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ORSSC: Power Boat Section

ORSSC: Power Boat Section

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ORSSC: Power Boat Section

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  1. ORSSC: Power Boat Section MANDURAH 21/4/ 2007

  2. MANDURAH 21 /4/ 2007 • The on again, off again Mandurah trip was eventually attended by 3 boats which included about 13 people who met at the Mandurah Fishing and Sailing Club at 10.30 am, located the bosun , made the necessary arrangements and launched the boats. • The weather was spectacular being neither too hot or cold, with clear skies, relatively smooth but lumpy seas and little breeze. • It was decided to journey out of the estuary mouth and travel by ocean around to the Dawesville Cut and seek out a place in the Estuary for lunch and travel back down the Estuary on return to the Club. • Continuing the traditions of power boat cruising, David managed to confuse the poor lady on duty in the Mandurah Rescue tower by leaving his antennae in the near horizontal position and calling in from behind the limestone walls, she was only able to receive the initial call and it took 4 calls to get organized. • We left the Halls Head river mouth and turned South, traveling in convoy we motored comfortably, at about 3500 rpm into the sea swell of about 3 metres which increased to about 4 metres around the mouth of the Cut. • We traveled up the Cut and into the Estuary where we did a right hand turn up to Dawesville. Not being permitted to park the boats on the beach also the water was a little shallow out of the channel, we picked up a spare mooring and rafted the three boats up for a very pleasant lunch. • Some photos, were taken but since the photographer was unable to walk on water the vision was somewhat limited. • Young Ryan Hawker woke from his nap and feeling a bit poorly, reminded us why it is nice to be grandparents or have grown up kids. • Somewhat reluctantly we separated from our raft up and proceeded up the Harvey Inlet for a little time and whilst it was pleasant we realized that every mile we traveled up the Inlet, we would soon have to repeat on the way back, so it was decided to motor to a nearby coffee shop. As you do, when on the water. • Motoring back to the channel markers at the Cut entrance, we proceeded up the zig zag channel and to the Mandurah Estuary where Peter showed us where one of the sand banks was located and kindly suggested, over the radio, that we go by an alternative route, whilst he continued to plow the field for next years crop of sea grass, into open water. • Motoring back into the town site we moored to the town jetties, upsetting the young blokes who were fishing from there and considered this to be their patch. Along with a very friendly (and large pelican). • Coffees, teas, cakes were ordered and it was here that our fearless leader Terry and Linda met up with us, purely by chance. • The locals were a bit agitated about their fishing spot being taken up, so the boats were moved down to the far jetty where we set up camp with chairs etc on the jetty being careful not to outstay the four hour mooring limit. • We all returned to the MOSFC about 5pm, Terry and Linda accompanied David and Trish. • Terry directed the mooring process. It was like berthing a boat under Committee guidance with at one time all four people standing on the one side of boat, which made the boat want to travel in circles until a few well chosen words from the skipper sorted things out. Trish then proceeded to demonstrate an interesting method of climbing up to the Jetty and ended up rolling around the jetty in the Seagull poo, looking like a beached porpoise. It was the coffee, that done it. • A few drinks at the Club completed the day and we all went our separate ways after a most enjoyable trip.

  3. If you would like copies of any of the photos, contact David