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My Ancestors

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My Ancestors

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My Ancestors

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  1. My Ancestors By: Sonja Levy

  2. Where did the Levy’s originate? • Before the Levy’s made their way towards North America, they originated in Jordan, in south-west Asia. Which made them Jewish. • At first these people didn’t have a specific surname, they just said they were within the tribe Levi from which their ancestors were before them.

  3. Where to next? • Next, the Levis’ made their way to Spain, from Jordan they traveled into Africa through Cairo, then once on the other side of Africa, crossed the south Atlantic by boat, then continued to Spain. • In the 1600’s they were forced to move to more friendly countries, and under the command of Napolean 1, they were forced to take family names. • Since their ancestors belonged to the Levi tribe, they chose variations of the name, such as: Levi, Levy, Levitt or Levin. • Many of these families had the same surname therefore considered themselves under the same tribe, and became friends. Even though there were some relations within them, most of them had no relation to each other at all.

  4. Where in North America? • Since they were forced to move to friendlier countries for the best, they came to North America. • Some of the Levysonce in North America, went to Canaan in the Annapolis valley. Some others traveled to the Tancook islands. • All of my Levy family was from the Tancook islands, and nobody was related, and all with the same last name originating from the same places, but in different cities. Almost all of the rest of my family are still living on Tancook today.

  5. What does Levy mean? • The word “Levi” is from the the 17th century, and deriving from the hebrew male name 'Levi' which means 'The Joining'. • Coat of arms picture

  6. Benefits to and from Canada Benefits from Canada • A safer place to live • More peace • Were able to plant crops and support their families. Benefits to Canada • Increasing the population • More people hearing about Canada what it’s like living there. • More vegetation being planted.

  7. The Coveys • My Covey ancestors were from England , Ireland ,and Scotland. To come to North America, they traveled across the North Atlantic Ocean by boat. • Where they settled , I don’t know. I found out a lot more about the Levy side of my family.

  8. What does Covey mean? “Covey is an ancient Strathclyde-Briton name for a person who works as a tender of cattle. The name is an old adaptation of the old English word”cuhyrde”of the same meaning. It derives from the roots “cu”meaning cow, and “hierde” meaning herdsman. The name Covey has a Scottish origin.” • Coat of arms picture

  9. Interesting things about my family • My great grandfather James Edward Covey fought in world war one, and was one of the survivors. • His wife resembled the Queen • My grandmother on my mother’s side maiden name was Whyte, and all her family came from the Isle of Whyte. • My great great grandfather William Whyte was one of the men who was made go to war, after the ship left Lunenburg harbour and was making its way to its destination, he decided to jump over board. He swam to Eastern point where he lived the remainder of his life.

  10. Bibliography • spain map • map of annapolis valley • Tancook map • Levy surname info • U.K Map • Covey surname info • tancook site • Levy coat of arms picture • Covey coat of arms picture