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Sports, competitions, races PowerPoint Presentation
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Sports, competitions, races

Sports, competitions, races

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Sports, competitions, races

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  1. Sports, competitions, races Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Zlín

  2. Do you know...??? Almost every sport was first played in Britain Saying „fair play“ comes from Britain Millions of Britons take part in a kind of sport Millions are spectators or fans of sports Every newspaper and magazine has several pages about sport People in GB compete not to win and earn money but to entertain themselves.

  3. The most popular sports • Football • Rugby • Cricket • Tennis • Golf • Rowing • Horse racing • Fishing

  4. Football The national sport The most popular spectator sport There are more than 50 000 football clubs and a lot of different leagues and cups Top competition is Premier League (well-known teams: Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool)

  5. Cricket Was first played in England in the 16th century Played at top level in England and Wales England has got the best cricket national team Most of the population do not understand the rules Cricket is played with 11 players in 2 teams Match can last from 5 hours up to several days

  6. Rugby Takes its name from Rugby School in the Midlands Originated in 1823 (a boy playing football picked up the ball and ran with it) A type of football played with an oval ball Players can both kick and run with a ball Playing time is 80 minutes The whole rugby association is separated into Rugby League and Rugby Union Number of players 15 ( amateurs – Union) or 13 (professionals - League)

  7. Other sports Tennis: in England is organized one of the Grand Slam Cups Wimbledon – the only one played on grass Golf: sport for upper class, first played in Scotland in the 15th century Hunting: mainly foxhunting (entertainment of kings in the past) Shooting: killing birds with guns Fishing: when it is done competitively it is called angling Horse/Greyhound racing: famous for gambling and betting

  8. Top sports events in the British year MARCH: The Boat Race APRIL: The London Marathon MAY: Football Association Cup Final JUNE: Royal Ascot JULY: Wimbledon

  9. ? What is the name of the best known tennis tournament played on the lawn?


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