section three the war in the pacific n.
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Section Three: The War in the Pacific PowerPoint Presentation
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Section Three: The War in the Pacific

Section Three: The War in the Pacific

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Section Three: The War in the Pacific

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  1. Section Three: The War in the Pacific Main Idea: In order to defeat Japan and end the war in the Pacific, the United States unleashed a terrible new weapon, the atomic bomb. Why it Matters Now: Countries of the modern world struggle to find ways to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. Key Terms: Douglas MacArthur Chester Nimitz Battle of Midway Kamikaze Key Terms: J. Robert Oppenheimer Hiroshima Nagasaki Nuremberg Trials

  2. SECTION 3: THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC • The Americans did not celebrate long, as Japan was busy conquering an empire that dwarfed Hitler’s Third Reich • Japan had conquered much of southeast Asia including the Dutch East Indies, Guam, and most of China

  3. BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA • The main Allied forces in the Pacific were Americans and Australians • In May 1942 they succeeded in stopping the Japanese drive toward Australia in the five-day Battle of the Coral Sea

  4. THE BATTLE OF MIDWAY • Japan’s next thrust was toward Midway Island – a strategic Island northwest of Hawaii • Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Commander of American Naval forces in the Pacific, moved to defend the Island • The Americans won a decisive victory as their planes destroyed 4 Japanese aircraft carriers and 250 planes

  5. The Battle of Midway was a turning point in the war – soon the Allies were island hopping toward Japan

  6. IWO JIMA • General MacArthur and the Allies next turned to the Island of Iwo Jima • The island was critical to the Allies as a base for an attack on Japan • It was called the most heavily defended spot on earth • Allied and Japanese forces suffered heavy casualties American soldiers plant the flag on the Island of Iwo Jima after their victory

  7. KAMIKAZE PILOTS ATTACK ALLIES • Japanese countered by employing a new tactic – Kamikaze (divine wind) attacks • Pilots in small bomb-laden planes would crash into Allied ships • Why kamikaze? Part of bushido-way of the warrior In the Battle for the Philippines, 424 Kamikaze pilots sank 16 ships and damaged 80 more

  8. INVADE JAPAN? • After Okinawa, MacArthur predicted that a Normandy type amphibious invasion of Japan would result in 1,500,000 Allied deaths • President Truman saw only one way to avoid an invasion of Japan . . . Okinawa The loss of life at Iwo Jima and Okinawa convinced Allied leaders that an invasion of Japan was not the best idea