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Cleaning Procedures For the TS4120 Scanners PowerPoint Presentation
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Cleaning Procedures For the TS4120 Scanners

Cleaning Procedures For the TS4120 Scanners

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Cleaning Procedures For the TS4120 Scanners

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  1. Next Screen, Page Down Cleaning Procedures For the TS4120 Scanners Uses The Digital Check Cleaning Cards (IS0028) or A Good Rubber Cleaner and Swabs Run through the cleaning procedure documented in Section 5 in the Service Manual and the Cleaning section in the Users Guide. You will want to determine what the best frequency is for your environment.   We recommend that a can of compressed air be used for blowing out the dust and small debris. Determine your cleaning frequency by monitoring changes in the typical check or document-misfeeds or slippage. When you notice this condition, consider that as the typical interval to run through the cleaning procedure. This varies by number and type of checks and by the environment. We estimate heavy use may be every 15K to 20K documents or about once a week. You may find that your frequency is less than that. See the video training files on this CD that refer to cleaning. Use a cleaning card - Insert one cleaning card into the entry pocket and initiate a scan cycle, but hold onto the card until the scanner times out. This will scrub the entry rollers. Repeat this process two or three times while flipping the card each time. Then, allow the card to run through the entire path. You may need to assist the card through the path since it has a slippery surface. Run this process several times, flipping the card end to end several times. Work quickly since the material will dry out in a few minutes. If you cannot get the card to cycle through the path, use the cleaning swab on the drive rollers. Using the cleaning swabs – Remove the center cover to expose the four main drive rollers. Vertically scrub the surface of the four main driver rollers to remove the dirt. Do this for all four rollers until thoroughly cleaned, then replace the center cover. As Needed: Blow out the document path - When using the compressed air, be sure to blow out any dust and small document pieces starting at the center of the paper path and separately work toward the entry and exit pockets. Pay particular attention to the scanhead area and use caution to keep the can level and bend the nozzle to direct the air. Clean the Scanheads – Remove the center cover and open up the inner scanhead access door. Wipe down the white areas with a cleaning swab or damp cloth. Note: See the Cleaning information in the TS4120 Users Guide in the Manuals folder on this CD. This can be printed out as a handout to the user. Page 1 of 3

  2. Next Screen, Page Down Pictures For Cleaning The Scanner Hold onto the card to allow the entry rollers To scrub against the card surface. Use three or four clean corners. The white surface of the cameras will show any dirt or build up. Clean with a swab or damp cloth. Page 2 of 3

  3. Next Screen, Page Down Videos For Cleaning & Adjusting The Scanner • The CD has three training video files for the TS4120: • Setup & Operation • Maintenance & Trouble shooting • Double Feed Adjustment. • The first two are also available on the DCC web site: • • The third can be pulled down from the following link: • Page 3 of 3