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  1. “Successful Educational Advocacy in your School District”72ndIASB Joint Annual ConferenceNovember 23, 2013Presented by Oak Park ESD 97

  2. CLAIM Committee (for) Legislative Action Intervention (and) Monitoring

  3. As we begin our time together… • Thank you • Introductions • Questions, clarifications, comments • CLAIM as a work in progress • Access to this PowerPoint • Take away manual

  4. Our Agenda • An overview of Oak Park and District 97 • Why CLAIM? Why now? • CLAIM’s 10-step process • Panelists comments • Final questions and comments • Manual handout

  5. About the Village of Oak Park • Location • Demographics • Educational systems • Famous Oak Parkers

  6. Why CLAIM? Why now? • History of D97’s legislative advocacy • Educational realities in Illinois • Community expertise and involvement • IASB Effective Board Governance

  7. D97’s History of Legislative Advocacy • After the April 2003 election: • District 97 formed a Finance Task Force • Finance Task Force recommended creation of Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC) • In December 2003: • LAC was formed • Spring 2005 HB750 offers 2% increase in state income tax in exchange for property tax relief AKA “The Tax Swap” • HB750 failed to pass in General Assembly • By 2006, the LAC lost its energy and became dormant

  8. D97’s History of Legislative Advocacy • After the 2009 election: • New impetus to revitalize legislative advocacy • Board assigns volunteers to create a new charge • Multiple iterations are created, vetted, and sent back to the drawing board • April through June 2011: • CLAIM is created, vetted, and approved • September 2011: • CLAIM convenes first meeting

  9. Educational Realities in Illinois • Illinois ranks 50th in use of state tax dollars to support K-12 public education, 21.4%* • Illinois ranks 50th in property tax dependence to support public education, 70%* • Prorated GSA – 89% to 82% • Unfunded and underfunded mandates continue in spite of Public Act 96-1441 • Public pension issues / $ responsibility shift on the horizon *Source: Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

  10. Why CLAIM? Why Now? Community of Oak Park: • Commitment to education • Long history of volunteerism • Diverse and talented skill sets • Engaged and involved citizens IASB expectation of community engagement that: • Creates trust and support • Involves the community in collaborative problem solving • Delegates authority

  11. And … Another reason we are presenting today is because we need your: • Partnership in shaping / impacting educational legislation • Strength in numbers

  12. CLAIM: Step by Step Process STEP 1: The Board’s initial role STEP 2: Community outreach STEP 3: Going public STEP 4: First steps STEP 5: The team grows and learns

  13. CLAIM: Step by Step Process STEP 6: The CLAIM support team STEP 7: Celebrating success STEP 8: Addressing adversity STEP 9: Assessing effectiveness STEP 10: Core values move us forward

  14. 1. The Board’s Initial Role • Discuss concept’s merits • Select 2 members to write committee charge • Scrutinize charge draft • Chose 2 board members to serve on CLAIM • Approve final draft of charge* *Document included in “A 10-Step Process for Creating a Successful Advocacy Committee” and accessible via link provided

  15. Charge Components* Overview – advance district mission through oversight on legislation Purpose – propose, support/oppose, monitor legislation Charge – specific committee tasks and assignments Authority – standing board committee Composition – >13 to 17 voting (citizens) > 3 to 5 district non-voting (2 board, up to 3 administrators, superintendent as ex-office member) Open Meetings Act – compliance *Document included in “A 10-Step Process for Creating a Successful Advocacy Committee” and accessible via link provided

  16. Examples of CLAIM Tasks from Charge • “Annually receive direction for a legislative agenda from the District 97 Board regarding school policy and finance issues at the state level, and, as the Board deems appropriate, at the county and/or federal level.” • “Strengthen connections and participation with lobbying groups, especially those with whom the district currently has formal relationships, such as ED-RED and IASB.” • “Identify, partner, and leverage organizations aligned with one or more items on the District’s legislative agenda.” *Document included in “A 10-Step Process for Creating a Successful Advocacy Committee” and accessible via link provided

  17. Examples of CLAIM Tasks from Charge 4. “Generate informational materials to identify the impact of state, county, or federal legislative issues on District 97.” 5. “Engage Oak Park’s legislative delegation to keep them informed of the ways current and proposed legislation, policies and practices impact District 97.” 6. “Craft, periodically review, and, if necessary, seek District 97 Board approval to amend the committee’s scope, procedures, practices, and guiding principles.” *Document included in “A 10-Step Process for Creating a Successful Advocacy Committee” and accessible via link provided

  18. 2. Community Outreach District Communications Director: • Announces formation of CLAIM committee and posts call for citizen volunteers on district website, district and PTO list serve, local print and electronic media sources* • Sends CLAIM application* to interested parties • Vets applications and submits list to the Board *Document included in “A 10-Step Process for Creating a Successful Advocacy Committee” and accessible via link provided

  19. CLAIM Application Board Selection Criteria • Contact information • Reasons for wanting to serve on a legislative action committee • Previous District level involvement / service • Work experience / expertise • Previous community level involvement /service

  20. Copy of Initial Public Announcement “The District 97 Board of Education is looking for community members to serve on its newly created legislative committee: CLAIM (Committee For Legislative Action, Intervention and Monitoring). Its focus is to ‘develop a legislative agenda to propose, support or oppose legislation impacting board priorities.’ In addition, the committee will take direction from the board concerning policy and finance issues at the state, county and federal levels, among other duties. The district is looking for 13-17 people to serve on the committee. Interested parties should contact the district's spokesperson for more information: Chris Jasculca,” *Document included in “A 10-Step Process for Creating a Successful Advocacy Committee” and accessible via link provided

  21. 3. Going Public • District announces selection of CLAIM committee • Board introduces CLAIM committee in open session and extends its gratitude • Appoints CLAIM chairperson for 1st year • Social non-business meet and greet at our home got the group off to a positive start

  22. 4. First Steps CLAIM chairperson: • Contacts committee members to schedule 1st meeting • Convenes first meeting • Introductions and committee related talents / strengths • Set meeting dates • Review and discuss charge

  23. 5. The Team Grows and Learns • Develop list of guest speakers • Develop committee work plans • Set dates to report to the Board Over time, the CLAIM chairperson and full committee: • Create meeting agenda template • Develop sub-committees to address board priorities • Review OMA and comply with training requirements

  24. Sample CLAIM Agenda • Call to Order / Roll Call • Public Comments / Member Comments • Action Items • Approval of Minutes • Committee Activities 1. Finance Subcommittee 2. Data Subcommittee 3. Early Ed. Subcommittee • Other Items 1. IASB Annual Conference Presentation 2. Elected Officials Forum 3. Connecting With Educational Advocacy: Downers Grove Elementary School District 58   • Adjournment

  25. STEP 6: CLAIM Works with Partners to Act, Intervene, and Monitor Who look to engage and work with: Elected representatives of the Oak Park taxing bodies and members of the Illinois General Assembly and United States Congress

  26. Examples of CLAIM Engagement A = Action Bring in guest speakers, apply for KIDS pilot status, propose General Assembly budget resolution to IASB, hold Legislator’s Forum I = Intervention Identify data sharing problems in non-unit district and work with local legislators to propose legislative fix Meet with legislators and explain District’s position on pending legislation M = Monitoring Propose bills such as PTELL, pension reform, early childhood education

  27. Step 7: Celebrating Success • District 97 was selected as a pilot district for the KIDS (Kindergarten Individual Development Survey) whose goals were to: • Identify gaps in school readiness • Provide information to drive more effective classroom instruction • Support state and local data-driven decision-making on professional development and resource allocation

  28. Step 7: Celebrating Success • Achieved goal of drafting new resolution to become part of the IASB Resolution Proposals at 2012 IASB state conference: Resolution 14. Position Statement 3.09 Budget Stability for School Districts passed unanimously. • Achieved goal of being recognized by ED-RED (Educational Research and Development) as an effective educational advocacy group, and being invited to post on the ED-RED’s “Member Legislative Committee and Event Information” page.

  29. Step 7: Celebrating Success • Achieved goal of hosting D97 Legislators Forum attended by: • State Senators Harmon and Lightford • State Representatives Ford and Lilly • Allowed both the Board and community stakeholders to interact personally with their local legislators on a range of issues affecting the community, from property taxes to the General State Aid formula to student lunches

  30. Step 8: Addressing Adversity • Over the past two years, CLAIM has struggled with: • The unintended consequences of the OMA, which greatly limits sub-committee work and communication / discussion among CLAIM members • Its goal of improved sharing of longitudinal data with D97’s neighboring high school district(D200) • FERPA and many other legal encumbrances that make student performance data sharing in a non-unit district nearly impossible • Obtaining a quorum of members for meetings

  31. Step 8: Addressing Adversity In spite of these challenges: • CLAIM has accomplished most of its goals during the past 2 years • The Legislators Forum has laid the ground work for potential state legislation regarding student performance data in non-unit districts • CLAIM’s struggles with data sharing have led to a better understanding of FERPA and enabled the committee to develop its network of educational experts and educational lobby groups

  32. Step 9: Assessing CLAIM’s Effectiveness • Meeting to meeting internal assessments • Regular board reports: January and June • End of year Board assessment of CLAIM • Reviews effectiveness • Revises charge as needed • Creates new tasks for CLAIM

  33. Step 9: Assessing CLAIM’s Effectiveness “The Board has been very pleased with CLAIM’s accomplishments. Based on CLAIM’s successes and the strength of the committee members, the Board is eagerly awaiting recommended changes to the charge to ensure and increase CLAIM’s productivity going forward.” -Bob Spatz, President Oak Park ESD D97 Board

  34. Step 10: Core Values Will Move Us Forward Plan: strategize for success Share: the authority Trust: in each other Empower: the community Celebrate: the successes, small and large Reflect: on the struggles Assess: candidly and frequently Believe: in your power to effect change

  35. CLAIM Panelist Comments Citizen Members • Deacon Wiley Samuels • Meredith Schacht • Greg Smith • Anne Desmond Warden Oak Park District 97 Board • Amy Felton • Jim Gates Oak Park District 97 Administration • Dr. Al Roberts, Superintendent

  36. In Review: Create a Successful Legislative Advocacy Committee • Commit to the concept e.g. Budget the time, engage the community • Focus on the attainable goals e.g. Push for GA budget timelines to aid in district planning as opposed to seeking more GSA dollars • Identify specific tasks for the committee e.g. Support early childhood data collection / analysis by becoming KIDS pilot district • Review, revise, and empower e.g. Regularly seek feedback / guidance from the committee

  37. Please access this power point and the “10 Step Manual” via the links provided. In addition, feel free to contact CLAIM about: • Attending a future CLAIM meeting • Setting up a legislative advocacy group in your district

  38. And on behalf of CLAIM and Oak Park District 97: