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Welcome to First Grade Open House PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to First Grade Open House

Welcome to First Grade Open House

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Welcome to First Grade Open House

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  1. Welcome to First Grade Open House Mrs. Kalkman

  2. Welcome to your child’s first grade year at Pioneer Elementary School of the Arts! I am confident that this year will be one filled with learning, challenges, and fun. I hope we can work closely together to ensure success for your child!

  3. My name is Roni Kalkman and I am a Boise native. I am married to Ben and we have two kiddos. Abby Jo is 3 years old, and Rex is 16 months. We have two black labs, Mattie and Missy, and an orange cat named Pumpkin. This is my 5th year teaching first grade at Pioneer. Prior to that, I taught tuition kindergarten at Seven Oaks Elementary. These are a few of my favorite things…..Boating, Wakeboarding, Snowmobiling, Scrapbooking, and Playing with my littles!

  4. Communication • Mi Classroom essu Classroom! • I have an open door policy…meaning, bug me anytime! • Email: • Phone: 855-4100 Ext 1118 • Class Website:,Roni.aspx • In case of an emergency leave a message with Jill or Joan at the front office. Some days are hectic and I may not get to my email or voicemail until afterschool.

  5. behavior “A Pioneer citizen is self-controlled, responsible, respectful, and most of all, does the best he or she can.” • Our class uses a colored card system to help children monitor their own behaviors. Each day, all students begin with a green card. If a child shows exceptionally good behavior, their card will be turned to purple. If they are having difficulties following the rules, their card can be changed to yellow, red, or black. • Purple- sticker on sticker chart • Green- sticker on sticker chart • Yellow- no sticker • Red- no sticker and the loss of one recess • Black- no sticker, loss of recess and minor behavior notification sent home • Next to the behavior chart are individual sticker charts for each student. At the end of the day if they have received a green or purple card they will receive a sticker on their chart. When their grid is all filled up they will get to take it home to show mom and dad AND they get to choose from the prize drawer.

  6. specials • Monday- P.E. and Music • Tuesday- CPAL • Wednesday- P.E. and Music • Thursday- Library, CPAL and Computers • Friday- Art

  7. Homework folders Homework is an important part of first grade. It reinforces what is being taught in the classroom and teaches responsibility. Homework will come home every night and needs to be returned every day. Please review it each night with your child and guide them through their homework. There are two pockets in the homework folder. The “Keep at Home” side will have your child’s completed work and any newsletters or flyers. Please read these items with your child and keep them. The “Return to School” pocket will hold homework and any permission slips or items that need to be signed. Please return all items sent home on the Return to School side.

  8. Find all the information you’ll need all year! • Go to and then…

  9. Find lunch menus and calendars…

  10. as well as first grade curriculum!

  11. Students can find educational websites and learning activities!

  12. Find school information! • Find school information!

  13. Use our Classroom website to find…

  14. classroom newsletters, homework logs and classroom information,

  15. Classroom events and volunteer schedules are on our calendar.

  16. Visit our PTA at

  17. Curriculum *Reading *Writing *Math *Science *Social Studies *Specials

  18. reading On Grade Level Each week we will read a new story from our “blue book” that will be the basis for the week’s theme or focus of study. Many of our science and social studies themes are integrated with these stories. Each story introduces a specific spelling pattern or rule and a set of sight words or high-frequency words. The previously learned spelling patterns and sight words are reviewed in the new stories. Individual Reading Level Each child is placed in a leveled reading group as well. I use Read Well for my leveled reading groups. Grade-Level Intervention

  19. writing 1st Trimester-Opinion Writing *Blue is the best color because….. *Whales are the coolest ocean animals because….. 2nd Trimester-Trimester-Narrative Writing *Stories with a beginning, middle, and end *Develop characters and describe settings 3rd Trimester-Informational (Non-Fiction) Writing *Directions and Explanations *Life Cycle reports

  20. math 1st Trimester-Number Systems and Addition/Subtraction Computation *Number systems to 50 *Add and subtract within 10 *Compare numbers to 50 2nd Trimester-Number Systems and Addition/Subtraction Computation *Number systems to 120 *Add and subtract within 10 *Demonstrate fluency with basic addition/subtraction combinations to 10 (this is where “XtraMath” would be beneficial! 3rd Trimester-Geometric Figures and Measurement Systems *Compose and decompose 2D and 3D shapes. *Fractions-halves, thirds, fourths/quarters *Measure length using non-standard units

  21. science States of Matter Students will learn all things are made of matter, matter has physical properties (size, shape, color, magnetic ability, sink and float), and matter comes in three states (solid, liquid, gas). Life Cycles of Plants and Animals Students will learn that all living things have life cycles, the stages of a plant’s life cycle, the stages of an animal’s life cycle (ex. butterfly), and all living things need food and water to live and grow. Seasons Students will learn there is a relationship between the seasons and the calendars and there are four seasons that follow a cycle.

  22. Social studies In Social Studies this year, the students will begin to understand concepts related to civics and government, history, geography, economics, and cultural diversity through the lens of their own family, as well as other families. The majority of this study will happen in the winter and many of our winter reading stories guide this unit of study. While we do many projects in class, you will have several homework projects to complete, including: Winter Traditions- You can work over November track break. Students will share in class in December. Family Unit- You can work on this in January and February. There are several one-page projects. Students will share in class February-March.

  23. “Stuff” Field Trips September- Agricultural Expo February- Lineberry Orthodontics May- Idaho Botanical Gardens Transportation Please let me know if you make other arrangements for transporting your child to and from school. Students’ sometimes want to have play-dates after school, but I cannot allow a child to leave with anyone else if I am not notified beforehand. Absences If your child is absent, please call the office at 855-4100. Please let me know if it will be a planned absence. I may be able to get the missed work to you before the absence. Birthdays If you are planning a birthday party for your child at your home and are going to invite the whole class, you are welcome to pass out invitations at school. If you are unable to invite the whole class, please do not send invitations to school. This way we will not have hurt feelings! Pioneer is promoting a healthy school environment, so food items as birthday treats will not be allowed. If you would like to bring a pencil, eraser, or other small item for each child, that would be fine. We will acknowledge everyone’s birthday with a song!

  24. and more “stuff” Book Orders I will send home a Book Order from Scholastic each month. These books have significantly reduced prices than what you would buy other places. Every month you can get a good quality book for $1! I usually send an order form home at the beginning of the week and it is due by the end of the week. If you are writing a check, it should be made out to Scholastic. I will accept cash (I usually order myself and can write one check!). I will also give you our classroom code to order online with a credit card. Orders usually take 7-10 days to arrive. Health Concerns Please let me know if your child has allergies, asthma, or other medical concerns so that I can accommodate them! Snacks Students will need to bring their own snacks. At the beginning of the year, we will have snack twice a day, after A.M. and P.M. recess. We might go to one snack in the A.M. as the year goes on. Healthy snacks will be allowed, such as; veggies, fruit, small yogurt, crackers, cheese, pretzels, granola bars, etc. Please do not send cookies, soda pop, candy, or other sweets that should be reserved for home!

  25. Parent teacher conferences Student Led Tour? • October 9th and 10th • Sign up in the hallway by the office TONIGHT!

  26. Questions? Thank you so much for coming!