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The Quick Tour

The Quick Tour

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The Quick Tour

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  1. The Quick Tour ftm

  2. is… • A resource for media professionals world-wide • A quick read of media news • A detailed view of major media trends

  3. and ftm offers a real-world view… Media Rules & Rulers All Things Digital Fit To Print Showbiz Big Business The Public Service Brands Spots & Space Commonweal Lingua Franca Conflict Zones Write On The Numbers

  4. The Numbers Watching, listening and reading Recently in The Numbers TNS Scores GfK Exec for RAJAR/BARB Service Capital Radio Self-Immolates or Much Ado About Being Number Three OYE ! Spain Turns Off Media

  5. Lingua Franca Culture and language Recently in Lingua Franca Russian Digital Radio Station Opens With Classical Music and a New Business Model Communicorp Spins Twist to Slovak in Prague Movies Are the Big Casino in Central Europe

  6. All Things Digital This digital environment Recently in All Things Digital British And US Surveys Tell Traditional Media What They Already Knew -- Attempts To Keep Or Attract The Young Are Failing As They Migrate to The Internet In Ever Increasing Numbers Is There A Future For Mobile TV? Maybe With DVB-H If The Phones Are Cheap Enough, But It Doesn’t Look Good For 3G Multimedia Managing Needs “Agile Top Decisions”

  7. Fit To Print The Printed Word and the Publishing World Recently in Fit To Print Google, That So-Called Enemy of Newspapers, Introduces a New Archive Service That Lets Newspapers Make Money Without Any Referral Fee With 1.45 Million Free Newspapers Available Daily In London And Perhaps More To Come, It’s Not Only The Evening Standard That Could Be At Risk

  8. Show Biz Entertainment and entertainers Recently in Show Biz CBS Tries to Laugh It Off Using Photoshop Software to Change A Katie Couric Picture, But For A TV Network That Has Worked So Hard to Regain Its Credibility This Is No Laughing Matter Want a Good Job in Radio? Bring Attitude and Character!

  9. The Public Service Public Service Broadcasting Recently in The Public Service What Got Stuck in Arne Wessberg’s Craw? “Third Way” is New Direction for PSB Youth Channels Eurovision Song Contest Not Political

  10. Big Business Media companies and their world Recently in Big Business The Trouble With Viacom: It Wasn’t Tom Freston At CME Garin Stays, Burke Goes, Numbers Are Up, Stock is Not Could The UK’s Advertising Downturn Force Trinity Mirror The Same Way as Knight-Ridder, And Also Blow The Main Commercial TV Network Out Of The Water?

  11. Conflict Zones Media making a difference Recently in Conflict Zones Satellite TV Channel “With You Lebanon” Launched by Dubai Media Group Armenian Broadcaster Wins Record Number of License Denials Media Development Loan Fund Bonds With Swiss Bank

  12. Media Rules & Rulers Media politics Recently in Media Rules & Rulers State Broadcaster Wins Denmark Radio License Auction Tom and Jerry Are Going To Quit Smoking For The Most Part, Courtesy of Turner Broadcasting and the British Broadcast Regulator, But All That Violence In Those Same Cartoons - That Stays

  13. Spots and Space The Advertising Business Recently in Spots and Space Advertising Revenue on US Newspaper Web Sites Increases 33%, But Print Continues Its Decline With More Dark Clouds On The Horizon LiveDeal Ties Up With AdStar - Now An Online Ad Can Be Automatically Fed to the Local Newspaperís Print Edition The World Cup Brings Advertising Riches To Some, But Not To All

  14. Write On Journalism with a big J Recently in Write On Just How Does International News Coverage Fit Into A Newspaper Going Local, Local, Local? Photo Software Can Be A Very Dangerous Journalistic Weapon In The Wrong Hands, And News Agencies Need To Re-Think Their Procedures

  15. The Commonweal Media associations and institutes Recently in The Commonweal African Broadcasters Reorganize UK Commercial Radio Trade Groups Consolidate Twenty Years of Reporters Sans Frontieres

  16. Brands Brands and branding, modern and post Recently in Brands The Art of Public Relations Is In Full View As Michelin Tries to Right Its Wrong at Indianapolis Newspapers Should Take a Leaf From Gillette's Promotional Book When It Comes to Getting the Young to Buy the Product

  17. And there’s more…

  18. ftm Knowledge ftmKnowledge files compile comprehensive information on key media issues. And… Slivio Berlusconi and the Design of Italian Media Newspapers in Transition/The WAN Conferences Plus, you can create your own ftm Knowledge files!!

  19. ftm News From You ftmNews From You publishes news from your organization…in six languages! And there are special benefits when you become an ftm Media Sleuth.

  20. ftm Newsletter The famous ftmnewsletteris summary of new articles and follow up published each Monday and Thursday. It reaches over 3000 media professionals around the globe. It’s an opt-in newsletter so you must sign up.

  21. Communicate You can communicate with ftm readers by placing text or banner messages on the website, in the newsletter and in our specialized Knowledge files. We specialize in conferences and events!

  22. Thanks for taking the Quick Tour. The doors are wide open. Come in and sample all we have to offer. ftm