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Board Races

Board Races

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Board Races

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  1. We’re going to play the board races game, but this time the material will cover all the information we’ve covered in class and you will go to the board in pairs. • Remember, each pair only answers one of the six questions. • No correcting another person’s answer and no telling your teammate the correct answer unless your both at the board. • Do not step past the end of the row until the marker is in your hand. • Everyone must participate!! Board Races

  2. Chapter 1 eMPECEMOS

  3. Greetings Hello Goodbye Good morning. Good afternoon. See you tommorrow See you later.

  4. Basic Questions What is your name? How are you? Where are you from? How old are you? When is your birthday? What is your telephone number?

  5. Subject PronounsWrite them in Spanish I She We They Ya’ll informal You

  6. Numbers 12 51 19 73 48 25

  7. The Months February March December April July August

  8. TimeWrite the time in Spanish 7:30 2:10 1:45 12:50 3:00 4:10

  9. Days of the Week Wednesday Friday Monday Sunday Thursday Saturday

  10. Chapter 2 A cONOCERNOS

  11. Descriptions of People Marta is athletic. Miguel and Tomas are short. I am romantic. You all (informal) are lazy. You are pretty. We are serious.

  12. Chapter 2 Vocabulary The music The sports The parties The vegetables The Chinese food The books

  13. Likes and Dislikes I like Mexican food. They like to read. We like movies. She likes to dance. Who likes to do homework? You all (informal) like ice cream.

  14. Who does it belong to? Juan’s book Margarita’s movie Pelirroja’s y Manuela’s pencil The student’s party The dog’s house The cat’s food

  15. The Colors Red Black Green Blue Yellow Orange

  16. Chapter 4 Quetegustahacer

  17. To want I want to run. They want to eat. The dog wants to rest. My sisters and I want to rest. You all (informal) want to study. You want to practice sports.

  18. Weather It’s sunny It’s hot It’s raining It’s snowing It’s windy It’s cold

  19. To go (present tense) I go to the store. Ya’ll (informal) go to the pool. She goes to the park. We go to the library. The students go to the school. You go to the pool.

  20. To go (future) I’m going to eat Mexican food. They are going to practice soccer. You all (informal) are going to go to the restaurant. Are you going to work today? We are going to go to the game. Is Isabel going to swim in the pool?

  21. Ar ConjugationConjugate the following words based on the subject given. Yohablar. Elloscantar. Nosotrosdescansar. Vosotrospracticar. Ella escuchar. Túestudiar.

  22. Chapter 4 La vidaescolar

  23. Classroom Vocabulary Pencil Notebook Ruler Dictionary Folder Pen

  24. Tener Phrases To feel like ________ To be thirsty To be sleepy To have to _______ To be hungry To be in a hurry

  25. Er/Ir ConjugationsConjugate the word based on the given subject. El comer Nosotrosbeber Yointerrumpir Vosotrosescribir Ellascorrer Túabrir

  26. Irregular “yo” FormsWrite the “yo” form of the following verbs Hacer Poner Traer Saber Ver Salir

  27. Chapter 5 En casa con la familia

  28. The family Include the Article Grandparents Brothers and sisters Aunts and uncles Nieces and nephews Parents Cousins

  29. Possessive AdjectivesCuaderno=notebook Carpeta=folder My folder Their notebooks Our folders His notebook You all’s (informal) notebook Your folders

  30. O-UE Conjugation YoDormir Ella Almorzar NosotrosVolver TúMostrar EllosJugar VosotrosRecordar

  31. E-IE Conjugations Túpensar Elloscerrar Ella empezar Vosotrossentir Yopreferir Nosotrosentender