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  1. Fabric By: Abrorand Naufal

  2. Natural Fabrics • Cotton Fabric: the most soothing and safe fabric it is most used for beddings and dresses. In summer season it could keep your body cool and in winter season for warmth. • Silk Fabric: The strongest natural fabric in the world. Known for its softness, luster, beauty , luxurious look and expensive dresses. • Linen Fabric: King of Natural fabric. It is used for home furnishing like curtains, bed spreads, table cloth and etc. The safest fabric for skin. • Wool Fabric: Soft, strong and very durable fabric. This fabric is heat proof and to make you cool in the summer. Wool is commonly used for piano hammers • Leather Fabric: The most comfortable for clothes in cold and warm condition. Leather fabric does not affected by surrounding temperature and it’s water proof so the fabric kept dry.

  3. Man Made Fabric • Acrylic Fabric: Acrylic fabric is an imitation of wool. Its used for shirts and clothes for ladies, Also acrylic fabric seats for chairs and sofas. • Velvet Fabric: It’s the smoothest kind of fabric. Velvet is used for trousers, shirts, and many more. Also, velvet fabric is used in bed sheets, covers, curtains and etc. • Polyester Fabric: Soft and strong fabric. Polyester fabric is mostly sold in demand markets. Polyester fabric sometimes were mixed with another fabric to make stronger fabric and new motive of fabric. It is used in casement curtains, draperies, floor coveringsand etc. • Denim Fabric: Denim fabric is rugged cotton twill. Denim fabric is usually colored with indigo dye to make blue jeans. Denim is the most demanded fabric in the world. • LastexFabric: Lastex fabric basically refers to an elastic fiber that is made from Latex.

  4. Pictures Wool Fabric Cotton Fabric Silk Fabric Leather Fabric Linen Fabric

  5. Pictures Denim Fabric Acrylic Fabric Lastex Fabric Velvet Fabric Polyester Fabric

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