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  2. EATING TRENDS IN AMERICA 65% of Americans Skip Lunch 50% Eat Frozen, Packaged or Take-Out Meals for Dinner Over 1/3 Have Less Than 30 Minutes To Prepare Meals 25% Say Speed & Easy Preparation Are Important Factors When Selecting Foods

  3. FOOD MYTHS You Should Only Eat 3 Meals Per Day Healthy Meals Must Be Cooked or Hot Your Eating Habits Are “BAD” If You Eat Out Often, & Use Frozen or Canned Foods You Need A Lot Of Time To Eat Healthy Meals

  4. HEALTHY SNACKS Bagels English Muffins Fig Bars Raw Vegetables Fresh or Dried Fruit Low-Fat Crackers Cereal Applesauce Yogurt Low-Sodium Soups Half Sandwich Raisin Bread Rice Cakes String Cheese

  5. BEST VENDING MACHINE PICKS Pretzels Dried Fruit Animal & Graham Crackers Low-Fat Pop Corn Baked Chips Peanuts & Trail Mix without Coconut Lower-Fat Candy Bars Power, Harvest & Clif Bars

  6. SHOPPING 8 EASY STEPS 1. Make a List 2. Shop At a Familiar Store 3. Arrange Your List By Store Aisles 4. Do Not Shop When Hungry 5. Avoid Chip, Cookie, & Other Tempting Aisles 6. Shop During Non-Peak Hours 7. Divide List Among Spouse, Kids, Etc. 8. Stock Up On Staples

  7. Building Blocks For A Healthy Kitchen Pastas Sliced Lean Meats Cereals Low-Fat Crackers Shredded Low-Fat Cheese Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts Whole Grain Bread Products Rice, Barley & Other Grains

  8. CANNED FOODS TO STOCK UP ON Beans Fruit Packed In Own Juices 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juices Low-Sodium Soups Vegetables

  9. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Tomato Sauce Spaghetti Sauce Peanut Butter Canned Tuna and Salmon In Spring Water Frozen Desserts – 100% Juice Bars, Sorbet, Low-Fat or Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt Canola, Olive Oil, and Fat-Free Mayo

  10. TIMESAVING TIPS FOR PRODUCE Buy Them Pre-washed & Pre-cut Buy Fruit – It’s the “Original Fast Food” Salad Bars Any Plain Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

  11. MEAL TIMESAVERS Preplan Your Meals Cook On Weekends and Freeze Meals Use a Crock Pot Microwave Veggies: Potatoes (don’t forget Sweet), Or Any Other Fresh or Frozen Veggies Meats: Lean Beef, Chicken, Pork & Fish

  12. KNOW YOUR RESTAURANT RIGHTSYou Have the Right to Ask For: Dressings & Sauces On the Side An Extra Plate To Split an Entrée Meats Broiled, Baked, or Grilled, Instead of Fried Low-Fat Milk Instead of Cream For Coffee Baked Potato Instead of Fries Lemon Wedges or Vinegar For Salads Steamed Vegetables

  13. TO CHOOSE OR NOT TO CHOOSE BEST CHOICESLEAST HEALTHY Baked / Roasted Fried or Sautéed Steamed / Boiled Butter Sauce Charbroiled Creamed Poached Breaded / Crispy Mesquite-Grilled Au Gratin / Cheese Sauce Marinara or Tomato SauceAlfredo / Meat Sauce

  14. ITEMS TO AVOID WHEN ORDERING FAST FOOD Fried Foods Cheese Doubles Meal Deals Regular Salad Dressings Toppings Sauces