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Providing Better Visual Stimuli Through Improved ‘ Boardwork ’

Providing Better Visual Stimuli Through Improved ‘ Boardwork ’. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mokhamad Syaifudin LAPIS-ELTIS Surabaya. What is Boardwork?. To enhance meaning. Why Board Work. To ease transfer of logic.

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Providing Better Visual Stimuli Through Improved ‘ Boardwork ’

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  1. Providing Better Visual Stimuli Through Improved ‘Boardwork’ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mokhamad Syaifudin LAPIS-ELTIS Surabaya

  2. What is Boardwork?

  3. To enhance meaning Why Board Work To ease transfer of logic To provide visual stimuli To link between concept and practice To draw attention

  4. Before the Class begin Always divide the whiteboard into sections, and have agreement if possible New Vocabulary

  5. Before the Class begin Make sure the board marker is used and not the permanent marker. Prepare them (CHALK) before coming to the classroom. Do no forget the eraser Prepare more than one marker or chalks Plan your boardwork before coming to the classroom Always start with clean whiteboard

  6. Before the Class begin Always start with routine such writing day, dates, dividing the board space etc. If Possible Use it as a means to draw students’ attention HOW ?

  7. Attention Getting

  8. During The Class Do not write while your students doing nothing Do not erase without asking your students’ permission Know the right way how to use the whiteboard appropriately Practical Tips

  9. Practical TIPS The followings are some practical tips on how we can use board for teaching: • Vocabulary • Reading Comprehension • Grammar • Writing

  10. Vocabulary Teaching In vocabulary teaching we can use the board for: • Making Illustration how can we break words into analyzable parts Helpful happinessdisregard Merciful darknessdisagree • Writing meaning or definition of words an give sample sentences using the word Contagious: quickly spread e.GFlu is a real sample of contagious disease

  11. Vocabulary Teaching • Drawing representation of a word or sound A for Apple • Display activities, games or exercises • Categorizing vocabulary • Word forms • Word web • Putting things • Pictures Activities

  12. Categorizing Vocabulary

  13. Word Forms

  14. Word Web

  15. Put the things • Jacket • Banana • Fruit Punch • Scarf • ………………. . • ………………. • ………………. • ………………. • ………………. • ………………. • ………………. • ………………. • ………………. • ……………….

  16. Pictures • What pictures are for: • Introducing new vocab- Matching games • Defining vocabs • To Enhance meaning • Reading Exercise etc

  17. Vocabulary Games-Warmer Stepping stones in the river Pajamas Chair Wardrobe

  18. Teaching Reading Comprehension 1. Ask students to read and then draw illustration of what they have read 2. Change some word with pictures. • Board race • For Intermediate sts: • Use newspaper, ask them to work together and transfer information into the table • For Elementary sts: • Use newspaper, ask to find names of country, amount of money, names of two sport

  19. Teaching Grammar • Comparison – Use picture –Students Describe • Describing pictures • Reviewing verb form

  20. 4. Preposition: Ask your students to describe the pictures below (oral/written) Use it for Q& A activity ( communication gap) Above Over On Beside Under

  21. Teaching Writing • Describing pictures • Transferring information into tables • Basic Outlining • Par 1 : Breakfast is Important • Why Important • Par 2 : What is good for Breakfast • Food • Drink • Par 3 : What is not good for breakfast

  22. Post Lesson • Use the Board to wrap-up /summarize your lesson • Use dot points if necessary • Do not leave the board untidy.

  23. What is future board like? • Electronic • It will be surely free from dirt • It can record activities on the board. • The image on the board can be saved and tranferred easily into different kind of media ( printed or digital) • ……………? Interactive white board

  24. MOKHAMAD SYAIFUDIN Email: msyaifudin@gmail.com Web: http://msyaifudin.wordpress.com Mobile: 081 233 10 9 73 Home: 0343-613285

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