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Wants to Know Employee Feedback app! PowerPoint Presentation
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Wants to Know Employee Feedback app!

Wants to Know Employee Feedback app!

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Wants to Know Employee Feedback app!

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  1. Soft Intelligence – What is it? Soft Intelligence isn’t a new concept, but it’s only recently we’ve developed a phrase to describe it. Soft Intelligence is recording and enacting changes based on emotional feedback from employees and visitors. This feedback can vary from moving a vending machine to the other side of the room, or replacing old, creaky chairs with newer ones with lumbar support to a complete software overhaul used by the company. Anything that bothers visitors or employees is taken into consideration and acted on.

  2. Soft Intelligence was originally developed by the National Health Service to help with customer or employee feedback that wouldn’t normally be included in a feedback report because it wasn’t “important enough” by their judgement. While very useful in a people-focused establishment like the NHS, this approach to gathering feedback is valuable in every profession, since it’s main goal is simply improving the quality of life of your workers and any customers who use your services or products. The process involves nearly everyone involved in the company, from senior management staff to workers to customers. Capturing the views of every member of the organisation or business is paramount to making useful feedback, but some of these people may not consider things that mildly annoy them to be worth notifying people about, despite these things having a significant impact in their quality of life at work. Things like a bad chair that forces poor posture, or a dirty work area that can help spread illness can cause serious damage to their work morale and overall health, forcing them to leave to deal with their ailments, things that could’ve been fixed if they just brought it up.

  3. There are also other things that don’t get brought up sometimes. These issues are far less damaging in the long run but are still issues. Things like a broken vending machine, dusty or dirty office equipment like keyboards and mice, screens that cause eye strain, desks with limited leg room or broken drawers. They’re still problems, but how often are they brought up? This is where soft intelligence comes in. Soft Intelligence is a vital tool for ensuring the company provides exactly what is needed and requested by staff members and customers. At Soft Intelligence, we are passionate about gathering customer feedback and soft intelligence from your clients and customers, transforming it into straightforward and accurate data that turns the hassle of feedback processing into a breeze. Take a look at our consumer mobile apps (Ask Dan) and see if your company would benefit from them. For more details please visit