william henry cosby jr n.
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William Henry Cosby, jr. PowerPoint Presentation
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William Henry Cosby, jr.

William Henry Cosby, jr.

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William Henry Cosby, jr.

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  1. William Henry Cosby, jr. By: Eddie

  2. Childhood Events and Challenges • When Bill was still a young man, his brother James died from too many illnesses • Bill’s father lost his job and joined the Navy. He dedicated his time in the Navy to his son James • His mother didn’t have a job so they were on welfare at one point • Teachers didn’t get along with Bill and his jokes often got him into trouble

  3. General info -Born in July 12,1937 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -Lived in a apartment -Had two brothers, Russell Cosby and James Cosby -He is a comedian -His parents are together -His father is in the army -He has a PHD in education

  4. Question to answer. • Why do you admire this person? I admire him because he had challenges and he fought them and look at where he is now. • How did Bill’s actions have a lasting impact? Well, Jerry Seinfeld and many other comedians got their ideas from Mr.Cosby. • Why is this person famous? He’s famous because he was the biggest comedian of all time and had some big time TV shows

  5. Accomplishment • In 1984,a show called “The Cosby Show” started. It about a normal family living in the city. • 4-30-08 democrat chronicle interviews Bill and his new cd and he was trying to say that “rap doesn’t have to have swearing and hate” • He also made a book called “Come On People: On the Path from Victims to Victors” • In high school, he was the captain in baseball and track. He was also class President, which meant that he was doing better in school • Then he made a cartoon called Fat Elbert that eventually turned into a movie • Then came along the jello pudding commercial, which was the bomb……. Yummy • Has cartoon called little Bill

  6. Interesting facts I thought it was interesting that he didn’t like hip hop, rap, R&B. And it was weird that he’s a comedian and hates to curse cause some comedians curse in some of there jokes.