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Vladimir Korkhov

Vladimir Korkhov

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Vladimir Korkhov

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  1. Vladimir Korkhov Institute for High Performance Computing and Information SystemsSt.Petersburg, Russia

  2. A bit of history • International Institute for Interphase Interactions, founded in 1991 • 1996: Institute for High Performance Computing and Data Bases • Center for Supercomputing Applications

  3. IHPC&IS activities • Solutions for design and installation of supercomputer centers • Fundamental and applied scientific research requiring HPC and complex mathematical modeling e.g. forecast of the consequences of anthropogenous impact on a local climate, simulation of the semiconductor materials and carbon nanostructures, modeling of bioactive compounds properties, simulation and design of drugs, etc. • Simulation of gas dynamic processes in different problems of aerospace, machinery, vehicle and technological equipment design • Development of complex solutions in the area of information system technologies

  4. CSA – Center for Supercomputing Applications • Since 1996 providing supercomputing facilities to researchers • Remote access node for researchers from SPbSU PTC • Various computing platforms available: vector, vector-parallel, parallel (SMP and MPP systems) • In 1999 one of the first Linux clusters in Russia created using Myrinet links

  5. Parsytec PowerMouse Parsytec CC/16 Parsytec CCi C-3820 SPP-1600 CSA facilities • Computer “zoo”: • vector system Convex C-120, • vector-parallel C-3820 and C-3440 • parallel Parsytecs CC/16, CCe20, CCiD • SMP system Convex SPP-1600 • Linux cluster on Myrinet • Sun Ultra Enterprise servers

  6. Selected applications • Virtual Plasma Reactor (PECVD) • Marine decision support systems: seaworthiness, helicopter landing, unsinkability • Telemedicine • Computational Fluid Dynamics applications • Parallel DBMS

  7. Virtual plasma reactor Software for numerical simulation of plasma enhanced chemical vapour depositionreactors (PECVD). PECVD is one of the most wide-spread technologies for production of silicon-based films, the important material in microelectronics. Requires the significant computational resources: • complex geometry of industrial reactors • complicated hydrodynamic processes • dozens of chemical species and hundreds of chemical reactions Russia + Belorussia supercomputing initiative (SKIF project)

  8. Distributed computing activities in CSA • First try of Grid technologies in 2001: testbed with SPb Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI) based on Globus 1.1.3 • Currently testbed with SPbSU PTC based on GT3 is being deployed • Collaboration with University of Amsterdam in a number of grid-related projects: - Virtual Laboratory for e-Science, since 2001 - Dynamite, 2002-2003 - NWO project, starting now

  9. Application Layer Virtual Laboratory Layer Grid Layer Virtual Laboratory • A collaborative analysis environment for applied experimental science • Middleware to bridge the gap between fundamental services of Grid and application layer • Offers effective and transparent utilization of distributed resources • Support scientists in building meta-applications by providing ready-to-use application components and means for developers to create such components

  10. Dynamite • Dynamic load balancing and fault tolerance of parallel programs (PVM/MPI) using distributed checkpointing, migration and restart of sub-tasks • Transparent on application code level • Usage of remote system idle-time (Condor-style) • Cluster solution developed, targeting to Grid porting

  11. High Performance Simulation (NWO/RFBR) • High Performance Simulation on the Grid • Russia - Netherlands Grid testbed • The Virtual Reactor application - to drive and validate the development • Final system - a distributed collaborative environment with advanced interaction and visualization facilities • Participants: UvA, IHPC&DB, IHED-IVTAN (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), Institute of Computational Mathematics (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk), SPb State University NWO – Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek RFBR – Russian Fund for Basic Research

  12. Collaboration IHPC&IS collaborates with national and international partners, in particular: • SPb State University • SPb Nuclear Physics Institute • University of Amsterdam • Software AG