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  1. ABAP/4 PROGRAMMING Menu Painter Modularization 講 師:呂 昇 燦 2000 年 9 月 28 日

  2. Menu Painter-SE41 ABAP Workbench tool for creating and designing the graphical user interface of an ABAP program The main elements of the graphical user interface are the GUI title and the GUI status. The GUI status normally contains a menu bar with menus, a standard toolbar, an application toolbar, and functions with function key settings. You create all these components with the Menu Painter.

  3. Option Type Status - A single GUI Status Status list - All GUI Statuses used in a transaction Menu bars - All menu bars in the transaction Menu list - All menu in the transaction F key settings - Function keys and their function codes Function list - Transaction function codes Title list - All GUI titles used in the transaction

  4. Design User Interface SE41 - Status - Create online status - menu bar,application toolbar,function key dialog box - application toolbar,function key context menu - context menu Set PF-Status

  5. Menu Bar Editor <object> - should be replaced with the name of the type of the object that the transaction will process Edit - contains functions that change parts of the object Goto - controls screen processing such as moving back to previous screen or canceling the transaction Extra - deal with miscellaneous commands that do not fit into any other menus Environment contains commands that deal with data related to the object to be processed by the transaction

  6. Overview of Modularization program A call: sub1 …. subroutine internal subroutine: sub1 program B program X …. external subroutine call: sub1 external subroutine: sub1 …. program C ABAP/4 function library …. function module call: sub1 function module: sub1 ….

  7. Subroutines is a reusable section of code within it you can define variables, execute statements, compute results, and write output the name of subroutine cannot exceed 30 characters

  8. Defining and calling subroutines Subroutine defines are usually placed at the end of the program, after all events. Subroutines cannot be nested inside of event A subroutine can call another subroutine Recursion is supported.A subroutine can call itself or a subroutine that calls it

  9. form s [tables t1 t2 ….. [using u1 value(u2) ….] [changing c1 value(c2) .…]. ----- endform t1,t2,u1,u2,c1, and c2 are parameters Syntax for the form statement

  10. Syntax for the perform statement perform s n of s1 s2 s3 …. [tables t1 t2 …] [using u1 u2 …] [changing c1 c2 …]. s, s1, s2, s3 are subroutine names n is a numeric variables