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Nicky brought cupcakes!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Nicky brought cupcakes!!

Nicky brought cupcakes!!

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Nicky brought cupcakes!!

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  1. We participate in meaningful math activities on a daily basis that strengthen our foundation in mathematics and develop our math vocabulary.

  2. Nicky brought cupcakes!! Students regularly participate in voting and graphing activities that encourage mathematical thinking and reasoning skills. Children are predicting, participating, recording and analyzing data in developmentally appropriate and meaningful ways.

  3. Graph, math, graph… Graphing predictions about the weather One-to-one counting and comparisons

  4. Gross Motor Daily music and movement activities encourage a variety of gross motor skills as well as developing rhythm, listening skills, auditory discrimination, and immeasurable social skills.

  5. Music and Movement Through song and dance, and rhythm and movement, students develop auditory pattern recognition skills that will assist them greatly in their developing literacy skills on their path toward reading. One such skill is syllabication – breaking words apart into syllables.

  6. Students enjoy exposure to a wide variety of musical genres.

  7. Students learn about letters and letter sounds in a variety of meaningful ways.

  8. Students learn important literacy skills through the use of materials printed with their names and the names of their peers. Participating in written communication boosts literacy skills, handwriting, and assists in community building habits that influence the ways in which students view their school community. These are habits and attitudes that will follow students through their academic careers.

  9. Science. Discovery. Predicting, observing, investigating, classifying, and synthesizing new information. Science is… Hands-on

  10. It’s Science again… Cooking, measuring…

  11. Observing change over time…

  12. Observing mealworms…we make predictions, use simple tools, make observations and discuss what we observe to process new information and synthesize.

  13. It’s all about…Community

  14. Community

  15. Community

  16. Exercise buddies in P.E.