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Important Facts About Prostate Infection

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Important Facts About Prostate Infection

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  1. Welcome to www.remedy-prostate-infection.com Important Facts About Prostate Infection

  2. Prostatitis, or prostate Infection,occurs when the prostate gland becomes inflamed and/or swollen. Some men may be asymptomatic, some may experience great deal of pain. It all depends on the type of prostate infection. Brief Definition of Prostate Gland Prostate is a walnut-size gland situated below the bladder. Through it runs urethra. Prostate is an essential part of male reproductive system. Types of Prostatitis There are many different types of prostate infections. The most common is chronic prostatitis affecting men of all ages. As its symptomsare less intense, it tends to develop slowly. Usually, chronic prostatatisaffects young and middle-aged men. It is more difficult to diagnoasethan acute prostatitis. However, if left untreated acute prostate infecitoncanbecome a serious problem with multiple health consequences.

  3. The Main Causes of Prostate Infection • In most cases, prostate infection is caused by pathogenic bacteria enteringthe prostate gland through urethra. • Quite often, both acute and chronic prostate inflammation is due to an enlargement ofthe prostate gland. • Symptoms of Prostate Infection • Here are the most common symptoms of prostatis: • Fever • Chills. • Skin rush. • Severe pain in the abdomen, ingthe back and genital area. • Frequent, painful and difficult urination. • Bad smell of urineand sometimes blood in urine. • Painful ejaculation.

  4. Effective and Natural Remedy for Prostate Infection UribioticFormulaisanatural, safe and effective prostate infection remedy with no side effects. It containsanti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs, micro- and phytonutrients that helpovercome both acute and chronic prostate infection by: • Disinfecting the entire urinary tract and the prostate gland; • Preventing inflammation; • Enhancing the growth of beneficial urogenital flora; • Killing harmful pathogens, including fungi, like Candida albicans and Candida krusei. For more information on this unique remedy, visit www.remedy-prostate-infection.com

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