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State of the Category 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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State of the Category 2011

State of the Category 2011

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State of the Category 2011

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  1. State of the Category 2011 Scott Gaustad, PT Chief Therapist Officer

  2. State of the Category Outline • Who we are • Where we work • What we’ve done • Promotion • Readiness • Transformation/Policies

  3. Who we are…

  4. Who we are…

  5. Who we are…

  6. Who we are…

  7. Where we work…

  8. USPHS Commissioned Corps by Agency

  9. USPHS Commissioned Corps by Category

  10. USPHS Commissioned Corps by Temporary Grade

  11. Distribution of Category Officers across OpDivs 4/15/2011 100% CDC NIH 80% CMS FDA HRSA 60% OS Other-HHS 40% Other Non-HHS DHS DOD TMA 20% BOP IHS 0% MED DEN NURSE ENG SCI EHO VET PHARM DIET THER HSO Where we work…

  12. Promoting Physical Activity Guidelines 2012 Benchmarks New TPAC members/ sub/committee chairs HHS Portal continues to evolve New website server Billet refinement for new Billet Collection System Web page Listserv Therapist Guide to Deployment revision Retirement recognition Readiness Support Mentoring Category, AMSUS, responder awards Educational opportunities/ advanced practices Vacancy list Promotion preparation guide, credentials review guide Category roster and profile P&P review What we’ve done… Activities in 10/11 TPAC year

  13. What we’ve done… Individual accomplishments – Awards • PHS Awards • Outstanding Service Medal • Meritorious Service Medal • Achievement Medal • Crisis Response Service Award • Recruitment Service Ribbon • FRMB • National Defense Service (DoD) • COA/COF recognition • Agency and duty station recognition • Directors awards, employee of the year

  14. What we’ve done… 2011 Category Awards William Fromherz Award: CAPT Karen Siegel Joseph Hoog Award: CDR David Byrne Therapist of the Year: CDR Michael LaPlante Junior Therapist of the Year: LCDR Darren Heer Individual accomplishments – training • Advanced degrees/certificates • Earned Board Specialties OCS,GCS, CWS, PH, MS-HCA • Participated in professional training professional conferences/CEUs, readiness and response, and OBC

  15. What we’ve done… Service • COA office, local and national • Healthy lifestyles, health fairs, PT Month activities • Community service • Recruiting • Expert on grant reviews • CC Ensemble and Choir • Manuscript reviews for professional journals Clinical Programs • Bariatrics, diabetes • Wound care, spinal cord • Student education • Vestibular Rehabilitation

  16. What we’ve done… Presentations • Agency/Local • Professional societies (APTA) • 2011 COF/COA symposium • CEU courses Publications • The Hearing Journal • Journal of the Acoustical Society of America • Journal of the American Academy of Audiology • Brain • Pediatric Neurology • Pediatric Blood and Cancer • Arthritis Care and Research • Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics • American Journal of Occupational Therapy • Pediatric Physical Therapy • Book chapters

  17. What we’ve done… Call to Active Duty 2010: 5 (1 IHS, 1 BOP, 1 CDC, 2 DoD-TMA) 2011: 3 pending Senate confirmation Retirements CAPT Jessie Lief May 1, 2011 CDR Mark Melanson March 1, 2011 CDR Denise Brasseaux December 1, 2010 CAPT Lois Goode September 1, 2010 CAPT Terry Cavanaugh July 1, 2010

  18. Recognition: What we’ve done Temporary Promotions(PY ’11) 3*- O-6 11 - O-5 8 - O-4 *EC promotion 1 Permanent Promotions(PY ’11) 2 - O-6 6 - O-5 5 - O-4

  19. Recognition: What we’ve done • RADM Penelope Slade-Sawyer Appointed as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health • CAPT Karen Siegel completes four year term as CPO • Officer Mid-Level Course (June 5 through June 17, 2011) • LCDR Dean Trombley – DCCTCD

  20. Recognition: What we’ve done

  21. Promotion Success rates for promotion vary slightly from year to year. In PY11 up for T-O4, down for T-O5 & O-6.

  22. Promotion Your raw scores on the benchmarks any given year are not meaningful compared to a previous year

  23. Promotion Your raw scores are meaningful compared to the scores of officers who were promoted

  24. Comments on the score sheet provide insight into areas on which to focus to improve your performance/ scores for next year At least 2 board members must check box for strength/ suggestion to appear All free text comments appear 5 board members in PY11! Not a Hybrid Board 60 Promotion

  25. Promotion General feedback to all officers • Current CVs are very important • Check Therapist Category for current year Promotion Benchmarks • Use recommended CV format on website • Be cautious in use of abbreviations and discipline specific “jargon” • Do your best to make sure PIR, CV, officer/ROS statements, and COER attachments all tell cohesive story about you. Educate your rating and reviewing official about importance of completing documents.

  26. Promotion General feedback to all officers: • Career counseling encouraged but not required for any officer not promoted. Officers are free to choose who performs the counseling. • Category career counseling by CPO or designee required for officers ranked in the lowest quartile. This must be documented in OPF. • Officers ranked in lowest decile x3 years referred to retention review board. • Officers not meeting readiness standards receive automatic not recommend and referred to review board. • Defer (vs not recommend) also option for temporary promotion for officers felt not ready to serve at next highest rank. These officers also referred to retention review board.

  27. Promotion General feedback to all officers • Review your OPF to see if you can EASILY locate information that addresses ALL promotion benchmarks. • List the contact hours for continuing education • Please consider the fax machine you are using • Common issues included missing or out-of-date documents, 100% under the officer’s influence; CVs, Officer Statements, Continuing Education List. • Verify that documents are complete, accurate, error free, and legible after they are faxed to the OPF.

  28. Promotion Readiness December 31 • If ready – earn 0 points on readiness precept (PY-12) • If not – automatic not recommend for promotion March 31 • Part of administrative check along with licensure and other issues • If ready – stay on rank order list • If not – removed from rank order list, even if scored well enough by promotion board to be promoted

  29. Promotion The Promotion Precepts are weighted as follow: • 1. Performance Rating and Reviewing Official’s Statement (Performance) - 40% • 2. Education, training, and professional development - 20% • 3. Career progression and potential - 25% • 4. Professional contributions and services to the PHS Commissioned Corps (Officership) - 15% • 5. Basic Readiness ***0% • IMPORTANT NOTE***: Although the Readiness precept no longer carries any weight with regard to numerical score for promotion, basic readiness remains one of the several administrative checks for promotion. Officers in a "not ready" status at the 31 Dec OFRD status report prior to the promotion year will receive an automatic Board Not Recommend. In addition, officers in a "not ready" status at the subsequent 31 Mar OFRD status report, who were otherwise successful, will be removed from the successful list. Officers are advised to maintain basic readiness at all times.

  30. Readiness (Jan 1-Mar 31 2011) 4/10/11

  31. Readiness • Medical exam delinquencies have improved.

  32. OFRD Current Response Teams • Rapid Deployment Forces Team (RDF) Description • Applied Public Health Team (APHT) Description • Mental Health Team (MHT) Description • Services Access Team (SAT) Description • National Incident Support Team (NIST) Description • Regional Incident Support Team (RIST) Description • Capitol Area Provider Teams (CAP) Description

  33. Deployment Teams

  34. Readiness Relatively few changes in last year • If not ready when reviewed for temporary promotion, promotion held. Future plans • New policies in development have been delayed for additional review, partly due to release of physical activities guidelines. • Changes to look for on release include additional disciplinary actions, BMI standards, and modifications to the President’s Challenge option.

  35. Readiness Deployments • State of the Union • Haiti Earthquake • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill • Field-based training

  36. Transformation Current Priorities • Direct Access – implemented about 1 year ago. Now primary means to enter some readiness info, but be familiar with all data fields. • Billets – anticipated to conclude this fall • Accountability Restructuring

  37. BCS Conclusion • TPAC reviewers overwhelmingly agreed that the BCS roll-out and education process for Therapist Category officers, agency supervisors and reviewing officials were sufficient. • Therapist Category Rapid Responders were: • under-utilized throughout the billet collection process. • had the Rapid Responders been effectively utilized, many or all of the inconsistencies (red flags) could have been eliminated. • may have improved the process to have also encouraged the supervisor and reviewing officials to contact the Rapid Responders to assist in the review. 3. All “red” flag items have been submitted to agency liaisons.

  38. New Policies in last year Recently approved OCCFM Initiatives and Issuances • PPM 11-001, Revision to Billet ProgramCCI 251.01, Professional Licensure and Certification • POM 11-005, Entry Grade on Appointment to the Corps • POM 11-004, Promotion Precept Weights • CCI 231.03, Appointment Standards (Category Specific) • POM 11-003, Uniform of the Day – Spring and Summer 2011 • CCI 231.01, Appointment Standards (General) • CC25.1.1, COER Policy • POM 11-002, 2010 Annual COER • Award of Military Decorations

  39. Policies in Development OCCFM Initiatives and Proposed Issuances in process: • Administrative and Disciplinary Actions • Allotments • Associate Recruiter Program • Child Support/Alimony Garnishment Orders • Consolidated Special Pays • Deployment Readiness • Details (Blanket) • Domestic/Family Neglect; Violence, Abuse and Treatment

  40. Policies in Development OCCFM Initiatives and Proposed Issuances in process: • Equal Opportunity • Force Management (Assimilation Program) • Former Spouse Payments from Retired Pay • Leave • Physical Training Uniform • Political Activities • Promotions Directive • Protected Communications • Replacement for BDU - pending • Travel and Transportation Allowances • Uniforms - Discipline

  41. Policies in Development OCCFM Initiatives and Proposed Issuances in process: • Promotions Directive • Protected Communications • Ready Reserve Corps • Reserve Corps Officers Deemed Regular Corps • Revisions to Assignment Incentive Pay • Revisions to Dental Special Pays • Revisions to Incentive Special Pay • Revisions to Multiyear Retention Bonus • Revisions to Nurse Special Pays • Revisions to Retention Special Pay

  42. Health Care Reform Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) • Sec. 5209. Elimination Of Cap On Commissioned Corps. • Sec. 5210. Establishing A Ready Reserve Corps - pending • Sec. 203. Commissioned Corps And Ready Reserve • Sec. 5315. United States Public Health Sciences Track – pending

  43. Health Care Reform Regular vs Ready Reserve Corps • There shall be in the Service a commissioned Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps for service in time of national emergency. • Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President and commissioned officers of the Regular Corps shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

  44. Therapists by Corps

  45. Surgeon General Initiatives • Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention Initiative • National Prevention Strategy • Women’s Health Issues

  46. The future… “Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur • Direct Access • Billets – active when all converted • Health Care Reform – many policies affected • Review of CC operational components • Ready Reserve Corps • Compensation and Pay Advisory Board findings • Accountability Restructuring (OCCO/OCCFM/OSG)

  47. In Memory • CAPT James M. Cox, (Ret). CAPT Cox was the Chief Professional Officer in 1979 and served for 32 years. • CAPT Joseph K. Reed, Jr., (Ret) served 25 years. He was a pioneer in podiatric physical therapy and avid bicyclist.