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Oxted Charity Event

Oxted Charity Event

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Oxted Charity Event

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  1. Oxted Charity Event Oxted’s First, Community Spirit!

  2. What is it about? Fun for all the family with stalls for trade such as local jams and charity shop items, where you could find real life treasure, always remember “one mans rubbish is another man’s treasure”! Also, for the kids there will be funfair rides for all day enjoyment. The event is Oxted’s first and hopefully not the last, that’s why we need you to bring all of your friends and family so you can have a excellent and cheap day out with good food and drink and stalls of which you can play games.

  3. How to apply: If you are coming to enjoy the event then it is completely free to come and enjoy apart from small costs for things like food and drink and game costs. Stallholders Ifyou are a charity that has not been invited to this event you are still allowed to apply for a stall. Also, people who have things to sell such as games or brick a brac etc. you are also allowed to hire a stall. For a small fee of £20.00 you could have a stall of you own. As there is only 69 stalls you will have to act fast to grab your own by calling 01883 999 998 and asking for the Executive of the event Connor.

  4. Fairground rides As you can see, we have 2 funfair rides of which are very exciting for teenagers or younger children, so why not bring them along and show them how good this event is.

  5. What now? Well there is nothing much you can do apart from prepare for the event and hire your stall. We the management hope you enjoy it and hope it is a hot day on Saturday 27th July!!!!! The Event will start at 12:00pm and end at 4:00pm. See you there!!!! If you wish to research this event further please visit the website: