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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter “Ohio Chapter of the Year!”

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter “Ohio Chapter of the Year!”. CACDST Goals: Impactful social action programming that mobilizes the chapter Contributing $30,000 over the next 5 years to our chapter scholarships and programs

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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter “Ohio Chapter of the Year!”

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  1. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter“Ohio Chapter of the Year!” • CACDST Goals: • Impactful social action programming that mobilizes the chapter • Contributing $30,000 over the next 5 years to our chapter scholarships and programs • Reclaiming at least 50 sorors over the next 5 years • Enhancing our internal policies and procedures for better chapter effectiveness • Increasing chapter visibility within the community and the sorority. General Body Meeting November 15, 2008 • Regional Goals: • 200 delegates at DDNC • 100% Chapter Compliance • 7000 Members by June 30, 2009 • 200 DIDs (Delta Internal Development workshops) • 8 State Meetings (e.g., Delta Days, Statewide Founders Day, Training Clusters, etc.) • Launch a State Program Initiative for all 8 states • Submit 4 articles from the Midwest for the Delta Journal • 100% attendance by chapters at the Regional Conference • Full slate of candidates for 2009 Regional Conference

  2. Meeting Call to Order Adoption of the Agenda House Keeping Reminder Minutes of Previous General Body Meeting – Read Silently Correspondence Officer’s Reports President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President Financial Secretary Treasurer Committee Reports Ebony Fashion Fair Ways & Means /Golf Outing Delta Academy Delta GEMS Cotillion Scholarship Nominating Committee Membership Intake Physical & Mental Health New Business Announcements Ritualistic Closing Ohio Chapter of the Year!”General Body MeetingNovember 15, 2008ORDER OF BUSINESS Note:Italic and shadowed items are reports containing recommendations and will require action

  3. General Body Meeting MinutesOctober 18, 2008 The October 18, 2008 meeting was called to order at 10:19am, College Hill Presbyterian Church. A quorum was present with 49 financial members and 11 non-financial/ visiting sorors. Sor. Nancy Moody moved to adopt the agenda. seconded. Motion carries. The June General Body Meeting minutes were read silently. Sor. Elsie Brown moved to accept the June minutes. Seconded. Motion Carries. The Sept. General Body minutes were read silently. Sor. Benette Veals-Pierre moved to accept the September minutes. Seconded. Motion Carries. Correspondence Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gave her report. Received invitation to Diva Dazzle from the Stop Aids Organization. President Sor. Veronica Chapman gave her report. Local, Regional and National updates. Plea to sorors to help out with committees and chapter business. 1st Vice President Sor. Tina Welch gave the report. Expressed gratitude to Chairs of committees. Updates on program committees under 1st VP office. 2nd Vice President Sor. Danelle Carter gave her report. Membership Intake reminders. Changes to training policies and dates from regional office. Clarification of candidate requirements. Everyone wishing to be involved must do 2 DID’s and MIT training. Training Dates: DID 10/26 3-5 in Cincinnati; 11/8 12-3 in Dayton, MIT-11/15 12-8; 11/22 3rd Vice President Sor. Vickie Fairley gave her report. Informational Report. Vacancies needed to be filled in the Resource Management group.

  4. General Body Meeting Minutes October 2008 ….continued • Financial Secretary • Sor. Ligaya West gave her report. Changes need to be made under the income where the income numbers need to be swapped for EFF and Golf Outing from DGF. • Treasurer • Sor. Gayle DeBrossard gave her report. • Appointed Officers • Parliamentarian: Sor. Esther Cash-mills gave her report. We need to vote to suspend 2 of our by-laws for Membership Intake. Sor. Tina Welch moved to suspend the rule that the 2nd VP must be LMC. Seconded. Motion Carries. Motion to suspend the rule regarding presenting slate prior to the vote by Sor. Danelle Carter. Seconded. Motion Carries. • Nominating Committee: Sor. Jackie Turner gave her report. Reminder that even those who are not on the Minerva Circle but who would like to participate in MIT must still take the training. Floor opened for nominations for Minerva Circle. Motion to approve the report by Sor. Robyn McDonald-Gordon. Seconded. Discussion. Motion Carries. Motion to approve the Nominating Committee report by acclamation since all candidates were running unopposed by Sor. Marthalla Foree. Seconded. Motion carries. • Committees • Ebony Fashion Fair:Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gave her report. Plea for sorors to buy/sell at least 4 tickets. • Delta G.E.M.S: Sor. Camille Woods gave her report. Motion to accept final Spring retreat report by Sor. Marie White. Seconded. Motion Carries. Motion to accept the final report for the end of the year skating party by Sor. Lynadius Joseph. Seconded. Motion Carries. Motion to accept the final report of the kick off meeting by Sor. Danelle Carter. Seconded. Motion Carries.

  5. General Body Meeting MinutesOctober 2008 ….continued • Delta Academy: Sor. Candice Higgins gave her report. Motion to accept the final report from 0708 by Sor. Marthalla Foree. Seconded. Motion Carries. • Housing Management: Sor. Glenda Leonard-Wilkinson gave her report. Doing a feasibility study on whether or not the chapter should purchase property. • Social Action: Sor. Deitria Walker gave her report. Focus on voter education, registration and voter rights on election day. Motion to donate $100 to support the state get out to vote rally by Sor. Deitria Walker. Seconded. Motion Carries. • Unfinished Business • None • New Business • Updates to the Policies and Procedures resulting from the 2008 National Convention. • Motion to donate $100 to Rho Xi Rebecca Sewell Cummings scholarship by Sor. Shawnda DeRamus. Seconded. Motion Carries. • Announcements • Sorors from Rho Xi came to discuss the Rebecca Sewell-Cummings Scholarship brunch. Keynote speaker is Sor. Tina Welch. Donations can be made out to Rho Xi Chapter. • Adopt a Family committee requesting gift cards or money for the chapter to give out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Will be collecting those at November meeting. • Sor. Nikki Giovanni will be at Carmel Presbyterian Church at 11am on 11/19 • Cotillion applications available from Sor. Shawnda DeRamus • Motion to adjourn by Sor. Stacey Fulgham, Seconded. Motion Carries. • Meeting adjourned at 12:31 pm followed by the Ritualistic Closing. • Stacey Fulgham Veronica Chapman • Recording SecretaryPresident

  6. Correspondence ReportNovember 15, 2008 Greetings, Sorors. Please review the guidelines listed below that will help in our correspondence process. • All committee meetings, updates, announcements, etc. that you would like included in the upcoming CAC Weekly Update should be submitted each week, no later than Sunday, 5:00pm to dst_cincinnati_alumnae@yahoo.com. You must write your own submission in its’ entirety. This will insure inclusion of any early week meetings, as the Update will be emailed during the early part of each week. If you have an exception/emergency, feel free to call 513-258-3799. • Please submit your info in the format as you would like for it to appear in the update. Your info should be inclusive but brief, in STANDARD TYPE AND FONT. Include pertinent info such as date, time, location, contact person, email, phone number, etc. Only minor editing will be done. • Keep in mind that NOT EVERY FLYER/ATTACHMENT CAN BE INCLUDED. Therefore, submit your info as bullet points that can be included in the body of the update or send an attachment that is small in capacity. • Please UPDATE YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBERS, ETC. with our Sergeant at Arms as you sign in for the Chapter Meeting. Also, if you have information that is currently not on file for another Soror, please provide it to us. We need correct information so that we can keep you in the communication loop of CAC. • Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Remember, ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD ONLY BE SENT TO THE CHAPTER EMAIL ADDRESS: dst_cincinnati_alumnae@yahoo.com. Thank you Sorors! Correspondence: • Thank you card from Soror Jo Frazier. • Thank you card from Soror Pearline Singletary. • Thank you letter from AKA, Sigma Omega Chapter for our participation in their Walk A Thon. Submitted in the spirit of Delta, Charlotte McKenzie Corresponding Secretary

  7. Presidents ReportNovember 15, 2008 • Greetings Sorors! • What a month! We are living proof that TEAMWORK makes the Dream Work!!! We have seen evidence of that in the last 30 days from the completion of another successful College Prep Workshop and Ebony Fashion Fair to the historic election of Barack Obama as the first African-American president. There’s no greater example of what we can do when we work together for Good! • Our Dream Team will also be focusing on the following goals this year: • Impactful social action programming that mobilizes the chapter • Contributing $30,000 over the next 5 years to our chapter scholarships and programs • Reclaiming at least 50 sorors over the next 5 years • Enhancing our internal policies and procedures for better chapter effectiveness • Increasing chapter visibility within the community and the sorority. Local Updates • Attended Rho Xi Pyramid Induction on Wed., Nov 12 and the their Rebecca Sewell-Cummings Scholarship Brunch on Sat, Nov 1st. • Attended celebration in honor of Soror Julia Perdue Nov. 2nd. • Soror Paula Giddings, author of In Search of Sisterhood will be in town for the National Black Storytellers Festival and Conference. , She’s participating in a Scholar’s Panel, Friday, Nov21, 3:00 to 4:00 PM at the Westin Hotel. The Scholars panel is open to the public. They would like for us to support by attending the Scholars Panel, possibly assisting with her book signing following the event, and/or hosting a gathering/ reception for her while  she is  in Cincinnati. She will be arriving Thursday afternoon and departing Sat morning. • State Updates • Ohio President’s Conference Call, held Monday, Nov 11. • Statewide Founders Day Weekend: March 6 – 8, Dayton, Ohio. Weekend activities include: President’s Meeting, Friday, March 6, 2009, 7 PM; Keynote Speaker: Soror Octavia Matthews; Workshops: Fiscal Management, Program Planning & Development; and Chapter History.

  8. President’s Report…. continued Midwest Region Update • Below are our 2008-2009 Regional Goals: • 200 delegates at DDNC • 100% Chapter Compliance • 7000 Members by June 30, 2009 • 200 DIDs (Delta Internal Development workshops) • 8 State Meetings (e.g., Delta Days, Statewide Founders Day, Training Clusters, etc.) • Launch a State Program Initiative for all 8 states • Submit 4 articles from the Midwest for the Delta Journal • 100% attendance by chapters at the Regional Conference • Full slate of candidates for 2009 Regional Conference • Regional Conference: July 9 - 12, Charleston, WVa. • Midwest Missile deadline, Sun, Nov 30. Topic is Social Action, I Promise to Vote Campaign • Delta Homeowners Initiative is looking for additional volunteers: Training via conference call on Sunday, December 7, 7 PM. National Update • Marcia L. Fudge, Esq., won the election to replace Soror Stephanie Tubbs-Jones in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing the 11th Congressional District. • Delta Days at the National’s Capital – Feb 29 through March 3, Washington D.C. – requesting at least 2 representatives /chapter • Received Chapter mailing including the following information: • Newly Adopted Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws. Should receive new documents by the end of the year. All changes made to the Constitution and Bylaws became effective immediately, with the exception of the new grade point average (GPA) which become effective in Spring 2009.

  9. President’s Report…. continued National Update Continued • Call for Nominations for Regional Officers and Committee Members. All interested sorors contact me for additional information. The deadline is January 17, 2009. Open Positions: • Regional Director, 2 years eligible for re-election for one two-year term • Regional Representative, 2 years • Member, 2010 National Nominating Committee, 2 years • Member, National Scholarship& Standards Comm., 4 years • Chair, 2011 Regional Nominating Committee, 2 years • Member, 2011 Regional Nominating Committee (3), 2 years • Collegiate Member, 2011Regional Nominating Comm, 2 years • 2008 – 2010 Social Action Platform. Theme: “Advocacy in Action: Strengthening our Legacy”. Areas of Focus include: • Voting and the Census • Economic Survival • Quality Education • Eco-Friendly Environment • Keeping our Connection to Africa • United Nations NGO Status • Program Planning and Development Update including modifications to the Delta Academy and Delta GEMS Programs. Violets • Charlotte McKenzie and Ebony Fashion Fair Committee • Kim Hull and Scholarship committee • Deatria Walker and Social Action Committee Yours in Delta, Veronica L. Chapman President

  10. First Vice President Report Sorors the program committees continue to use teamwork to make the dream work. The Delta Academy and GEMS continue their record level participation engaging the young ladies in some exciting and informative activities. Violets to Soror Kim Hull Scholarship committee chair and her committee for a job well done on our annual College Prep workshop held on Saturday, October 18th at Mayerson Academy, 1PM – 5PM. We had record attendance at the event which targeted 7th – 12th graders with a focus on college selection, testing, application submission, interviews and financial aide. We partnered with Queen City, Omega Psi Phi, and Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. Our program committees continue to be on the MOVE in the Cincinnati area, come out and support our efforts! Below is some key information regarding each program and upcoming activities: Dr.Betty Shabazz Delta Academy - Young ladies grades 5th through 8th, focus on math/science, meets 1st Saturday of each month at Corryville Recreation Center, 12pm – 3pm. Next meeting December 13th, Bridge Building Part-1, this is the beginning of the bridge building contest. Delta Academy II: Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully) – Young ladies grades 9th through 12th, focus on self esteem and leadership, meets 1st Tuesday of each month at Xavier University Gallagher Student Center (Room 214), 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Next meeting December 6th, Service Project, TBD, 10AM – 1PM. Scholarship Committee - Scholarship applications are now available and can be obtained from committee members or at our website www.cacdst.org, deadline is January 31st . Debutante Cotillion - Young ladies that are High school Juniors and Seniors, focus on developing and enhancing the debutante’s personal, educational, cultural, spiritual, and social lives. Application deadline has been extended to Friday, November 21st. The acceptance tea will be held on Sunday, December 7th, Mason Community Center, 3PM – 5PM.

  11. First Vice President Report Social Action committee - Collaboration with community partners to enhance the political and social awareness of the Cincinnati community residents. Physical and Mental HealthCommittee – will be focused on Stroke and Stroke prevention in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, and Heart Disease. The committee will share the event calendar at the November 14thsorority meeting. Financial Fortitude Committee – We are in need of a chairperson for this committee but we would like to focus on all aspects of personal finances for a target group of under served Cincinnati residence. Adopt-a-Family – provide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for a deserving family as well as collect and distribute personal care items for our sick-n-shut-in sorors during Christmas. Donations are being accepted at the November 14thand December 20thsorority meetings. The chapter calendar was distributed at the September meeting and is also posted on the website, www.cacdst.org. Please take a moment to review and add key dates to your personal calendar. Sorors thanks for your support to date. We are excited about our programs and we invite you to participate. Yours in Delta Tina A. Welch First Vice President

  12. Second Vice Presidents Report • Congratulations to our newly elected Minerva Circle. Thank you for your time and willingness to serve in leading the charge of inducting new members into our illustrious sisterhood! • Can you believe it is mid November!!! The Christmas season is fast approaching. Let’s plan to fellowship and celebrate Kwanza! Sorors please mark your calendars to attend our Kwanza celebration immediately following the December sorority meeting (12/20/08). Our Soror Integration Chair will provide more details. • Sister let me help you! We need your participation in helping to acclimate new Sorors to our chapter. Volunteer to be a buddy! • Mark your calendar for our 2009 Statewide Founder’s Day. The Dayton Alumnae Chapter has agreed to host this celebration. The dates for the event are March 6-8, 2009. Stay tuned for more details! • Reclamation……Have you invited an inactive Soror to attend a chapter meeting? Please make a commitment to bring at least one inactive Soror to a chapter meeting during the sorority year. • Yours in Delta, • Danelle • Danelle A. Carter • 2nd Vice President

  13. Delta Sigma Theta SororityCincinnati Alumnae ChapterThird Vice President’s Report – November 2008 Yes we can – a change has come! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the Resources Management Committee Chairs. See our updates below. • Ways & Means Committee: Soror Lisa Rowell • Save the date for our 4th Annual Golf Outing and Fundraiser – May 16, 2009! • Historian ~ Soror Ebonie Byndon • Working on chapter scrapbook. • Contact Soror Byndon at 513-283-3066 or ebyndon2003@yahoo.com for more info. • Journalist ~ Lynadius Joseph & Camile Woods • Next edition of Minerva’s Pen Newsletter forthcoming. • Send submissions for the next edition via e-mail to informcac@gmail.com or regular mail to Soror Camille Woods at P.O. Box 19955 Cincinnati, OH 45219. • Web Mistress ~Soror LaCosta Mackey • Click www.cacdst.org for happenings • Send updates to Soror Mackey at ltmackey@gmail.com • Publicity ~ Soror Katelyn Jackson (new) • Will be disseminating information to the media regarding chapter programs and accomplishments.

  14. Delta Sigma Theta SororityCincinnati Alumnae ChapterThird Vice President’s Report cont’d • Audit ~ Soror Mary Coleman • Maintaining our internal controls and financial structure. • Custodian ~ Soror Sandra Wiggins & Yvonne Coursey • Violets for support to 2008 EFF activities. • Welcome Soror Yvonne Coursey as Assistant Custodian. • Chaplain ~ Soror Wanda Owens - “Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul.“ Psalms 66:16 • Dial-a-Delta ~ Sorors Melba Morgan & Pearline Singletary • Committee meeting to coordinate roster and calling procedures. • Parliamentarian ~ Soror Esther Cash Mills • Updating chapter policies and procedures. • Sergeant at Arms ~ Soror Maurine Allen • Maintaining a professional meeting environment • Housing Management ~ Soror Glenda Leonard-Wilkinson • Coordinating our housing feasibility study. YID Soror Vickie D. Fairley Third Vice President

  15. Monthly ReportOctober 2008

  16. Monthly ReportOctober 2008

  17. Monthly ReportOctober 2008

  18. Financial Roster A Adams-Davis, Sherri Allen, Maurine Archable, Victoria Austin, Terricka B Barnes, Donnia Benjamin, Tikica Berry, Sallie Black, Monica Bowen, Tina Boyce-Mathis, Angela Brooks-Higgins, Candice Brown, Elsie Brown, Marena Burton, Kyndal Byndon, Ebonie C Cargile, Lori Carter, Danelle Cash-Mills, Esther Chapman, Sheryl Chapman, Veronica Cole, L’Tanya Coleman, Mary Collins, Ashani Collins, Tamia Coursey, Yvonne D Dale, Marviette Davis, Betty DeBrossard, Gayle DeRamus, Shawnda Dixon, Sheree E Ellington, Evelyn Elliott, Deloris Everett, Minnie F Fairley, Vickie Fears, Kristal Ferguson-Booker, Sheila Foree, Marthella Frazier, Josephine Frazier, Reynell Fulgham, Stacey Fultz, Betty Fuqua, Jaekeia G Gayle-Rucker, Gracie Glaspie, Geraldine Glover, Frances Goodloe, Celestine Graham, Scharleen Green, Tamara H Handy, Ronnise Hardy, Krystal Heard, Danyelle Henry, Martha Hollinger, April Horton, Margaret Howard, Carla Hudson, Lucia Hull, Kimberly J Johnson, Ruth Jones, Nikita Joseph, Lynadius K Kearney, Rose Kendrick, Crystal L Leonard-Wilkinson, Glenda Lewis-Thornton, Jennifer Love, Melinda M Mackey-Moore, LaCosta Madry, Trina Marshall, Mikaela Matthews, Keianna McCray, Adrienne McCray, Jacquelyn McCullom, Gail McDonald-Gordon, Robyn McKenzie, Charlotte Meadows, Cheryl Merrida, Chemere Montgomery, Olivia Moody, Nancy Moore, April Morgan, Melba Morton, Stephanie Murphy, Eunice N Newberry, Lillie O Owens, Vera Owens, Wanda P Paddio, Lillie Pankey, Danielle Pennington, Monetta Potter, LeQuita R Reed, Allene Reed-Jett, Carmen Rogers, Michelle Rogers, Shawana Rowell, Lisa S Sams, Vanessa Shirley, Virginia Faye Singletary, Pearline Stallworth-Lett, Cheryl Stewart-Tyson, Karla Story-Stewart, Michelle Strudwick, Casandra T Taylor, Nikki Thomas, Nikki Tillery, Irma Toliver, Ernestine Toney, Michelle Turner, Jacqueline Twitty, Rhonda V Veals-Pierre, Bennette W Walker, Beulah Walker, Deatria Walters, Lottie Ward, Gloria Watson-El, Jasmin Weber-Lashore, Akiliah Welch, Tina Wesley, Florence West, Ligaya Wheeler, Tisha White, Dorothy White, Marie Wiggins, Sandra Winston, Tiffani Woods, Camille Y Young, Sylvia TOTAL 125

  19. Treasurers Report

  20. Treasurers Report ….continued

  21. Treasurers Report ….continued

  22. Treasurers Report ….continued

  23. Treasurers Report ….continued

  24. Ebony Fashion Fair ReportNovember 15, 2008 To the Sorors of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.- THANK YOU!! Through your support and participation, our Chapter was able to bring the Ebony Fashion Fair back to the City of Cincinnati on October 31. We received so many positive comments from the community about the event, which are all a true reflection of what this Chapter can do. Violets to all EFF members, volunteers, and a special thanks to the committee chairs: Sorors Gail McCullom and Danelle Carter/Tickets Sorors Julia Montier-Ball, Katelyn Jackson, and Yolanda Hill/PR and Marketing Sorors Michelle Story Stewart and Lisa Rowell/Sponsors Soror Vanessa Sams/VIP Reception Stay tuned for the final report that will be presented at next month’s meeting. Thank you, Sorors. Submitted in Sisterhood, Committee Members: Aisha Abernathy Carmen Jett Tina Bowen LaCosta Moore Kyndal Burton Gail McCullom Danelle Carter Charlotte McKenzie Veronica Chapman Julia Montier-Ball Marviette Dale Nancy Moody Betty Davis Melba Morgan Gayle DeBrossard Wanda Owens Shawnda DeRamus Lisa Rowell Vickie Fairley Vanessa Sams Stacey Fulgham Candie Simmons Yolanda Hill Karla Stewart Tyson Margaret Horton Michelle Story Stewart Kim Hull Jackie Turner Katelyn Jackson Tina Welch Ligaya West

  25. Name of Program: Delta Golf Outing Date of Program/Project: Saturday May 17, 2008 Brief Description of Program/Project: Golf outing for the raising of dollars to support scholarships and chapter programs. This is a fun-filled event that reaches out to the community through golf activities. The event is held at a great course, Walden Ponds, which give the event a country club feel. Location of Program/Project: Walden Ponds Golf Club Number of Participants: 96 Committee Name: Ways and Means Committee Committee Members: Lisa Rowell (Chair), Stacey Fulgham (Treasurer), Vickie Fairley, Tina Welch, Veronica Chapman, Ligaya West, Charlotte McKenzie, Betty Davis, Jo Frazier, Karla Stewart-Tyson, Bonita Laythan, Ronnice Handy, Yvonne Coursey Golf Outing Final Report **PLEASE COMPLETE AND ATTACH A FINAL EXPENSE REPORT

  26. Committee Observations: Overall the golf outing went well and golfers seem to enjoy themselves. The golf course staff was very attentive and made everyone comfortable. The golfers also appreciated staring on time as well as the claps before starting. The golfers enjoyed the food provided by Dukesters as well as the box lunches. They also enjoyed the snacks provided by our sponsor Soror Elsie Brown. While we had a great group, participation was lower than last year as well as the amount of Hole Sponsorships. We also had to lower golf entry fees due to flier issues. However, overall golf outing went well. Sponsors are needed to successfully pull off the event as well as getting information out early to take advantage of full registration fees. Violets to the committee for coming together to make this a great event! Yours In Delta, Lisa Rowell Ways and Means, Chair

  27. Delta GEMS Fall Retreat FINAL EXPENSE REPORT Committee: Ways & Means Date: 11/11/08

  28. Delta GEMS November Committee Report Meeting: Nov 4 40 Students, 13 Sorors, 2 Parents • Thank you to Sorors that donated EFF tickets to GEMS. • Ligaya West and Stacey Fulgham: for leading a very interactive and informative session on What to Wear/Not To Wear (Dressing for Success) and Interviewing Techniques. • Mikaela Marshall: for designing a GEMS backdrop and taking a picture of each one of the GEMS for their 2008-09 GEMS portfolio. Upcoming Event: Community Service Dec 6th 10AM – 1PM; Location: TBD

  29. 2008 Cotillion Final Report Name of Program: 2008 Cotillion Ball Date of Program/Project: April 19, 2008 Brief Description of Program/Project: Cotillion ball for 19 debutantes Location of Program/Project: Northern Kentucky Convention Center Number of Participants: 525 Committee Observation: • Change of date to eliminate prom conflicts worked well. • Venue was nice and cost effective allowing for additional money to be used toward scholarships. • Need to invest in additional decorations for guest tables next year. Committee Name: Cotillion Committee Committee Members: Ebonie Bydom, Simone Bess, Tina Bowen, Danelle Carter, Marviette Dale (Co-Chair), Shawnda DeRamus (Co-Chair), Jaekeia Fuqua, Stacey Fulgham (Treasurer), Krystal Hardy, Chanda Higgins, Kim Hull, Danielle Pankey (Treasurer), Monetta Pennington, Shawana Rogers, Silvia Young.

  30. 2008 Cotillion FINAL EXPENSE REPORT Committee: Date:

  31. 2008 Cotillion Final Report

  32. Scholarship Committee Name of Program: Minority College Preparation Workshop Date of Program/Project: Saturday, Oct 18, 2008 11:45 AM– 5:30 PM Brief Description of Program/Project: The Minority College Preparation Workshop is one of our key scholarship programming initiatives targeted to students in grades 7-12. This workshop provides participants with both general and grade-specific information on how to successfully prepare for and apply to college. Parents, guardians and educators are also welcome and encouraged to attend. DST Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter leads the planning and programming efforts while co-hosting the workshop with our community partners: DST Cincinnati Queen City Alumnae, the Beta Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. The following general and grade specific sessions were presented by educators and professionals in their respective fields : • Chart your High School Career, Careers in Demand, How to Select a College, Applications & Essay Writing • OGT/OAT Proficiency, Preparing for Today’s World (grades 7-9) • Interview Basics, ACT/SAT Preparation, FASFA (grade 10-12) 4) Panel discussions (parents & students) Location of Program/Project: Mayerson Academy, 2650 Highland Ave Number of Participants: 180

  33. Changes/ Improvements from last year: 1) Broad mix of attendees from various schools and community based programs: Aiken, Cincinnati Country Day, Clark Montessori, Colerain, Finneytown, Harmony, Hughes, Lakota East, Marva Collins, Mt. Healthy, North College Hill, Northwest, Princeton, Purcell Marion, Roger Bacon, SCPA, Seton, Shroeder, St. Xavier, Summit Academy, Taft, Walnut Hills, Western Hills, Winton Woods, Withrow, Wyoming, Alpha Esquire, CAC Delta Gems, CAC Delta Academy, Mt. St Joseph Upward Bound 2) Evaluation ratings and comments extremely positive; well organized, excellent time management, charismatic and knowledgeable speakers, great benefit, wealth of information. 3) Targeted publicity and advertising: minority college fairs, community and high school events, Radio, Internet, Press Release Mayerson Academy location and facility accommodations: • Centrally located with ease of public transportation; clearly visible from street with corner real estate, convenient parking. • Functional and spacious lobby to efficiently greet and register guests • Auditorium with comfortable seating capacity for 180+ attendees. Ability to restrict seating to classroom style in first three rows. • Smaller classroom available and seats up to 45 participants. This room was used for grades 7-9 and was very effective for intimate group discussions. • All rooms equipped with necessary technology and lighting (laptop, projector screens, internet access) • Onsite cafeteria and overflow banquet room used exclusively for events; offers a variety of prepared food selections. Catering staff available to assist in serving meals, setup and clean cafeteria. Lunch consisted of an assortment of deli croissant sandwiches, chips, lemonade and water. Program Agenda/ Facilitators: • Date of workshop was earlier this year in comparison to last year’s Dec. workshop. Advantage students are prepared earlier with pertinent information for SAT/ACT test; attribute increased interest and higher no. of attendees to earlier workshop date • Program was extended by one hour (12 PM-5:30 PM) • Continue to build partnerships with other organizations that share common goal. Cincinnati Youth Collaborative was a new community partner. • Workshop Facilitators were educators or professionals with experience relevant to the topic (i.e. Guidance Counselor, College Admissions, Sylvan, HR Practitioner) • Several raffles prizes provided throughout the day which helped to spur engagement and encourage participation (P&G basket,T-shirts, ACT/SAT prep books, discount tutoring sessions via Sylvan) • Storyboard and displays of chapter programs, market fundraisers and scholarship opportunities (Shabazz Academy, Beautillion, Gems, Cotillion)

  34. Committee Observations Cont. • General and concurrent sessions were relevant and grade appropriate • Excellent turnout of committee members and co-hosts to graciously manage crowd Future considerations based on evaluation feedback/ observations: • Segment future workshop for junior/ seniors only in order to provide greater depth and application of the information (write college essay/ application, mock interviews, use of internet to research scholarships, straight talk career panelists) • Reduce expenses by negotiating a limitation of facility staff (e.g. custodian, security) • Confirm arrival time of any media coverage on day of event and designee from Chapter • Adjust format to accommodate different learning styles, less lecture and more student interaction/ activities. • More food and drinks available; consider additional food options • Shorten the length of the program or offer over span of two days • Advertise in Mason and at churches • Offer more programs like this throughout the year • Continue to separate high school from junior high in the afternoon, this was extremely helpful 10) Improvements are not necessary, don’t change anything Violets to the Scholarship Committee Members: Maurine Allen, Tikicia Benjamin, Sheila Booker, Tina Bowen, Ester Cash-Mills, Minnie Everett, Reynell Frazier, Celeste Goodloe, Ronnise Handy, Chanda Higgins, April Hollinger, Tekeia Howard, Kim Hull, Lyndaius Joseph, Mikaela Marshall, Gail McCullum, Danielle Pankey, Nikki Taylor, Jackie Turner, Rhonda Twitty, Deatria Walker, Tisha Wheeler Next Steps: Scholarship Applications are available, deadline Jan. 31st 2009. Sorors we request your assistance in circulating the scholarship application. Next Committee meeting, Sunday, Nov. 16th 3 PM – 4:30 PM. Location: Brentwood Panera Bread across from Brentwood Shopping Plaza. Respectfully submitted by: Kim Hull, Scholarship Chair

  35. Office/Committee Name Report Nominations Committee Report • Below are the approved results for the 2008-2009 Minerva Circle elections for the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. • It was moved by Soror Marthalla Foree to accept the slate by acclamation since each candidate was running unopposed. The motion was seconded. Motion carried. The election results were as follows: • PositionSororLeader of the Minerva Circle Gail McCullom Keeper of the Muses and Graces Esther Cash-Mills Convener of the Odyssey Experience Michelle Toney Jewel #1 Stacey Fulgham Jewel #2 Tina Bowen Jewel #3 Danelle Carter Jewel #4 Gayle DeBrossard Jewel #5 Lynadius Joseph Jewel #6 Betty Davis Jewel #7 Shawnda DeRamus Jewel #8 Tina Welch Jewel #9 Cheryl Meadows Respectfully Submitted by, Jackie Turner, Chair of Nominations Nominating Committee: Yvonne Coursey, Nancy Moody, Carmen Jett, Tekia Aster-Howard

  36. Physical and Mental Health The Physical and Mental Health committee met November 10 at the home of Soror Stephanie Morton. Sorors present at the meeting: LaCosta Moore, Yvonne Coursey, Evelyn Ellington and Stephanie Morton. The focus will of this years programming will be on the “Power to End Stroke” Monthly activities include: • November 15- Introduction-DVD • December 20- Stroke Material to Sorors • January17- New Years Resolutions-Food and Exercise • February 21- Stroke Warning Signs • March 21- Prevention/-Treatment • April 18- Speaker from American Stroke Association at 12:15 PM All of the events will take place during the sorority meetings. Respectfully Submitted by, Stephanie Morton and Evelyn Ellington

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