leviticus the leprechaun and his amendment adventure n.
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Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure PowerPoint Presentation
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Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure

Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure

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Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure

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  1. Leviticus the Leprechaun and his Amendment Adventure By: Joey, Alyssa, Abby, Elaine, Ian

  2. Table of Contents • Page 3: Amendment One

  3. Once upon a time, there was a leprechaun named Leviticus. He was a curious leprechaun. One day he left his house in search of adventure. He happened upon an amazing double rainbow. “What a fine rainbow” he exclaimed. “ I bet there’s a pot of gold at the end.”

  4. Our curious fellow, Leviticus, ran down to the end of the rainbow in pursuit of his treasure. When he got to the end of the rainbow he saw a pot. Yet when looked he saw a map instead of gold. When he read the map it said, “ To find my treasure, you must follow the trail and learn about all twenty seven amendments.” Happy to have an adventure, Leviticus set off on his journey!

  5. Amendment 1- The right to worship freely , have your own opinions, right to press unless its untrue, to petition, and the right to appeal the government.

  6. Amendment 2- You can own weapons for self defense

  7. Amendment 3- Soldiers cannot stay in your house or be quartered in any house without permission of the owner.

  8. Amendment 4- You cannot be arrested or have you house, papers, and property searched or seized without a warrant.

  9. Amendment 6- You can’t be put in jail for a long time without going to trial. The police cannot force you to get you to say what you did wrong and no one can put you in jail without a reason.

  10. Amendment 7- A civil case is a dispute between people and businesses. What ever the jury decides the judge cannot disagree.

  11. Amendment 8- No one can give you an unreasonable or cruel bail, fines and/or punishment.

  12. Amendment 9- Although there are some rights not listed in the Constitution, but they are still given to the people.

  13. Amendment 10- The powers that don’t say whether or not they go to the state or national government are given to the states.

  14. Amendment 11- A person cannot sue a state in a federal court.

  15. Glossary Words Appeal- Bail- Money that someone pays to make sure they go to trial. Candidate- Civil- Dispute- Electoral College- Grand jury hearing- Jury- Liquor- An alcoholic beverage/an adult drink Petition- Presidential terms- The amount of time a President can be in office. Quartered- This means to give someone a place to stay. Seized- Warrant- When a judge tells a police officer to take an action or search through someone’s property. Trial- Representatives- Taxes-

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