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Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush

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Vladimir Kush

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  1. Vladimir Kush Focused on the Space in art.

  2. This is the departure of the winged ship, 

  3. & The characteristic's of his artwork? • His artwork was based on the open Spaces, behind the art. • He paint’s his artwork. • He focus’s on what is past the work, towards the north, by all the Sea’s. What’s outside the end of the world? • You will see lot’s of cloud’s and water in all of his painting’s.

  4. & So he he was born.. • Vladimir Kush was born in Northern Moscow, in Russia. • He was born in 1965.

  5. & what was interesting about him? • Vladimir has been drawing since he was just a wee little boy, at the age of 3! • At just the age of 7, Vladimir started attending two school’s, Half of the day he went to a regular school, Then the second half until 9pm he went to an art institute. • When Vladimir was 17, he started attending Moscow art institute. • At the age of 18 Vladimir went to a mandatory 2 year military camp. • After just 6 months at the military camp, Vladimir's training commander recommended that Vladimir should be painting mural’s and other thing’s of course based on the duties in the military.

  6. Uses paint.

  7. & More interesting thing’s? • Vladimir joined the Union of Artist in America. • Shortly after Vladimir joined the UOA, the KGB got very suspicious with all the interaction between Vladimir and the American’s. • Vladimir’s father introduced to Vladimir how to include meaning into his artwork. He explained to Vladimir that art and math are much alike. He taught him that Art is like math, the plot of the painting, is like a code for solving a task. You must be crystal clear to capture the essence of a subject. • Vladimir moved to Maui after growing up his childhood years believing in space, he thought that about the space that lead all the sea’s and lakes somehow together, to lead him to different countries. • Vladimir’s father was a scientist. Also who inspired his work.

  8. & I chose Kush why ? • I chose this artist because, I love surrealism art. Surrealism art was started in the 20th century ( early 1920’s )It was made to speak the unconscious mind. I love how he does his cloud’s, Sky’s are fascinating if you take the time to actually look at them, and see all the art that’s in them.

  9. & he once said.. -  “I want to touch my audience on a much deeper emotional or intellectual level than would be possible by painting a pretty landscape or still life where viewers are tempted to place themselves in the landscape, or consume the bowl of fruit—the goal of realism is also its limitation. I try to provide layers of meaning for viewers to explore and emotionally respond to the discoveries they find in my art.” -Vladimir Kush.

  10. The end. 