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  1. RACES Becoming better writers, One paragraph at a time!!!

  2. What is RACES? • RACES is an easy strategy to write COMPLETE paragraphs! • Very easy to follow. • Use on NECAPS, in Science, SS, JOURNALS!!!!!

  3. You be the judge…. Brian Robeson is very brave. Brian is brave because he landed the plane all by himself. He also went hunting, fishing, made a fire, and built a fort. When he saw the plane crash he made his own raft and paddled over to it. He dove into the plane and got the survival pack. This was very brave.

  4. You be the judge…. The main character of the book Hatchet, Brian Robeson, is extremely resourceful and intelligent. On page 123, it explains how “Brian had sat a whole night and shaped the limbs carefully until the bow looked beautiful.” Not only did Brian patiently make a bow and arrow to hunt, but he was able to make this using only the materials around him. Brian, a city boy, was able to survive being stranded in the wilderness, a very incredible accomplishment that shows tremendous skill and determination.

  5. R- Restate the question • Take the question or topic and RESTATE to start your paragraph…. What did you do yesterday? Yesterday, I…. What were Brian’s character traits? Brian’s character traits included…

  6. A- Answer the question • The second step is your answer. • THINK about what you believe the answer to be. • Draw your inference based on the text/evidence!

  7. C- Cite Evidence • Your thinking needs some BACK UP! • Look back at the text and find ACTUAL EVIDENCE to support your ideas! • On page __, it says… • At the end, it states…

  8. E- Explain/Elaborate • What’s the big deal!? • Answer any doubts/questions your reader may be having. EX- Brian built the bow and arrow with very few tools and limited knowledge showing great intelligence!!!

  9. S- Sum it up Provide a CLINCHER for your answer. Use new wording. Make your reader THINK/CONNECT!

  10. Let’s practice…. How has Emily’s life changed because of September 11th?