comparative and superlative n.
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  1. COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE Done by: AmeeraAbdualla

  2. We use the comparative and superlative form to compare and contrast different objects in English. Use the comparative form to show the difference between two objects. • Example: New York is more exciting than Seattle. Use the superlative form when speaking about three or more objects to show which object is 'the most' of something. • Example: New York is the most exciting city in the USA.

  3. One Syllable Adjectives ER - for the comparative EST - for the superlative. Max is tallerthan Mary. Max is the tallestof all the students. Max is olderthan John. Of the three students, Max is the oldest My hair is longerthan your hair. She is the longesthair in the class.

  4. One Syllable Adjectives If the adjective ends with an e, just add –rfor the comparative form and –stfor the superlative form. Mary's car islargerthan Max's car. Mary's house is the tallestof all the houses on the block. Max is wiserthan his brother. Max is the wisestperson I know.

  5. One Syllable Adjectives If the one syllable adjective ends with a single consonant with a vowel before it, double the consonant and add –erfor the comparative form; and double the consonant and add –est for the superlative form. My dog is biggerthan your dog. My dog is the biggestof all the dogs in the neighborhood.

  6. Two-syllable adjectives. With most two-syllable adjectives, you form the comparative with more and the superlative with most. This morning is more peacefulthan yesterday morning. Max's house in the mountains is the most peacefulin the world. Max is more carefulthan Mike. Of all the taxi drivers, Jack is the most careful.

  7. Two-syllable adjectives. If the two-syllable adjectives ends with –y, change the y to iand add –erfor the comparative form. For the superlative form change the y to i and add –est. John is happier today than he was yesterday. John is the happiestboy in the world. Max is angrierthan Mary. Of all of John's victims, Max is the angriest.

  8. Two-syllable adjectives. Two-syllable adjectives ending in –er, -le, or –owtake –erand –estto form the comparative and superlative forms. The roads in this town are narrowerthan the roads in the city. This road is thenarrowestof all the roads in California. Big dogs aregentlerthan small dogs. Of all the dogs in the world, English Mastiffs are the gentlest.

  9. Adjectives with three or more syllables. For adjectives with three syllables or more, you form the comparative with more and the superlative with most. John is more generousthan Jack. John is the most generousof all the people I know. Health is more importantthan money. Of all the people I know, Max is the most important.