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Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

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Vladimir Lenin

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  1. Vladimir Lenin Sagar Dalsania Darshan Patel 2A

  2. Early Life • He exceled in studies and students alienated him for that. (Essortment) • In 1886, his father died and in 1887 his brother was hung for plotting to assassinate Tsar Alexander III. (Essortment) • Due these tragedies, he denounced religion and the politics (Essortment)

  3. College • Only got accepted to Kazan University, where he was expelled three months later for peaceful protests ( • Studied law on his on and passed the exam, coming first in a class of 124 in 1891(

  4. Investigation Against Government • In 1893, he moved to St. Petersburg ( • Marxist underground movement, grouped members into 6 member cells (Essortment) • In the movement, industrial conditions were searched, statistics and pamphlets were made (Essortment) • Went to Switzerland to meet Social Democrats, but him and Georgi Plekhanov had an argument over who to help, liberal middle class or the proletariat (working class) (Essortment)

  5. Investigation Against Government • This caused a split between the Social Democrats into Mensheviks and Bolsheviks (Essortment) • This caused Lenin to leave for Russia to show his findings of the Government (Essortment)

  6. Iskra • It meant “spark” or “truth” (Iskra Print Collective) • The newspaper, which would post the truth about the government (Soviet Propaganda under Lenin) • It was intended to spark a revolution to fight against the current government(Soviet Propaganda under Lenin)

  7. 1905 St. Petersburg Massacre • It caused several uprisings in Russia (Essortment) • Lenin came back, but the revolution did not occur (Essortment) • Tsar had appeased the people through multiple promises (Essortment)

  8. Double Revolution • 2 revolutions in 1917 (Essortment) • In March, steelworkers in St. Petersburg strike caused Tsar’s power to collapse, and Dema (Kerensky) came into power. (Essortment) • Lenin made a deal with the Germans, if they get him safely to Russia, then he will pull Russia out of the war. (Essortment)

  9. Lenin In Power • Kerensky did not agree to pull out the war, even though they were losing in it (Essortment) • Lenin came into power on October, overthrowing Kerensky (Essortment) • He won since Kerensky was adamant about staying in the war, even when it harmed the homeland and the people. (Essortment)

  10. Lenin’s Solution • War with Germany ends, Ukraine land is gone. (World Biography) • Land is gained back after Germany is defeated. (World Biography) • Redistributes land in collective farms. (World Biography) • Banks, Industries, mines, and utilities were owned by the state(World Biography) • Russian Orthodox Church was disestablished (World Biography)

  11. 1918 Civil War • Between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks, and the Bolsheviks won (Encyclopedia of Marxism) • Mensheviks were supported by the USA and by Great Britain (Encyclopedia of Marxism)

  12. New Economic Plan • Between 1919-1921, famine and typhus caused 27 million deaths in Russia (Lenin: Where to Begin?) • This plan brought some capitalist ideas, limited private industry(Lenin: Where to Begin?“)

  13. Death • From series of strokes(World Biography) • After 2 strokes, he started studying capitalist countries, to bring ideas to Russia(World Biography) • Also make sure Trotsky, not Stalin, succeed him. (World Biography) • After the third stroke, he became paralyzed and died of cerebral hemorrhage (World Biography) • And Stalin succeeded (World Biography)

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