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  1. ALASKA Vertaald uit het Frans – Freddy Storm 10/2010 TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH BY VIPUL M DESAI

  2. ALASKA ("continent" in the Inuit) is the largest state of the United States, with a total area of ​​1,717,854 km ², about 54 times that of Belgium. The state has 626,932 inhabitants. Like the state of Hawaii is geographically separated from the Alaska main block of the United States. It is located northwest of Canada, and is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the south by the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is separated from Asia by the Bering Strait. Juneau is the capital. This region, which is found in the 19th Century "Russian America" called, takes its name from a long peninsula northwest of the American continent, about 1,000 km south of the Bering Strait in the south following the Aleutians. TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH BY VIPUL M DESAI

  3. Femme Inuit

  4. Inuit (formerly known as Eskimos or Eskimos) up the Arctic people living in small enclaves Coastal Greenland the North American Arctic (Alaska and Canada) Siberia and the far northeast. The name they give themselves is Inuit (Yuit language of Siberia and Alaska), which means "men." The name Eskimo considered pejorative, means "eaters of raw meat" their term was incorrectly applied by the Algonquin people. TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH BY VIPUL M DESAI

  5. The Aleutian Islands, the Amerindians and Inuits are three original peoples of Alaska. The latter were several thousand karen ago from Siberia. They emigrated via the Bering Strait to the east.

  6. The Inuit Conference regrouped the Inuit and Inuvialuit of Canada, the Kalaallit of Greenland, the Inupiaq and Yupik Yupik of Alaska and Russia. In Greenland, Canada and Alaska approximately 150,000 Inuit living. The Inuit speak languages ​​of the Eskimo language family aleoet. The language of the Inuit is primarily oral.

  7. With its glaciers icebergs form, its volcanoes and its lunar valleys, mountains that gradually rise to heaven, Alaska is ever-changing. This corner of our planet, a fascinating place for geologists, was the scene of major tectonic movements: landslides, eruptions and earthquakes by plowing and shake this fantastic piece of earth. TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH BY VIPUL M DESAI

  8. With its height of 6,500 m Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America. He dominates the snowy plains and tundra of Denali National Park.

  9. Mont Mc. Kinley

  10. Of the 3,000 rivers which traverse Alaska is the Yukon's most famous. He winds majestic 2000 km far from the Canadian border to the Bering Sea, and maintaining the nuggets of gold rush with it: a legendary and historic waterway. The name Alaska comes from a word in the language of the Aleutian Islands. It means "the great land". However, making the immense waterways and the 3,000,000 km2 lakes of Alaska rather a water world where the seaplane king. TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH BY VIPUL M DESAI

  11. Alaska is one of the last wild areas in the world. The immaculate whiteness of the snow and ice is everywhere, but in the spring to know the landscapes also in green to adorn. Active volcanoes, giant glaciers, thousands of rivers ... All natural elements are represented in Alaska and unleash them regularly. Glacier Bay (Glacier Bay) in the southeast of the state is a natural reserve. Alaska is truly a destination to discover. TRANSLATION FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH BY VIPUL M DESAI