welcome to first grade open house n.
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Welcome to First Grade Open House PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to First Grade Open House

Welcome to First Grade Open House

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Welcome to First Grade Open House

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  1. Welcome to First Grade Open House Cooper, Hughes, Propst, Murdock, Teasley

  2. First Grade Curriculum •

  3. Common Core

  4. What does Common Core look like in action? Students will…

  5. What can you do at home? PTA Parent Suggestions

  6. Reading • Readers Workshop~ start with a mini lesson then practice skill with books and partners • Independent reading (read non-fiction, fiction, poetry, song books…) • Partner reading • Small group reading • Read Aloud complex texts with accountable talk • Guided reading • Strategy groups

  7. Writing • Writer’s Workshop: begin with mini-lesson where teacher models writing • Stretch out words/write sounds you hear • Sentences, spaces, punctuation • Writing craft (onomatopoeias, adjectives, strong story starters, transitional words) • Writing different genres (narrative, non-fiction, opinion…) • Editing/revision

  8. Math • Number sense (numbers up to 120, subitizing, math facts, grouping amounts, properties of operations) • Algebra (unknown numbers, missing partners) • Geometry (reason with shapes and their attributes) • Measurement (calendar, time to hour and half-hour, elapsed time, estimation, measuring in standard and non-standard units of measurement) • Data Analysis and Probability (graphs, line plots, vocabulary) • There will be nightly math homework.

  9. Science and Social Studies • Integrate with literacy • Hands- on experiments • Learn about the scientific process (predicting, observing, recording, labeling) • Science topics include: Organisms, Pebbles, Sand and Silt, Measurement, Exploring Our Sky, Balance and Motion. • Integrate with literacy • Many hands-on activities • Social Studies topics include: Families and Citizenship, Community, Traditions, Geography

  10. Conferences • All will receive interim reports during 1st quarter. At the end of quarter 1 and 3 there will be a conference. • If your child is below grade level during the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter, you will receive an interim. • 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters= report cards come home • If you need to schedule a conference with me at any other time of the year, please send in a note or an email and we can schedule a time to get together. I cannot meet with you during arrival or dismissal.

  11. PBS(Positive Behavior Support) • School wide behavior expectations • SOAR • Safety first • Ownership of our school • Achieve success • Respect • Earn class Eggs and Blue Jay Bucks for following directions and for SOARING! • Blue Jay Bucks can be redeemed for prizes/rewards

  12. Wrap it up! • Folders go home everyday! Please check your child’s folder and book bag daily! All notes should be sent in the folder. • Volunteers~ please sign up on the computer in the Media Center • In your packet there are several things to look over, read and use at home to help your child succeed this year! • Questions?? • Thank you for coming tonight! We will have a great school year!