welcome to fourth grade rules and procedures n.
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Welcome to Fourth Grade Rules and Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Fourth Grade Rules and Procedures

Welcome to Fourth Grade Rules and Procedures

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Welcome to Fourth Grade Rules and Procedures

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  1. Welcome to Fourth GradeRules and Procedures

  2. Entering the Classroom • Drop off your homework in the basket. • Hang jackets and backpacks in the closet. Make sure you have everything from the closet you need for the day. • Put your books on the shelf. • Get your pencil.

  3. Morning Routine • Are you buying lunch? Check the menu. • Begin your “do it now” activity. • Stand and pray respectfully as a class. • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

  4. Bathroom Procedures • If we are not in the middle of a lesson, you may ask to use the bathroom. • Take a bathroom pass and put it on your desk. • Quietly leave, walk in the hall, and go as quickly as possible. Wash your hands. • Use sanitizer if needed and return the bathroom pass to basket.

  5. Switching Classes and Specials • When going to Mrs. Micale’s classroom, make sure you have your pencil case, books, binders, and folders. Form a single, quiet line. • Specials- We will travel through the hallway in two lines. We will line up with odd numbers in one line and even numbers in the other. You are expected to be respectful and quiet.

  6. Fire Drills and Lock Down Drills • For the safety of all students, we will practice fire and lockdown drills. • Silence, speed, and safety are expected. • Running and talking are not acceptable behaviors.

  7. Sharpening Pencils • You may sharpen your pencil: -Once you drop off your homework and hang up your backpack. -During snack. • If your pencil breaks during class, you may take a pencil from the class basket.

  8. Homework Policy • There will be math homework daily. • Science and Religion homework will be given 2-3 times weekly. • You are expected to complete all homework assignments. • Homework is corrected and a grade for HW will be given in each subject.

  9. Respect and Kindness • It is expected that each classmate will be treated with kindness and respect. • It is expected that we all help each other. • Unkind words and talk about others in not allowed. • This classroom is a safe home away from home for everyone.

  10. Mass and Prayer Services • Respect and good behavior is expected at all times. • Silence is expected in Church and during prayer services. • Prayer and celebration at Mass is your special time with God.

  11. Dismissal • Make sure all of your homework is copied. • Pack up your books and folders as needed. • Move quickly and quietly. • Pray closing prayer. • Move to your bus line or line up quietly to leave out front door.