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Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure PowerPoint Presentation
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Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure

Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure

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Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure

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  1. Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure By: Joey, Alyssa, Abby, Elaine, Ian

  2. Table of Contents Page 3: Beginning of the story Page 4: Beginning of the story Page 5: Amendment One Page 6: Amendment Two Page 7: Amendment Three Page 8: Amendment Four Page 9: Amendment Five Page 10: Amendment Six Page 11: Amendment Seven and eleven Page 12: Amendment Eight Page 13: Amendment Nine Page 14: Amendment Ten Page 15: Amendment Twelve , fifteen, nineteen, twenty-three, twenty- four and twenty-six Page 17: Amendment Thirteen Page 18: Amendment Fourteen Page 19:: Amendment Sixteen Page 21: Amendment Seventeen Page 22: Amendment Eighteen and Twenty-One Page 23: Amendment Twenty and Twenty-Two Page 24:Amendment Twenty-Five Page 26: Amendment Twenty-Seven Page 27: The end of the story Page 28:Glossary Page 29: Bibliography Page 30: Bibliography continued… Page 31: Bibliography continued…

  3. Once upon a time, there was a leprechaun named Leviticus. He was a curious leprechaun. One day he left his house in search of adventure. He happened upon an amazing double rainbow. “What a fine rainbow” he exclaimed. “ I bet there’s a pot of gold at the end.”

  4. Our curious fellow, Leviticus, ran down to the end of the rainbow in pursuit of his treasure. When he got to the end of the rainbow he saw a pot. Yet when looked he saw a map instead of gold. When he read the map it said, “ To find my treasure, you must follow the trail and learn about all twenty seven amendments.” Happy to have an adventure, Leviticus set off on his journey!

  5. Leviticus was following the trail when he bowed down and prayed, that he would find the treasure but a snail approached him and said, But Leviticus said “ No, I have the freedom of religion and according to the first amendment I can worship freely!” and with that he continued on his journey… “ I command you to stop praying! Right now!” Amendment 1- The right to worship freely , have your own opinions, right to press unless its untrue, to petition, and the right to appeal the government.

  6. Then Leviticus got attacked by a squirrel and used his handy dandy sword to defend himself. The squirrel started to scream, But Leviticus replied, “ I can use my sword for self defense because you’re attacking me.” So the squirrel ran away. “You can’t use your sword that’s unfair!!!” Amendment 2- You can own weapons for self defense

  7. Leviticus saw a cave in the distance and decided to make it his home for the night. The next morning a solider traveled to his cave and demanded that Leviticus had to feed him and house him, for the week. But Leviticus said, “My third amendment rights protect me from having soldiers like you to be quartered in my cave.” Then the angry solider stomped away. Amendment 3- Soldiers cannot stay in your house or be quartered in any house without permission of the owner.

  8. After the solider had left Leviticus cave, a group of policemen ran into his cave and started looking at his treasure map. Leviticus got very angry and asked, “Do you have a warrant?” The policemen yelled, “No!!” So he told the officers that unless they had a warrant they couldn’t look at his map. The Policemen didn’t know what to do because they indeed didn’t have a warrant so they walked away and out of his cave. Amendment 4- You cannot be arrested or have you house, papers, and property searched orseizedwithout awarrant.

  9. As Leviticus was walking, he saw a trial taking place but when he glanced to look at it, the judge was holding all of Leviticous’ belongings from his cave! He marched straight up to the Judge and told him that his private belongings couldn’t be used for public display, The Judge apologized and gave Leviticus his things back. Amendment 5- People accused of a serious crime can have a grand jury hearing.If you are accused of a crime and found innocent, you can’t be accused of the same crime again. You also have the right to not say things that could be used against you in trial. Lastly, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and the government can’t make your private things into public use.

  10. Leviticus kept on his journey and before he could get to far a giant lion came out of the bushes and said, “I’m going to put you in jail!” But Leviticus laughed and replied, “You can’t put me in jail without a reason and I haven't committed any crime.” So the lion roared away and Leviticus kept on traveling… Amendment 6- You can’t be put in jail for a long time without going to trial. The police cannot force you to get you to say what you did wrong and no one can put you in jail without a reason.

  11. Leviticus had been getting a little tired of his journey so he decided to be a judge for the day… His case for the day was a civil case between a man named Frank and the pickle business. The jury made the final decision, when Leviticus started to argue with the jury. A jury member reminded Leviticus of the 7th and 11th amendment which jogged his memory that he couldn’t disagree with the jury. Amendment 7 and 11- A civil caseis a dispute between people and businesses. What ever the jury decides the judge cannot disagree.A person cannot sue a state in a federal court.

  12. “ That is an unreasonable fine and I’m not going to give you ten dollars.” So the caterpillar slithered away… Leviticus had been following his map for a long time so he took a nap under a shady tree… But a caterpillar awoke him and demanded that he was to pay him ten dollars in cash. But he replied, Amendment 8- No one can give you an unreasonable or cruel bail, fines and/or punishment.

  13. Leviticus got up from under the tree and he needed to take a bathroom break, so he saw a porta-potty in the distance. When Leviticus was going to the bathroom a walrus walked in on him and Leviticus screamed, “Ahhhhhhhh!” Leviticus then screamed, “You are invading my privacy, get out of this porta-potty!” So the walrus whaled away. Amendment 9- Although there are some rights not listed in the Constitution, they are still given to the people.

  14. After taking his bathroom break, Leviticus saw a T.V in the distance, he wondered, “Why would there be a television in the woods?” but he walked up to it and noticed that it was a debate show about who had the powers that weren't listed in the Constitution. But Leviticus already knew who received those powers, the states! Leviticus so badly wanted to find his treasure so he kept traveling… Amendment 10- The powers that don’t say whether or not they go to the state or national government are given to the states.

  15. Leviticus was walking when he noticed a, “Vote Here!” sign. He saw women, boys and people of many races voting. So he went over to the voting booth and voted for President Lamont. Amendment 12, 15, 19, 23, 24 and 26- American citizens can vote for the president. Women have the right to vote, this game citizens of the district of Columbia the right to vote, you can begin to vote at the age of 18. Also colored people and people of different races can vote. Lastly you can not charge people money so they can register to vote.

  16. But once Leviticus left the cave a person came along and demanded, “You are now my slave and you must do everything I say!” But Leviticus protested that he can’t be owned as property according to the thirteenth amendment. Amendment 13- You can not own people as property.

  17. Leviticus finally left the voting area, when a man stopped him and asked him if he was a U.S citizen. Leviticus showed him his forms and told him his parents were Irish. Amendment 14- If you are born in the U.S. you’re a U.S. citizen. The amount of representatives in each state depends the population of the state.

  18. Leviticus was walking when he realized what day it was, tax day! Thankfully the government had already collected his taxes before he set off on his journey! Amendment 16- The government can collect taxes.

  19. As Leviticus walked down the street he saw a flyer posted up on a pole telling him to vote for two senators. He knew this was a great idea because then each state has a say in what the government does. Leviticus then remembered that he had also voted for the senators when he was at the voting booth where he voted for president Lamont. Amendment 17- For each state two people are elected by the people to serve in the Senate. This is a part of the government.

  20. Leviticus thought he saw a fire in the distance but just noticed that it was a camp fire, so he stopped by... Everybody was drinking liquor and having a great time! Good thing liquor is legal Leviticus thought. Amendment 18 and 21- This made liquor illegal and then made liquor legal

  21. As Leviticus continued on his journey, he noticed a newsstand. He went over to it and saw that the daily paper announced that President Lamont had won the election. It also said that the president would be in office for four years and that he could only be elected twice as president. President Lamont, our new president! Amendment 20 & 22- Sets the end dates and the beginning dates of presidential terms. This also set the term limit for presidents which is two 4 year terms.

  22. Leviticus kept on walking when he heard a group of people talking about how president Lamont didn’t want to be president anymore. One of the people asked, “If president Lamont won’t be president, who will?” Leviticus walked up to them and replied, “the 25th amendment says that if the president doesn’t take the job then the vice president takes his place.” Amendment 25- If the president steps down or dies the vice president takes his place.

  23. Leviticus then continued on his way just to run into a dolphin. This dolphin claimed to be part of congress. The dolphin and Leviticus started to talk. The dolphin told Leviticus of his sneaky plan to try to raise the amount of money he was making. Leviticus told the dolphin that the 27th amendment will stop his plan. Amendment 27- Congressmen cannot vote to give themselves a raise in the same term.

  24. THE END After all of his searching, Leviticus learned about all of his rights and he finally found his treasure!!!

  25. Glossary Words Appeal- When someone requests to a higher court of law to review the decision of the trial. Bail- Money that someone pays to make sure they get out of jail. Candidate- a person who is chosen by others as a possibility for an office or an honor. Civil Case- When someone sues another person in a court of law. Dispute- A disagreement between two parties. Electoral College- A group of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the President and Vice President of the U.S. Grand jury hearing- A grand jury hearing is a trial by grand jury, which is like a jury but uses longer and more important cases. Jury- A group of people chosen to help make the decision a case. Liquor- An alcoholic beverage/an adult drink. Petition- A request for something to be changed in government. Presidential terms- The amount of time a President can be in office. Quartered- This means to give someone a place to stay. Seized- The past tense of seizure, which means to take items away from a person. Warrant- When a judge tells a police officer to take an action or search through someone’s property. Trial- When a court looks at a case, civil or criminal, and use facts to reach a conclusion. Involves a prosecutor and a defendant. Representatives- A person or thing that represents another or others. Taxes- An amount of money demanded by a government in support for it’s services.

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