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William Henry Cosby jr PowerPoint Presentation
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William Henry Cosby jr

William Henry Cosby jr

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William Henry Cosby jr

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  1. William Henry Cosby jr aka. Bill Cosby

  2. How do we define the personality traits of a hero? • As someone that goes beyond there duty as a civilian, who sacrifices their time to make someone else's day better. They perform selfless acts for the benefits of others. They make themselves better if they brought up in a poor neighbor hood.

  3. How do the setting, conflicts, and antagonists influence the development of heroes? • Say if a person was brought up in a poor neighbor hood and see that life could be much more then what they see, and use that for inspiration to improve the

  4. How does a hero reflect his/her particular culture and society? • By that him being an African American, he broke social boundaries by being the first colored male in a major television series. Also was awarded a Grammy for his acting.

  5. How does a hero represent his/her time period and geographical area? • During his time African Americans were being segregated forced to be separate and weren't give the same right as white men. So for him being in a big time show as a colored man

  6. How do various cultures reward or recognize their heroes? • Heroes are recognized in a variety of ways by cultural groups, religions and communities. Awards are often presented for local Community Heroes and Contribution Awards specifically for Art, Music and Heritage. Human Rights awards are given for Cultural Freedom and specific religions such as those of the Jewish faith receive a Jewish Community Hero of the Year Award. In addition African Culture Awards are granted for various arts.

  7. How did he get his carrier started? • After he dropped out of college he pursued a carrier in stand up comedy. His early shows started with nightclub routines about "Fat Albert" and "Old Weird Harold".

  8. Why are you an idol to many American families ? Bill Cosby is often considered to be a positive father figure role-model for all races. He is most famous for his role on the TV series The Cosby show. The show was well received by all audiences and was written with humor and real life situations that crossed all cultures. Cosby often gave sound advice to his children in the show when they faced common teen age conflicts.

  9. What siblings or family relitives did he grow up with? • Father: William H. Cosby Mother: Anna Cosby Brother: Russell CosbyBrother: Robert CosbyBrother: James Cosby Wife: Camille Olivia Daughter: Erika Ranee Daughter: Erinn Charlene Son: Ennis William Cosby Daughter: Ensa Camille • Daughter: Evin Harrah • Mistress: Shawn Upshaw

  10. Did your place of birth effect what your career? • He grew up in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood as the oldest of four boys. And were financially stable until their father started drinking heavily.

  11. how was your life growing up? • His father was in the navy and his mother worked cleaning houses. He and his family ended up living in the Richard Allen Homes, a low-income housing project in his neighborhood. But at the age of 8 suffered the loss of his brother James Cosby to rheumatic fever. As he started through high school he dropped out in the 10 grade and enlisted in the navy. After he went through college then as he consulted with his employees the encouraged him to pursue his career in comedy