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Important Facts About Prostate Infection

At Full of Health, we provide extensive patient-centred information on how to remedy bladder infection and other urinary tract-related conditions naturally. Based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada with nutritional practice of over 15 years, we are promoting a drug-free control of urinary tract infection (UTI) through nutritional education, herbal remedies and bio-healing therapy.

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Important Facts About Prostate Infection

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  1. Bladder Infection: Causes and Standard Bladder Infection: Causes and Standard Treatment Treatment

  2. What Causes Bladder Infection? Pathogenic bacteria in the urinary tract lead to a urinary tract infection, also called bladder infection. They gain access through the urethra traveling from the rectum and/or vagina towards the urethra, then enter the bladder causing an infection. Sometimes bacteria may enter the bladder via the urethra from the nearby skin. E.coli (Escherichia coli) is the most common bacteria responsible for bladder infections. Staph bacteria, Proteus, Klebsiella, Enterococcus, etc. also cause urinary tract infections. In some cases, UTIs can be caused by fungi such as Candida.

  3. Bladder Infection Treatment There are many types of antibiotics available to treat bladder infections. Uncomplicated infections can be treated within a few days with antibiotics. When a urinary infection reaches the kidneys an antibiotic treatment may take much longer.The same applies to older people and those with such conditions as HIV or diabetes. Drinking plenty of water helps flush the pathogenic bacteria out of the bladder. After each antibiotic treatment, urine is being tested to make sure that the urinary tract is infection-free. People with recurring bladder infections, including persons with spinal cord injuries, need to take low daily doses of antibiotics on a regular basis. For information on the natural bladder infection treatment, you may visit: www.remedy-bladder-infection.com

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