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An Invitation to Wellness Making Healthy Choices PowerPoint Presentation
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An Invitation to Wellness Making Healthy Choices

An Invitation to Wellness Making Healthy Choices

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An Invitation to Wellness Making Healthy Choices

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  1. An Invitation to WellnessMaking Healthy Choices Chapter 1: An Invitation to Wellness Prepared by: Karlyn Grimes, MS RD

  2. Dianne Hales’Invitation to Wellness, 1e This is your required course material You will need this material for: - tests and quizzes - homework and reading assignments HSC 106 Healthy Lifestyles

  3. One of the biggest reasons why you need to buy and use this book……Dianne Hales • You won’t be bored when you’re reading her book because she’s not only a textbook writer but also a highly sought after journalist who knows how to keep your attention! • Dianne interviews leading health, fitness and wellness researchers/experts and incorporates their insights into her textbooks. She is one of the few journalists to be honored with national awards for excellence in writing by both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association. . HSC 106 Healthy Lifestyles

  4. Some more reasons why you need to buy and use this book… • "Self-Surveys" allow you to assess your healthiness and relate chapter material to your own behavior. "Your Action Plan," "Goal Setting," and a "Wellness Journal" follow each survey, providing specific guidelines on implementing change. • "Student Snapshot" sections use images and graphics to convey a compelling view of campus issues representing all types of students. • "Savvy Consumer" boxes offer specific advice on getting the best possible health care and services, from spotting nutrition misinformation or evaluating health risks. Professor: Course/Section:

  5. InfoTrac College Edition • Do your research 24/7! • Easy access to over 10 million full-text articles • Nearly 5000 academic journals, magazines, and periodicals. • Do your research from home, work, or your dorm room! • InfoTrac can be used for ALL of your courses! • Includes InfoWrite, a web-based training tool designed to help you develop your writing skills. Professor: Course/Section:

  6. HOW TO SEARCH THE DATABASE There are 3 ways to search: Subject Guide Keyword Search Advanced Search There is also a Limit Search function, which limits the search by date, journal, or keyword.

  7. INFOWRITE InfoTrac College Edition, your Online Research and Learning Center, includes InfoWrite, a web-based training tool designed to help you develop your writing skills. • InfoWrite offers the following benefits: • Facilitates the writing process • Assists with the organization and presentation of ideas • Helps you articulate key concepts • Improves grammar, spelling and correct word usage • Aids your creativity • Also included: • Critical Thinking with InfoTrac • APA vs. MLA documentation style • Essay Topics • Research and the Internet • …and much more!

  8. Chapter 1 Objectives Identify and describe the components of wellness. Describe Healthy People 2010 and some of its goals. Explain how gender, race, and ethnicity can influence wellness. Name at least three ways to help become your own wellness coach responsible for your own well-being.

  9. The Wellness-Illness Continuum Optimal health and wellness Premature death Illness Symptoms Average health Emotional growth Zest for life Fig. 1-1, p. 3

  10. Iceberg Model of Wellness State of health Lifestyle/behavioral level Cultural/psychological/motivational level Spiritual/being/meaning realm Fig. 1-2, p. 3

  11. The Dimensions of Wellness

  12. The Dimensions of Wellness

  13. The Dimensions of Wellness

  14. The Dimensions of Wellness

  15. The Dimensions of Wellness

  16. The Dimensions of Wellness

  17. Important Health and Wellness Behaviors Alcohol Use Body Weight Smoking Leisure-time Physical Activity

  18. Men and Women Are Different Fig 1-3, p. 7

  19. Student Snapshot, pg 8

  20. To Live Long and Well • Use seat belts. • Eat an extra fruit or vegetable every day. • Get enough sleep. • Take regular stress breaks. • Lose a pound. • If you’re a woman, examine your breasts regularly. • If you’re a man, examine your testicles regularly. • Get physical. • Drink more water. • Do a good deed.