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Timeline: History of Flight

Timeline: History of Flight. Jean Pierre Blanchard. First successful voyage across English channel. John Stringfellow. First successful power driven model airplane. Henri Giffard. Flew steam driven airship over Paris. Alberto Santos-Dumont (2).

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Timeline: History of Flight

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  1. Timeline: History of Flight

  2. Jean Pierre Blanchard First successful voyage across English channel

  3. John Stringfellow First successful power driven model airplane.

  4. Henri Giffard Flew steam driven airship over Paris.

  5. Alberto Santos-Dumont (2) First officially recorded European flight in Paris.

  6. Alberto Santos-Dumont

  7. Galbraith P. Rodgers Flew across the United States – 49 days.

  8. Harriet Quimby (2) First woman to fly across the English Channel.

  9. Harriet Quimby

  10. First flight across the Atlantic

  11. Charles Lindbergh Flies from New York to Paris in ‘Spirit of St. Louis.’ 33 1/2 hours

  12. James H. Doolittle Made first flight using instruments only.

  13. Amy Johnson

  14. Wiley Post Completes the first round-the-world solo flight.

  15. Valery Chkalov Flies across the North Pole non-stop.

  16. Mario Pezzi World altitude record 56, 046 feet.

  17. US Sikorsky V 300 First successful helicopter.

  18. Chuck Yeager • Breaks sound barrier

  19. Jacqueline Cochran • First woman to cross the sound barrier, piloting an F-86 Fighter Jet.

  20. X-15 flew to an altitude of 67 miles

  21. Man walks on moon

  22. Boeing 747

  23. Concorde

  24. Bryan Allan • Pedals across English Channel.

  25. Space Shuttle Columbia • First reusable spacecraft.

  26. Daedalus • Record for distance (74 m) in a human powered plane.

  27. B2 Stealth Bomber

  28. Linda Finch • Successfully flew around the world route attempted by Amelia Earhart.

  29. Steve Fossett • Flew a record distance 15, 200 miles in his balloon, ‘Solo Spirit.’

  30. Hypersonic Jet Launch

  31. Concorde’s Last Flight

  32. Class Power Point Presentations E-200 – Steven Daedalus (Greek myth) – Eun Bee Apache – Jordan Hindenburgh crash – Logan Mario Pezzi – Hirra Olivia – AlysMcKey Bryant Charles Lindbergh – Sierra • Amelia Earhart – Lindsay • Steve Fossett – Kalli • Jacqueline Cochran – Jasmine • Leonardo Da Vinci – Cameryn • Silver Dart – Sangmi & Nilusha • Avro Arrow – Nikita • Boeing 747’s – Cameron • First man on moon – Hayden • B2 Stealth Bomber – James • The Wright Brothers – Nicky • Harriet Quimby – Katerina • Linda Finch – Abby • Amy Johnson – Kate • AC 130 – Kevin • Hot Air Balloon – Zach • Chuck Yeager – Carl • Atomic bomb - Troy

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