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The Northeast States

The Northeast States. How Many States in the NE?. Nine states form the Northeast region of the United States. Facts About Maine. Population : 1,242,000 Capital City : Augusta Nickname : Pine Tree State Largest City : Portland Climate : -2 °F and 77°F

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The Northeast States

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  1. The Northeast States

  2. How Many States in the NE? • Nine states form the Northeast region of the United States.

  3. Facts About Maine • Population: 1,242,000 • Capital City: Augusta • Nickname: Pine Tree State • Largest City: Portland • Climate: -2°F and 77°F • Interesting Fact: 90% of Maine is covered by forests.

  4. Facts About Vermont • Population: 588,000 • Capital City: Montpelier • Nickname: Green Mountain State • Largest City: Burlington Climate: 17°F and 71°F • Interesting Fact: Maine was the first state to enter the U.S. after the original 13 colonies.

  5. Facts About New Hampshire • Population: 1,172,000 • Capital City: Concord • Nickname: Granite State • Largest City: Manchester • Climate: 16°F and 70°F • Interesting Fact: The strongest wind ever measured on the Earth’s surface, 188 mph, struck Mt. Washington in 1934.

  6. Facts About Massachusetts • Population: 6,118,000 • Capital City: Boston • Nickname: Bay State • Largest City: Boston • Climate: 22°F and 82°F • Interesting Facts: The oldest college in the U.S. is Harvard University which was founded in 1836. • The telephone was invented in Boston in 1876 by Alexander Bell.

  7. Facts About Connecticut • Population: 3,269,000 • Capital City: Hartford • Nickname: Constitution State • Largest City: Bridgeport • Climate: 16°F and 85°F • Interesting Fact: The first American school for the deaf was founded in Hartford in 1817.

  8. Facts About Rhode Island • Population: 987,000 • Capital City: Providence • Nickname: Ocean State • Largest City: Providence • Climate: 28°F and 73°F • Interesting Fact: Rhode Island is the smallest state and is often called Little Rhody.

  9. Facts About New York • Population: 18,137,000 • Capital City: Albany • Nickname: Empire State • Largest City: New York City • Climate: 11°F and 84°F • Interesting Facts: New York was the capital of the U.S. from 1785 to 1790. • New York City is the largest city in the U.S. and the second largest in the world.

  10. Facts About New Jersey • Population: 8, 052,000 • Capital City: Trenton • Nickname: Garden State • Largest City: Newark • Climate: 21°F and 85°F • Interesting Facts: The electric light bulb and the telegraph were invented in New Jersey. The first organized game of baseball was played in 1846.

  11. Facts About Pennsylvania • Population: 12,019,000 • Capital City: Harrisburg • Nickname: Keystone State • Largest City: Philadelphia • Climate: 27°F and 77°F • Interesting Fact: The world’s largest chocolate factory is in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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