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PTC Securirty PowerPoint Presentation
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PTC Securirty

PTC Securirty

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PTC Securirty

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  1. PTC Securirty Front Car Park By James Year 8

  2. Roads easy to escape in car. Back alley easy escape on foot. The PTC school. Entrances with no gates or barriers. Main Entrance Car Park Security can be improved.

  3. To Lye Car Park Mary Stevens Park PTC School To Stourbridge Town Centre

  4. Security Faults • Hardly any crook locks on cars. • CCTV doesn’t cover the whole of the car park. • No gates or barriers.

  5. Dust caps can be stolen. Car window can be smashed and car can be hot wired.

  6. Prices Security Monitor Twin Camera Set WAS: £119.99 PRICE: £59.99 YOU SAVE: £60.00 Description This twin camera security monitor set is ideal for business, home and family use. It's easy to setup - just plug it in and your ready to go. Comes complete with a black and white monitor which provides clear, sharp picture quality which can be recorded using a video recorder (not included). AVALIABLE AT WOOLWORTHS

  7. Prices Can be installed by the company. AUTOMATIC ACCESS BARRIERS FOR VEHICLES From the gate to the parking barrier with a length of up to 10m, from the radio-controlled bollard to the no-contact access control - Magnetic Autocontrol vehicle access systems work in any weather, immediately recognize authorized people, direct vehicles to their place or elegantly keep your forecourt free. Magnetic Autocontrol access barriers are highly adaptable. Meeting individual colour requirements presents no problems, and special features like guidance systems, terminal heights adaptable to cars and trucks or programmable opening and closing times can be provided for in the planning stage. AVALIABLE AT

  8. Conclusion I think that they should improve security in the car parks because a lot of crimes have and will be committed here. I think they should improve it by adding more security cameras and vehicle barriers.