what the LSA project needs to do to improve instructional leadership of principals

  5. Leadership and Student Learning After teaching, the second most influential factor on student learning is leadership (shared; formal and informal). Ken Leithwood 5 5

  6. The Principal’s Role


  8. Theory of Action Overview Video available

  9. LSA Theory of Action Paper How the Leading Student Achievement Project Improves Student Learning: An Evolving Theory of Action February 2010 Kenneth Leithwood

  10. Let’s Investigate 4 Paths… • Number off at your table 1,2,3,4… • 1’s – gather at Table 1 – Rational Path • 2’s – gather at Table 2 – Emotional Path • 3’s – gather at Table 3 – Organizational Path • 4’s – gather at Table 4 – Family Path * Read your section of the article * Discuss what that path is all about * Return to your “home table” * Each person shares the path with which they are now more familiar

  11. Let’s uncover the meaning of “Theory of Action” ?

  12. Algorithm for “Theory of Action” GOAL( intended outcome ) +Problem of practice (inquiry) Theory of Action (If… Then…)

  13. Destination = improved student achievement car = vehicle travelling down the roadway = the theory of action Road conditions =our daily reality of the world of education Roadway = Leithwood’s 4 pathways

  14. Our Analogy… We ride our theory of action down one of the 4 pathways / roadways towards our destination of improved student learning.

  15. Our GPS guides our journey = our data and other evidence (e.g., student learning, conditions for learning,

  16. Cause & Effect • IF What teachers are going to do/have students do… • THEN What students are going to learn and/or demonstrate IF... THEN… • IF descriptive feedback is provided that is specific to individual student work and highlights next steps,THEN students will be able to improve the content and clarity of their written work.

  17. 4 Corners • Think about your SIM plan • Connect To which path might your learning need / inquiry/ theory of action be most tightly connected? • Discuss A theory of action and an associated path • Determine How might school/system leaders influence positive student learning?

  18. RealityCheck Is our inquiry question focused? Is our inquiry tied to regular classroom practice? Is our inquiry realistic in terms of time & opportunity? How will we measure what we treasure?

  19. GUIDING QUESTIONS… IN MY ROLE AS A LEADER IN MY BOARD: • What might my theory of action be? • How might it be worded? • How might Iimplement? • What evidence might I gather to support my theory? • How will I track and receive feedback on the Path upon which i have selected to work? (Monitoring)

  20. In closing… If you want to go fast go alone If you want to go far go together… African Proverb

  21. Questions/Answers/Feedback • Are there any outstanding questions? • Was this session helpful in framing your work within your school/board?