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PTC Academic Program

PTC Academic Program

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PTC Academic Program

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  1. PTC Academic Program

  2. Who is PTC: The Product Development Company PTC: OurCustomers: • Boston-area, USA based Technology Leader in Product Development Software and Services • World Leading Product Development Companies and Retail Establishments • Winning • 22 strategic displacements in FY10- FY11 • $1.02B • Revenue in fiscal year 2010 • 5000+employees in 18 countries worldwide • 27,000+ customers utilizing 600,000 active seats • Outgrew Industry2004-2009 PTC PLM* • 4,000+ new customers per year across 7 key industry verticals *Source: AMR Research, CIMdata, IDC and company estimates

  3. PTC Academic Program K12 Schools Colleges & Universities Engineers of the Future • Delivering a modern product development education with: • Industry standard software, calculation and collaboration solutions • Industry recognized training and assessments • Inspiring a new generation of technological thinkers with: • Free software • Free standards based curriculum • Inspiring STEM orientated programs • A continued commitment to the engineering pipeline: • Continuing professional development • Global Services Academy fast track graduate

  4. PTC: The Product Development Company Why Partner with PTC? 7 Key Industry Verticals: 2. • 27,000+ companies in 7 key industrial verticals. • Our customers employ over 1M+ engineers from every engineering degree and discipline. • PTC customers provide arguably the best environment for young engineers embarking upon their career. 1. 3. 7. Education Primary School (K-5) Secondary School (6-12) Higher Education Engineer of the Future 6. 5. 4.

  5. North America Academic Program Coverage State of Illinois North America Academic Program • Top Mechanical Engineering Programs • 8,015 Active seats • In 16 Academic Institutions • Averaging 71 hours of taught input • Top Ten Ranked Schools • World-Leading Product Development Companies • 12,089 Active Seats • 1,424 Commercial Customers

  6. PTC Academic Program Product Overview • Remove the barriers and frustrations in CAD teaching • By combining truly easy to use applications such as 3D direct, superior capability in 3D parametric with free personal editions for ALL students and free training options for the instructor, teaching the technology demanded by worlds leading product development companies has never been easier. • Stop teaching feature function and start unlocking potential • Configure your own course and distance learning programs from 3,000 hours of online content, integrate your own content and monitor student progress with 800+ modeling and theory based assessments recognized by 27,000 companies worldwide. • Combine text, natural math, and graphics in a single worksheet • With Mathcad’s easy-to-use and powerful mathematical capabilities your students will engage in problem solving and model development in an dynamic environment that combines text, natural math, and graphics in a single worksheet.

  7. What does Creo mean for Education? Removes the barriers and frustrations in teaching Computer-Aided Design. Interoperability Challenge: “Often the learning curve synonymous with early CAD adoption in education is associated with new users having to navigate a complex user interface and breadth of functionality despite only using a small portion of it at first.” • Technology Lock-In • Challenge: • “Educators have limited class time within which to deliver an education never mind contemplating moving curriculum, demo models and parts that have been painstakingly created and refined over the years to a new CAD platform.” Usability Challenge: “For years educators have had arguments over ease of use, but the solution was always fundamentally the same, 3D parametric Modeling. Can one 3D parametric modeler really be all that much easier to use than the next?” AnyRoleApps™ AnyModeModeling™ AnyDataAdoption™

  8. PTC Academic Program Creo solves the three main challenges in Teaching CAD: Ease of Use • AnyMode Modeling Creo offers the ability to freely mix-and-match between superior capabilities in 3D Parametric with truly easy-to-use applications such as 3D Direct. • Which package? Give your students an insight into multiple CAD paradigms while teaching only one user interface. • 2D Detailing • 3D Direct • 3D Parametric • Analysis • Machining

  9. PTC Academic Program Usability: AnyMode Modeling

  10. PTC Academic Program Modules Include: • Part Modeling • All the functionality you need for part modeling, surfacing, and sheetmetal • Mechanical Design and Simulation • Virtuallysimulatereactions to acceleration and weight • MechanicalAnalysis • Predict and analyze structural, thermal and fatigue performance • Design Detailing • Create 2D and 3D measureddrawings and bill of materials • Manufacturing • Robust NC programmingcapabilities for production machining and analysis • One User Interface • No need to teachadditional user interfaces or purchaseadditionalthird party products

  11. PTC Academic Program Creo solves the three main challenges in Teaching CAD: Interoperability • AnyRole Apps- The right tool for the right user at the right time.No need to navigate a complex interface despite accessing only a small percentage of the functionality at first.

  12. PTC Academic Program Also Included: • PTC is offering a FREE seat of Creo Elements/Pro Schools Edition to any student of a college or university that has the PTC University Plus Program. Creo Elements/Pro Schools Edition Modules • Creo Elements/Pro • Ability to create parts, assemblies and drawings • Creo Elements/Pro Mechanism Design/Dynamics • Creo Elements/Pro Behavioural Modeling • Creo Elements/Pro Advanced Rendering • Creo Elements/Pro Design Animation • Sheetmetal Design • CAM Lite (Expert Machinist) – NEW • License • This one year timed license can be downloaded and used by students at home, to prepare for class, complete homework assignments and complete projects.

  13. PTC Academic Program Creo solves the three main challenges in Teaching CAD: Technology Lock-In • AnyData Adoption Instructors are unable to change CAD platform as a result of the significant amount of time invested in curriculum, courseware and demo parts. • Stop Teaching CAD • Enable students to learn advanced CAD, CAM and CAE functionality with no impact on class time. • Replace expensive textbooks with dynamic content that is not rendered obsolete as a result of new software releases. • Configure your own courses and distance learning programs without the need to create time consuming content by choosing from over 3,000 hours of best practice tutorials. • Assess students modeling capability with Expert Model Analysis. Request a trial today at:

  14. PTC Academic Program • Free online tutorials published by users • A vibrant online user community Also included: • Professional development options for the instructor. • Free face to face training class at a PTC Training location every year. • Free access to PTC's extensive eLearning Libraries for faculty or adjunct staff • Free tutorials and manuals to compliment your training class and to use as courseware and curriculum • Other support resources

  15. PTC Academic Program Mathcad • MathCAD allows students to document mathematical work on a virtual whiteboard that integrates text, live math and graphics into a single environment. • Type math equations, combine text, images, graphs and equations all on the same page • Write lecture notes & lab assignments in a WYSIWIG environment • Quickly develop .avi animation illustrating mathematical concepts • Create problem sets and solutions in the same environment • Fully integrated with Creo Parametric, with associations to 3D models Download a trial today at:

  16. PTC Academic Program Why partner with PTC: • Free professional development options every year for instructors. • Free distance learning options for adjunct faculty. • Remove the need to create time consuming content by configuring classes from over 3,000 hours of existing online content and assessments. • Use PTC University online content to increase enrollment by offering distance learning courses. • Reduce budget costs by removing the need for additional software platforms such as CNC. • Give your students access to the design tools used by 27,000 of the worlds leading product development companies.