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Animal Report by Olivia Ryncarz PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Report by Olivia Ryncarz

Animal Report by Olivia Ryncarz

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Animal Report by Olivia Ryncarz

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  1. Animal Reportby Olivia Ryncarz

  2. Introduction • Velvet is not only for humans it is for deer too! Male deer have velvet on their antlers, and when it falls off they will have there full grown antlers grown in. In the summer the deer's coat turns red and in the winter it turns gray. Deer are getting over populated so that is why we have hunting season in the fall. Theses are just a few interesting facts about deer. If you want to learn more keep reading!!!!!!

  3. Body Parts Did you ever want to learn about a deer's looks, size, body parts, and weight?, you can! The deer has a white and brown neck. Most deer have white spots but some deer do not. Male deer have velvet on their antlers but it falls off when it is full grown. Deer also have four toes on each hove. Male deer start to grow antlers in antlers in April. Deer also have crescent shaped hove or feet. Some deer have white tails too. The female deer's weight in the fall is 80 to 100 pounds, and baby fawns grow to 4 to 8 pounds. If you want to learn more keep on reading!!!

  4. Life Cycle • Do you want learn about a deer’s life cycle? You can! Deer start out with live birth. They also go through an incomplete metamorphosis. When the baby is born it will have spots on it to hide from its enemies. Deer live two to three years where people hunt them. When male deer are growing up they will start growing antlers this will last from April to January. Female deer will grow more spots too! Then male deer and female deer will mate then the life cycle will start all over again!

  5. Food and Nutrition • If you ever wanted to know what deer eat then you came to the right place. Deer love to eat corn ,soybeans ,and nuts. It will also eat flowers, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms , bark , and pine needles . They are omnivores and will swallow things whole. They get food by stretching their necks. They will reach up on their back legs to reach for fruit. Deer mostly lay down to chew their food. They will swallow their food after 40 chews. Deer eat 5 to 9 pounds a day. They eat in the morning and evening. You should eat a lot more than a deer dose a day to learn more keep reading!

  6. Habitat Did you ever want to learn about were deer live? You can! You can find deer in the woods and desert. Deer will not build nets or a den. 30 adult deer can share the same home at a time. For deer to live were they live they need a lot of water, food ,and a safe place to live. Deer live in hot and cold temperatures. The countries you can find deer in are North and South America, Europe, Asia, North Africa, some parts of Canada, and Mexico. You will find deer in flat places, a place with hills, or a place with trees. You can find deer in all the states except Alaska and Hawaii. You can look all around the world and you will find deer unless you are in Alaska or Hawaii.

  7. Enemies and Survival • You know deer from all over the place! Now you can learn about their enemies and how they survive! Did you know that humans and coyotes are two of the deer's biggest predators. Deer shed their fur because if they keep their winter coat on for the whole summer they will die. Deer go through a though life, but it is sometimes good that they die because they are overpopulated.

  8. Interesting Facts • Did you want to learn more about deer? If you do, keep on listening! Deer can only see black and white. If you are close enough to a deer if you even blink it will run away. You can’t get close enough to a deer unless the wind is blowing in your face. Deer are very good swimmers. Did you know a buckeye looks like a bucks eye. I hoped you liked learning about interesting facts about deer! We are almost done so keep on listening!

  9. Closing Paragraph • I hoped you liked learning about deer, but here are a few facts from each paragraph. The most important body characteristic is the ears because the deer can hear their enemies. Deer live from two to three years where people hunt them. Deer eat corn, soybeans, nuts, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and sometimes bark. 30 deer can share a home at a time so they can stay in a heard. Humans are one of the deer's biggest enemies because we hunt them. Deer are one of the animals that don’t eat other animals. I hoped you liked learning about the deer. They are really amazing animals! I hoped you keep on researching about them!