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Zuni Tribe

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Zuni Tribe

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  1. Zuni Tribe By: Olivia Samuelson

  2. Meet the Zuni’s Keshhi! That is Hello. In this project all your questions about the Zuni Tribe will be answered. This is a very cool tribe, so sit back and enjoy the project.

  3. Where do they live? The Zuni’s live in Arizona and New Mexico. Their land is very dry and water is scarce. They live in a desert. Although it can get very hot, it snows 9 months a year. The surrounding states are Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

  4. What did/do they live in? Zuni’s lived in apartments high up from enemies. They used a ladder to reach them. One family lived in each apartment.

  5. Why did/do they live here? They settled in such a brutal place with little water and freezing temperatures because of the clay and sand. Zuni’s were known for their pottery. That was how they made a living. They traded pottery to other tribes for things they needed and could not get.

  6. What did/do they eat? The Zuni’s had a food routine. The men hunted small game like deer. The women picked fruits and nuts. The children gathered all water they could find. Sometimes, when the Zuni’s were so thirsty, they would take fruit, such as blueberries and squeeze any juice out. It took a while, but it was all worth it when they were done. Zuni men would have the first share. Then the women and then the children. They cooked their game over a fire. Their favorite meal was chicken and apple juice. This was rarely made though. Apples grow on trees, which are hard to find. Plus, they rarely see chicken.

  7. What did/do they wear? Zuni men wore breechcloth or short kilts. Zuni women wore knee length cotton dresses called mantas. Both men and women wore deer skin moccasins. For jewelry, they wore turquoise necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets.

  8. What did/do they wear? On special occasions, they paint their clothes white and use white face paint. The face paint goes under each eye horizontally and under the mouth vertically.

  9. What Were Weapons and Tools like? Zuni Hunters had bows and arrows. They used them in war. Zuni men also had spears. They are long rocks with pointed sharp ends. Each apartment had a spear for protection.

  10. What Were Weapons and Tools like? Most women did the farming and weaving. Zuni’s used rakes for farming and spindle looms for weaving cotton. They also had pump drills for drilling holes into shells and beads. The rake helped them with their crops. The spindle looms helped them weave and make clothing.

  11. Past and Present Life In the past, Zuni children played, went to school and helped out around the house. Zuni women did the chores such as picked berries and nuts or found water for the tribe. The men used to hunt all day. Today, the children do the same and men and women go to work each day.

  12. Arts and Crafts The Zuniwomen loved making jewelry. They made bracelets, necklaces, rings, and anklets. They also made clay pots to store their food. They would paint the pots to make them look perfect.

  13. Arts and Crafts Young adult boys and men had fun making tools. Spears were a favorite. Afterwards, they would go hunting with their new tools. Zuni men wove colorful rugs as a sign of love and hope.

  14. Traditions and Ceremonies Marriage, death, birth and coming of age were especially celebrated at ceremonies. A tradition is every 4 days the Zuni tribe would meet together to discuss how they were doing. If one family was not doing well, what they needed would be provided.

  15. Traditions and Ceremonies At night, when they were having a good day, Zuni’s would gather in a circle. One person would go into the middle and sing their favorite song. The circle would clap for good luck and admire the bravery. It was a fun way to learn different songs.

  16. Some More Interesting Facts • Zuni’s favorite things to do were to sing, make pottery, and make jewelry. • When grocery stores came out, the amount of Zuni crops decreased a lot. • In the past, Zuni men ran the tribe. Now, Zuni woman run the tribe. This is called matriarchal. • Almost everything means something, like a song means to learn new things.

  17. Bibliography Reddish, Laura. Zuni Indian Fact Sheet. October 15, 201l. Pueblo of Zuni-Information Technology. October 15, 2011.

  18. THANKS! Thank you for watching my power point! You have been a great audience! I hope you learned something new.