how do i know if my project is working n.
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How do I know if my project is working? PowerPoint Presentation
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How do I know if my project is working?

How do I know if my project is working?

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How do I know if my project is working?

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  1. How do I know if my project is working? Alexandra Nicholson January 31, 2018

  2. Quick About Me!

  3. Evaluation of big global health projects • Interviews • Reading documents (desk review) • Write reports My Work: How it Can Help Your Project!


  5. EXAMPLES OF INTERVIEW/SURVEY QUESTIONS • Survey Question Examples: • Quantitative: • What is your age? • What is your job?* • Qualitative: • Please describe what immigration services are available in your town • Please describe here what STEM knowledge you wish you had more of • Interview Question Examples (all qualitative): • Tell us about the organization you work for- what does it do? What is your role specifically?* • What are some of the challenges you face in accessing college support services? • What changes do you think are possible? Which changes would you prioritize?

  6. Simple questions that are easy to respond to (no leading questions) • Start the interview / survey with broader questions, then slowly get more specific • Use questions that will be acceptable to those who you are speaking with • Ensuring you have everyone’s permission in advance • * If you are doing an interview please feel free to reach out to me for help! * Where to start? What makes a good interview or survey?

  7. Preparation for Interviews/Survey • Figure out who you want to talk with (who is your focus population and how will you reach them? i.e. health fair at school) • Use teamwork! Collectively brainstorm questions that will give you helpful answers for your project (focus on the objective) • Set a timeline for when you need to get interviews completed by • Reach out to participants and confirm dates and times in advance (make your schedule concrete and formal!) • Develop your interview guide (Must have a standard set of questions!*) • Conduct your interviews in a safe, quiet space (ask their permission to be audio recorded- hand written notes are best) • *It’s ok to follow a thread of what someone is saying to get more information, as long as you are able to bring the conversation back to the guide questions

  8. Results: What to do with them • Write up your thoughts once all interviews completed / surveys collected • Read through each and highlight reoccurring themes or common statements people are making • Use your thoughts and cross reference with the interview/survey data • Collaborate and discuss with your group- what were the themes you saw and what were the themes they saw? • Formally write up the themes/document what you are seeing consistently (ensure that everyone remains anonymous)

  9. Thank you and please reach out to me with any questions at all !